Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 13

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Thnks for all who comments but I think my ff is bored as I am not getting good respone so I should stop it here only
Todays episode start with pragya entering with abhi and rohit and all see them rohit goes and hug dadi and abhi and pragya come in dadi remember pragya
Dadi: beta you here
Abhi: dadi did u know her
Dadi: yeah and tell the whole incident
Pragya goes and take blessing from her
Dadi: what happen this bandages
Abhi tell dadi whole incident who rohit is about to hit from car hoe pragya save her dadi comes to pragya
Dadi: beta god bless u you have saved are life today
And then their raj comes and see pragya and all member their
Raj: dadi u want to see that girl na who bring rohit that day she is her only
Dadi: really and dadi hug her
Dadi: beta I am so soory on abhi behalf
Pragya: no aunty elders hand raise only for blessing not for forgiveness
Dadi: so sweet of u beta yous mom has to be proud on u
Mitali see the footmarks and tell what is this and all see the foot marks of pragya
Pragya: I am so soory I don’t know how this happen
Dadi: its ok beta no problem come sit with us
Pragya sit with them all and they talk dadi gets happy by talking pragya
Pragya: now I have to go my mom is wating
Mitali: wait go after dinner
Rohit: yeah dost it will be fun then we will go to my room and do masti
Pragya: no rohit not this time
Rohit get sad and pragya see him
Pragya: next time today its late na
Rohit: promise
Pragya: paka promise

And rohit gesture her to sit and pragya sit on knees and rohit kisses on her cheeks
Rohit: I love u dost
And they hug each other
Aliya: its nice meeting u
Pragya: me too
Dadi: keep coming here
Pargya: ok aunty
Dadi: no aunty u can call me dadi ok
Pragya: ok
Dadi: abhi go and drop her
Pragya: no aunty soory dadi I will go
Abhi: don’t u understand one thing in one time I am droping u its final ok
Pragya noded and they both go outside and dadi see them aliya mitali and raj with rohit go to dinning table

Outside mehra house
They both are going towards car suddenly abhi stops and call pragya
Abhi: pragya wait
Pragya: what happen sir
Dadi is seeing them
Abhi cmes to her
Abhi: you know pragya my life revolve around my family my dadi bahi sister and my son and my wife when pooja left me become a life less body but dadi gave me strength to face problems when I see rohit face my half problems get decreased you know and start crying and sit on knees
Pragya also sit on knees: I know sir u love your wife very much
Abhi: love she is my life I cant forget her in this life you know I am living only for rohit otherwise my breath will stop when she live me here alone and cry vigorously
Pragya cant see him like this and wipe his tear
Pragya: sir please control

Abhi: control I am contoling my emotions pragya form that day when I lost her but I am a humanpragya I have also fell pain today when I saw rohit I had regain how she died in front of me and I am unable to do anything I am very bad I cant save her its all my fault why did god do with me why she leave me why pragya
Pragya cant see him like this and hug him and start consoling and abhi is crying
Pragya: sir please don’t cry you tell u she leave u she is with u in the face of rohit she is always with u sir how she fell when she saw u crying like this tell me sir
Dadi see all these and cry and go to her room

Here pragya and abhi hugging each other after some time they break the hug
Abhi: thnks pragya for saving my life today
Pragya: its ok sir
Abhi: soory for that happen but I cant control myself
Pragya: don’t be soory sir u are my frnd and a frnd should be their for frnd in all his problems I u want to share u can don’t be soory
Abhi: thnk u
Pragya: sir I frndship no soory no thnk u
Both stand up
Abhi: u know today I am felling very free after talking to u
And then they sit in car and abhi drop pragya to home and bids bye and abhi comes to his room
Here dadi in her room standing beside pooja photo
Dadi: today I have seen my abhi breaked but I am happy there is some one is their to consoling her I know its not fair but he have to move in his life and pragya is a better replacement of yours she loves rohit very much like u she is just like u pooja and I know she can only bring my abhi back and cry

On the other side in pragya come home and see sarla and bulbul and goes in sarla and bulbul see bandges in her hand
Sarla worriedly: what happen pragya
Bulbul: yeah di whats all these
Pragya: don’t woory and tell them the whole incident
Sarla: are u ok na
Bulbul: di its paining
Pragya: I am ok and bulbul hows your fever
Bulbul: its little bit but I am fine
Sarla: come lets have dinner
And they go to have dinner and bulbul and pragya comes to their room and sarla comes with turmeric milk
Sarla: drink its it will give u relif
Praagya: no ma I cant drink it
Bulbul smiles : di u have to
Sarla: don’t smile I have for u also
Bulbul shout: no
Pragya smile: now smile
And both forcefull drink the milk

Sarla: now both of u sleep
And they sleep bulbul sleep due to effect of medicine while pragya is awake she is thinking what happen to u pragya why you cant I see abhi in pain why its paining when I see him in tears why whats happening to me and get confused
Here in mehra house abhi in his room and think today what happen to me why should I break in front of her why I fell like when she is with me I fell some one close to mt heart is their why i tell this things to her why I cry in front of her why and get confused
Love is blossoming on both side but they both are anawre of it don’t know what their life get turn


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  1. Don stop queen .. Yua ff is really really diff so don stop ..

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    Superb yaar, your ff is not boring, plz don’t stop it yaar.. we enjoy alot reading it ….

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  5. Urs is really total different from others so pls dnt feel that we r not liking & just continuing

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  7. Who said that ur ff is boring, it is amazing yar eagerly waiting for ur next update

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