Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 15

Thnkks guys for comments and love for my ff actually I cant fit suresh in ff so if you have idea u can give other wise I am removing this character
Todays episode start with abhi came outside pragya house but he is his car and abhi thinks
Inner voice1: why do you come here
Inner voice2:u know to tell pragya about concert
Inner voice1: that u can tell by phone also what is the use of coming here
Inner voice2: yeah I know but
Inner voice1: so u don’t have ans accept it u want to see her
Abhi jerked his mind
Abhi: what are u thinking come lets go
And he came out of car and knocks the door of pragya house pragya told bulbul to open the door bulbul goes and open the door and see the person and shocked
Abhi: may I meet pragya mehra
Bulbul gives no response abhi again ask but bulbul is standing like statue abhi waves his hand in front of her face but no use
Pragya from inside ask bulbul who has come but when she don’t get any response then she go and see bulbul at door
Pragya: I am asking u something and u are here standing like a statue
Bulbul gives no reply then pragya goes to her and see abhi standing on door and shocked
Abhi see pragya face

Abhi: please pragya u also don’t behave like her from last 3 min I am trying to talking to her but she is stabding like a statue
Pragya laughs hearing this and abhi smile seeing her laughing
Pragya: sir please come in
And pragya move aside bulbul and make him sit on sofa
Abhi: who is she
Pragya: sir she is my sister bulbul
Pragya slowly pinches bulbul
Bulbul:ouch and come in senses and see abhi and go and touch him
Bulbul: di see rockstar abhi is in our house I cant belive and shout in exictment and hugs pargya
And then break the hug
Bulbul: you know abhi oops can I call u abhi
Abhi smiles : yeah why not
Bulbul: you know abhi I am very big fan of yours I have heard all your song your voice is such awesome just like my di
Abhi: well thnks for compliment
Bulbul: my pleasure can I take selfe with u
Abhi: sure
And they take lot of selfe
Bulbul excitedly shows to pragya
Bulbul: di now I show in my collage I have meet rockstar abhi I am so happy di
Abhi and pragya smile seeing bulbul excitement

As they are talking purab and aliya come to bulbul house
Purab: abhi u here
Abhi get shocked seeing them while bulbul gets happy
Aaliy: bahi app and then see towards pragya
Aaliya:di and goes and hug her
Bulbul: do you know my di
Aaliya: yeah
Bulbul: when you both meet
Pragya: I tell u that incident na about that accident of child which isaved he is sir child and she is sister of abhi
Bulbul: really wow but you didn’t tell me aaliya that’s not fair
Aaliya smiles: ok baba soory
Abhi: but aaliya how you know bulbul
Aaliya: bahi she is my collagemate
Bulbul: but this sudden surprise
Aaliya: oh we came to know about your health are you fine
Bulbul gets happy
Bulbul: I am fine so mr. akadu also come with you for me not bad
Purab get a relif of breath by hearing fine from bulbul mouth
Purab: hey don’t think so much I have came here bcz aaliya insist me alright
Bulbul: so u are missing me
Purab: no one is missing you ok
Bulbul: I am not talking to u I am talking to aaliya so think they you are very important
Pragya: bulbul behave properly he our guest
Purab: yeh di tell her to have some manners

Bulbul: first you behave like a guest ok
Aaliya: di don’t waste time in them they both are like this only in collage also they are fighting like this only
Abhi and pragya smile and purab and aaliya sit with them
Aailya: but bahi you didn’t tell me that why you came here
Abhi: oh me I came here here to tell pragya that we have a concert in goa after two days and about her health
Aaliya: yeah di whose your hand now
Pragya: its perfectly fine
Suddenly sarla come from outside and see the persons in her house pragya introduce to all of them
Sarala: you all sit here I will bring coofe for u all ok and something to eat
Aaliya: no aunty its ok
Sarala: no you have first come in our house you have to take something I cant make you go like this
Bulbul: aaliya don’t argue with my mom no one can win with her
Sarla hold bulbul ear
Bulbul: please ma my frnds are seeing
Sarla: then what are you telling

Bulbul: accha soory now plese leave na its paning
And sarla leave bulbul ear
And sarla goes to kitchen purab and all smiles and bulbul se purab and thinks something
Bulbul: ma bring some sweet also some one voicw will be get sweet by having sweet
Purab understand what she is saying
Purab: hey kuch kach i understand what are you saying
Bulbul: oh really but I think your mind is empty
Purab: you I am having mind na but you don’t have
And they again start their fighting and sarla bring cooffe and then goes and after drinking cooffe
Aaliya: so bulbul cant you show me your house
Bulul: yeah sure come
Aaliya: purab u also come na
Purab: ok
Bulbul gets happy but don’t show it
Bulbul: so he is also coming
Aaliya: bulbul
Bulbul: ok come lets go
And they 3 go now only pragya and abhi are sitting alone so thye started talking
Abhi: so pragya your hand is fine did its paining
Pragya: no sir its absolutely fine
Abhi: by the way you can call me abhi in place of sir I think we are frnds
Pragya: I will try sir opps abhi

And abhi see surrounding he see a photo in which a man is taken a girl in arms and another girl is holding hand
Abhi: whose photo is this
Pragya see the photo and get emotional
Pragya: this is my dad with me and bulbul
Abhi: where is your dad
Pragya: he is dead when is was 6 years old and get emotional
Abhi: oh I am soory
Tear come in pragya eyes
Pragya: you know sir my dad loves us lot we are their princess after their death mom has grown up with much difficulty u know sir I miss him very much
And tear start flowing from her eyes abhi see this and fell bad seeing her like this
Suddenly pragya wipe her tears
Pragya:soory sir I make u sad by my emotional story
Abhi: let ok u can share anything with me if u want ok
Pragya: thnks abhi

Pragya: wait I will see them 3
Pragya want to hide her pain so she is going as she stand and about to go her leg get hotted to table is she is about to fall abhi holds her and they share an eye lock and lost in each other bg

music sun sahatiya plays

soory if you get bored

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