Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 11

Really soory guys for late update as i am having exams so i dont have time to write ff hope you all understand
todays episode stary with pragya with rohit come in office and pragya introduce him to twinkle kunj roshni and sid they have lots of fun together abhi see all this and happy seeing rohit happy
as they all are enjoing in the mean time tanu comes to abhi cabin
tanu: hey abhi come lets go for dinner today
abhi: soory tanu but i have to take rohit outside
tanu getd angry but not show it
tanu: its ok
and here rohit plays with them and see the whole office
on the other side after some chitchatting tanu goes from office and sit in car fuming
tanu: firstly that pooja now this rohit cominh in my way i have to remove him from my way and goes from their
as all day rohit enjoy with pragya

rohit: dost you know you are best i love u
pragya: aaawwww so sweet
twikle: and we
rohit: yeah you also but not better than my dost right dost
pragya: right and both give hi fi to each other
pragya: ok come we will now go to your dad ok
rohit: first catch me

and start running and pragya also run in mean time abhi comes their and see them but pragya and rohit not see them and they are contiue running but suddenly pragya leg twist and she id about to fall abhi see this and run and hold her pragya close eyes due to fear but fells protective abd open eyes and see abhi holding her and they share an eyelock and bg music abhi mujme kahi baki song plays
rohit comes to them
rohit: are you ok na dost
they both come in senses hearing voice and see each other and remember kiss and fell awakerd
rohit: are you ok
pragya: yeah rohit
abhi: ok beta lets go
rohit: yeah dad
and goes to pragya
rohit: bye dost i will miss you

pragya: me too
rohit: you will come to my house we will play their ok
pragya: yeah
and rohit hug pragya and pragya kisses ob his cheeks and then he go outside with abhi
when they reah to car abhi remember that he forget his mobilw in cabin
abhi: beta you wait here i come in just a min. Ok you will not go anywhere
rohit: ok dad
and abhi is about to enter from that side pragya is coming and they both collide abhi: soory i didnt see you
pragya: me too soory
abhi: by the way thnks for today what you have done for rohit
pragya: no need to tell thnk u sir he is such a sweet boy
abhi: i am soory fot my rude behaviour rowards you
pragya: sir we have to live life we dont have to live life by taking past with us and dont be soory i already forget it so chill
abhi smiles : your thoughts are just like my pooja
pragya: so you love pooja mam so much
abhi: more than my life

and get sad pragya see this
pragya: dont be sad sir our loved one are always withus every time in any face like you have in the face of your son
abhi: yeah you are right and lets leave all that and make a fresh start so can we become frds and forward his hand
pragya was suprised by this move
pragya joins hand and a current passes from her body and she fell something
abhi: ok bye and goes inside office and pragya is standing their she diesnt belive that abhi has ask her for frndship
and she pinch herself

pragya: its true he is not akadu as i thinking
and goes

precap: rohit is in midof road holding puppy and a car is coming towarda him

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