Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 10

Thnks guys for comments and I will unite abhigya acc. To story so please wait till then please
Todays episode start with bulbul and aliya going to cantten
Bulbul: what is the problem of him why he always angry on every one
Aliya: that’s not like that he is a chill guy but after that incident he become rude
Bulbul: which incident
Aliya: I will tell you but don’t talk about it to him promise
Bulbul: ok promise
Aliya: as we join collage one year late bcz we both get late in filling form of this collage and we both want to go in this collage so we both decided to wait for next year and in this year we will roam india and we take permission from dadi as when you go in goa we meet piya name girl their first we meet her in reastaurent she is bar tender purab fell in love her love at first sight and he start going reastaurent daliy and I also know why he is going and after much effert he propose piya and she tell yes I know I he was so happy it was see from his face but after some days when he goes to piya house to surprise her he has seen piya is sleeping with some one he was completely heart broken and come to me that day he cry whole day and next day we left from their and that day I lost my frnd

Bulbul get teary eyed: so that’s why he is angry on everyone and I am thinking him akadu but why he is giving punishment to him self but you don’t take tension I will give back your frnd
Aliya: really
Bulbul: yeah and that’s bulbul promise
As days passing abhigya are coming close but they are not understanding this and they also talk normally and on other side bulbul irritate purab and now purab get habitual of her irritation but don’t know why
As it is Sunday so bulbul is sleeping and pragya goes to wake up
Pragys: bulbul wake up you have told yesterday that you want to come with me to office
Bulbul: di bas 5 min
Pragya : ok and goes to her and put her hand on her head and fell her head is buring
Pragya: bulbul you have fever and you don’t tell me wait I will call doctor
And pragya calls doctor and check her and give her complete bed rest for 3 days and goes
Bulbul: but di I want to come with you please

Sarla: don’t hear what doctor say complete bed rest so you will not go
Bulbul make a pout face
Bulbul: di please
Pragya: no I will take you next time promise
Bulbul: ok
Sarla: now you sleep
And bulbul sleep and pragya goes to office
On the other side in mehra mansion
Abhi is ready to go office and come to have break fast and rohit also come their
Rohit: dad today is Sunday please take me with you na please
Abhi: no beta you here play with dadi
Rohit goes to dadi
Rohit: you know dadi nobody love me you only love me tell na dad to take me also
Dadi see his face and smile: ok
Dadi: abhi take him also
Abhi: but how will I manage
Rohit: I will sit silently their pakka
Abhi: no means no
Rohit get sad
Dadi: I am telling you are taking him and this is final decision
Abhi: ok dadi
Rohit hugs dadi: I love you dadi you are best

And they both go to office
Abhi and pragya reach at same time abhi and rohit in car and pragya in taxi
Rohit see pragya and gets happy
Rohit: aunty you here
Pragya see towards voice and see rohit and gets happy
Rohit goes and hug her and abhi see this
They break the hug and praya sit on knees
Prayga: how are you rohit
Rohit: fine aunty
Abhi comes their
Abhi: come rohit lets go go
Rohit: no dad you go I will come with her
Abhi: I am telling you na come

Rohit: no dad
Pragya: its ok I will take him don’t take tension
Abhi: ok
And abhi goes in
Rohit: aunty you know you are so sweet like my mom
Pragya: thnk u beta
Rohit: I will not call you aunty from now
Pragya: so what you call
Rohit: dost and kisses on her cheeks
Prayga smile : so will also call you rohit ok
And they hug each other
Pragya: come lets go in I will make you to meet my frnds
And they go in

Don’t know what destiny is trying to do don’t know what relation destiny make btw them

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