Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 1


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Soory guys I forget to introduce some character in intro here it is
Tanu: a super model and frnd of abhi and she wanted to be wife of abhi to get stardom so planning of making confilt btw abhi and pooja but donot get succed
Raj: elder brother of abhi but honest and manage all the concert of abhi and he is honest to his work
Mitali: wife of raj and love her family and treat pooja as her own little sister
The episode start with a lady wearing a pink sari doing pooja firstly her lips are shown and then eyes she done the pooja and turn and her face is shown she is pooja and goes to a old lady she is abhi dadi and take blessing of her
Dadi: god bless my beta
Pooja smile
Dadi: is abhi and rohit wake up or not
Pooja: no dadi I am going to wake up them
And pooja goes to a room in room two person are shown sleeping one is abhi and another is rohit
Pooja: abhi and rohit wake up na please
Abhi: 5 min na my jann

Rohit: yes mom only 5 min
Pooja: no beta you are getting late for school and abhi you for concert before concert we have to go temple na
And they both wake up and rohit go to washroom to get ready
And abhi pull pooja towards him
Abhi: what will I do going temple god has already given me everything
Pooja: leave abhi if anyone see then and if rohit come then
Abhi: I am not doing any crime I am romancing with my wife
Pooja: abhi leave me na
Abhi: first give me a kiss on lips then I will leave you
Pooja: what
Abhi: yeah give me
Pooja kiss him on his cheek and push him and run from room
Abhi: this is cheating
Pooja: no cheating come fast
Pooja goes to kitchen and see mitali their and tell gm and they start making breakfast abhi and rohit come in the hall and join family member
Abhi: gm dadi and all of you
Rohit: gm my rockstar dadi

Aliya: gm champ
Rohit: gm bua
Pooja come and tell rohit to do breakfast as he getting late for school and aliya to do breakfast as she is getting late for collage
After breakfast
Aliya: best of luck bahi for you concert
Abhi: thnks cutaki and you too best of luck
Pooja: best of luck aliya todays is your collage first day
Aliya goes and hug pooja and tell thnks babhi
Abhi: so there is no love for bahi only for babhi
Pooja smile and aliya goes and hug abhi
Aliya left for collage in car while rohit abhi and pooja left in one car
At school
Pooja: rohit beta come out school has come
Both abhi and rohit come out and rohit kisses on the cheek of abhi and pooja and tell you are the worlds best mom and dad and waves bye and go to school
And abhi and pooja left to temple
a girl is shown who is calling some one to do their work perfectly as it look like a accident and girl turns to tanu and the caller tell ok mam and tanu cut the call and think now from today there is no one btw me and abhi and smile evily
abhi and pooja reach to temple and they both cross the road and start entering the temple suddenly pooja stop

abhi: what happen
pooja: abhi I have forget my phone in car you wait here and I will go and take it
pooja goes and take mobile and when she is crossing the road a trunk is coming towards her side and hit her she shout abhi and fell on road and abhi turn and see and shout pooja and see her lying on floor in the pool of blood

screen split on shocked face of abhi and pooja lying on road

Credit to: queen

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  2. good job

  3. good start go ahead

  4. pls I’m requesting don’t bring the character Pooja can’t able to see Abhi without Pragya so I’m requesting u to change the track hope you don’t mind and I’m Sry if I hurtedu

  5. Ohhhhhh god soooo sad 4 pooja anyway I hope thr vl b some good twist…

  6. ur plot is different..continue wit it I’m just saying my opinion.. and I’m Sry if I hurted u

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Where is PRECAP ???

  8. pooja died and pragya come in abhi life right .

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