Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 16

Really really soory guys for late update
episode start with pragya and abhi lost in each other suddenly pragya fell pain and they compose themselves pragya see her leg blood is ozzing out from her leg fingure as it hit by table abhi see this and get worried
abhi: you siy here and make her sit and see a first aid box on table go and take it and put pragya leg on table
pragya: sir what areu doing i will do it
abhi: you keep quite ok
and pragya noded like a child
abhi clean her wound with dettole

pragya: ouch
abhi worridly: soory and blows air on wound
while dressing
abhi: you should have to take care of yours dont know where you see when walk your hand is injured already and now this
but pragya is seeing abhi lovingly and she forget all her pain and smiles
abhi after dressing see pragya smiling
abhi: i am telling u something serious and you are smiling
pragya is still seeing him and smiling
abhi waves his hand in front of her pragya come in senses
abhi: where u lost
pragya: no ….nowhere
abhi: you should take care of yourself how careless you are
pragya make a sad face
pragya: i got injured and you are scolding me so bad
abhi see pragya
abhi: ok baba soory
and hold both his ears by hands

pragya smile seeing abhi like this
pragya: u look cute like this sir and laugh
abhi: so u are doing drama of being sad not bad
and they both laugh at that time aliya and purab with bulbul come and see abhi laughing and then see each other and smile and join them
bulbul: tell me why u both are laughing
and she see bandage in pragya leg
bulbul: di what happen
pragya: just a small injury

aliya: di u should take care of yourself
pragya: ok fine
aliya: ok bulbul now we will go
bulbul: ok bye and hug her
aliya: bye di
aliya: bahi u are coming with us or
abhi: yeah i am coming
abhi: bye my cute fan and bye pragya take care of yourself
pragya: bye and thnk u
abhi: dosti me bo soory no thnku
pragya smiles and bulbul hug abhi and they 3 go and bulbul sit with pragya
at outside putab and aliya sit in car and abhi remember he left his phone at pragya house
abhi: you both go i left my phone so i will go and bring it
aliya: ok bahi

and abhi goes and aliya and purab see him going
aliya: purab i have see bahi first time laughing aftet that incident
purab: yeah and all bcz of pragya di
aliya: yeah i am so happy today purab i want to share it with dadi
and purab drove the car towards mm
here in pragya house abhi come but hearing conversation stop at door
sarla: goa but why
pragya: ma their is a concert their
sarla: but pragya goa is very far and u are very careless towards you
bulbul:yeah di see first injury is not healed and you get tjis injury
pragya: ma bulbul please understand i will take care of myself
sarla: that we are seeing no i cant send u alone and its final
pragya: but ma
sarla: no means no
abhi hear all this
abhi: aunty ji may i tell u something
all see towards the voice and abhi come in
abhi: i know its not right to hear some one talk i came here to take my phone and take the phone
abhi: aunty ji i know you are worried for pragya safety but i give u the gaureenty of pragya safety i will take het goa with me and thats a promise
sarla: soory beta i will get distrub by this but i was only worried for her
abhi: i know anuty ji its ok
so pragya u are coming with me ok
pragya gets happy from inside knowing that she will so with abhi but dont know the reason
abhi: ok now i will go
and abhi goes

sarla: now i am tension free
bulbul: wow di u will go with abhi and hug her
here abhi comes to office and try to concentrate on playing guitar but fails as all the memories of pragya coming in his mind
abhi think whats happening to me why i cant see her in pain why i fell pain when she has tears in her eyes
inner voice: i think u are in
abhi: no this cant happen i love only pooja and she is my frnd thats why i fell bad
inner voice: but i dont said about love
abhi has no answer so he stand and try to concentrate but fails so he go from office
here in mm aliya and purab goes to dadi
aliya: dadi we have a good news for u

dadi: what
purab : i will tell
aliya: no i will tell
and they started fighting
dadi: wait purab u tell
purab: dadi we saw abhi laughing after that incident
dadi: really
and purab tell her the whole inciden

dadi: that girl is very lucky she make my abhi smile god bless her and see towards pooja pic
here abhi come to a beach and sit abhi come their after pooja death when he remember her or felling restless he come their and sit and after felling better he go home so today he is felling restless so he come their but pragya thoughts are not goning from his mind so he closes his eyes
here pragya is also thinking about abhi and a smile come on her face pragya think
whats happening to me why i am felling restless why i am get happy when is near me why i get happy hearing i will go with him i dont know about it but i am love this felling and smiles
screen split in abhi close eyes and pragya smiling face

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