Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 12

Thnks guys for comments and support for my ff
Todays episode start with rohit see a injured puppy in the middle of road
rohit: i have to bring her otherwise he will get hurt by any car and he come out and goes towards the puppy
here pragya came and os about to stop taxi she see rohit in middle of the road having puppy in hands and pragya see a car coming towards him pragya gets worried and shout rohit and rhoit see him and smile in the mean time abhi also come their and see rohit and paniked
as car is is coming pragya runs and car is about to hit rohit pragya take him away but got some scteches but abhi is seeing all this and pooja accident came in mind all people came around pragya and rohit abhi dont have strength to go but when he hear rohit voice he get relif and goes their
pragya is crying

rohit: dost dont cry see i am fine
pragya hug him and what if something happens to you how will your dada live say
rohit: soory dost i will not do this again and i also tell soory to dad and cry seeing her crying
pragya: paka promise
rohit: but you not cry na please
and pragya kisses on his cheeks and he wipe pragya tears and see sctraches in het hand
rohit crying and touch sracthes: its paining the dost come we will go to hospital i cant see you like this
pragya: its ok rohit
rohit: no you have to come with me otherwise i will not talk to u dost
pragya: ok how can i told u no
and hug each other
all person talking
person1: what a love btw them
person2 : you are saying right like they have any strong relarionship
abhi is hearing all these and see pragya and rohit and tear come from his eyes and think what a girl how can she love anyone his much extint whom she meet only two times that she is ready to sacrifice her life today in my eyes her respect increses and abhi goes towards them
rohit see abhi and goes and hug abhi

rohit: i an soory dad i will now always do what you say paka
abhi bends on kness and hug rohit
abhi: please beta dont leave me i cant live without u and cry
rohit break the hug and wipe the tears
rohit: dont worry dad i will not leave u and you dont cry if mom see u cryind then she will be sad and i canrt see my mom and dad sad so smile andmake a pout face

abhi: ok beta we dont make your mom sad and wipe tear and smile
pragya smile with tear in her eyed seeing their love
rohit see pragya
rohit: oh shit dost now u are crying what i do if one stop crying other start and put this hand on head
abhi and pragya smile seeing him
rohit: now thats like a good boy and girl
abhi see scrarthes in pragya hand
abhi hold her hand
abhi: its paning na come lets go to hospital
pragya: its ok i am fine
abhi and rohiy see each othet and then put hand on waist
pragya see them

pragya: ok coming
abhi and rohit smile and they sit in car and rohit sit i pragya lap and they while chit chatting goes to hospital and doctor dress her wound
doctor : i had dress het wound and this injection will relif her from pain
rohit shocked hearing injection name
rohit: no doctor i will give pain no
pragya: its ok rohit i will not give so much pain
and docter is about to inject rohit hold pragya hand tightly looking like he is taking injection
pragya: rohit open your eyes see its not paining

rohit open his eyes and rub his hand where she take injection
docter: miss you are very lucky to have this much loving child
abhi and pragya shocked hearing this
pragya: soory docter but he is not my child he is his chil point towards abhi
doctor: oh soory the love btw both of you so i think that
abhi: its ok docter
and docter give medicine to pragya and they leaves
as near hospital abhi house
abhi: if you dont mind u will comw to oue house ad my dadi wanted to meet u
pragya: ok

and they drove towards tjeir house
abhi and prayga enter with rohit and comes in all are sitting in hall and see them abhi and pragya are holding roiht hand and as they coming inside pragya footprints are marking on floor as when they come in pragya mistaklt put leg on rangoli but doesnt see it all see them
now what will happen what destiny play game with them

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  7. sema aweome episode loved rohit who consider praga as his dost..

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