Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 14

Thnkd guys for your love i will continue my ff dont woory

todays episode start with abhi and pragya sleep thinking about each other
next morning in araora house pragya and bulbul are getting ready sarla comes their and see them
sarla: where are u both going
bulbul:ma collage
pragya: and me office
sarla: what you both are not going anywhere ok see your state pragya your hand is injured and bulbul you have fever so stay at home today
pragya: but ma
sarla: no but i tell no means no
and pragya and bulbul get sad and see each other and bulbul call aliya that she is not coming and pragya call raj and told that she is not coming
pragya think about abhi and get sad and bulbul think about purab and get sad so they both decided to help her mom so that they get rid of their thoughts
on the other side aliya and purab comes to collage and goes to classroom and sit first lecture get completed and purab think why bulbul not come yet and thinks to ask aliya
purab: what happen that today that all india radio has not come to collage
aliya: what
purab: your frnd has not come to collage
aliya: oh bulbul she will not come today
purab: thnk god today i am free i dont have to listen het bakbak
but his face is showing that he want the reason why she is not coming aliya senses it
aliya: she is having fever thats why she has not come
purab gave whatever look to aliya but in heart he was tensed for bulbul
and then lecture start and purab heart is only thinking about bulbul and her masti and a smile came on his face and aliya see this
aliya: why are u smiling alone like this
purab come in senses: no i am not smiling
and seeing towards board for avodinig eye contact

on the other side abhi come in office and goes to his cabin after some time raj come to abhi and tell him about a concert in goa after 2 days so we have to go goa
abhi: ok bahi have u tell them all
raj: yeah but pragya has not come today so i will call and tell her
abhi : she is not come today why
raj see abhi concern: she called me she is not coming
abhi: ok bahi
and raj goes from his cabin abhi start thinking about pragya
abhi: dont no what happend why she not come today is anything serious happen no no she is got injured i have to her home but i will seem good what she will think leave that abhi come lets go to her home
and abhi calls raj and tell he is going to pragya house and tell her about concert and raj dont ask him why and abhi cuts the phone drove towards pragya house

on the other side in collage purab is becoming restless and thinking abouy bulbul is she fine or not is she taking medicine or not all these thought coming in his mind and he want to meey her but how and see towadrs aliya who is busy in her phone
purab think should i tell her to go and meet bulbul but stop no no what she will think and drop the idea and pray to god that aliya herself tell him to meet her
aliya put her phone on table
aliya: purab i am thinking to to meet bulbul you come with me na
purab get happy hearing this but hide his happiness
purab: me
aliya: please purab come na
purab: ok i am coming to your shake only
aliya: ok lets go
and they both sit in car and drove towards bulbul house


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  1. this is very small episode…please write big episodes..

  2. very nice loved abhi’s restlessness waiting abhigya uniting…

  3. amazing queen, eagerly waiting for ur next updat…

  4. Really superrbbbbb…….

  5. Superb yaar… Really awesome… I’m waiting for next episode…

  6. superbb next episode update soon

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  8. amazing yrrrr its awesomeeeee…….. now destiny will play its game … go onnn

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………Its gng interesting…….

  10. Really superb Queen.

  11. nice episode please write long

  12. I want long episodes yaar n update regularly.. Bcz ur ff is too good..

  13. Such an amazing ff

  14. Hii..ur ff is awesome….it’s nice….
    Bt I jst wanted to ask u that in intro u told about suresh….
    Bt till now u have not introduce him in ur ff….otherwise it’s awesome…

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