Hii guys this is haripriya with a os
I am big fam of abhigya

Abhi rockstar….money minded
Pragya student 3rd year…traditional and not interested in any field except studies loving in a house with her friend shivanya

Early morning pragya woke up and cleaned everything and did pooja…she got a call from shivanya’s mom saying her to send shivanya home and her also to come
They go to attend shivanya’s sister marriage.
Every one enjoying …tunder attack … girl was not their so every on said shivanya to marry that boy…but she love hrithik..so she pleased pragya….pragya for her friend accepted.
Marriage starts pragya in bridal dress and sits next to the boy…marriage is completed by all rituals
@first night
Room totally decorated with candle ..red roses. .and white screen. ..with moon light…
Pragya sitting on bed covering her faces..the boys enters and closes the door and comes near pragya.he take her hand and kiss her hand…she moved from there to a corner …he again came near her…now no gap between them he comes near her ears ands say can we be friends
A:hii i am abhi
P:iam pra…cuts
A:mrs abhi
A:i know ur situation. ..but for my dadi
P:its ok i am now urs …so i will obey u
A:no not like that we are friends
P:can i ask u one thing
A:yes about ur studies ..u can go tomorrow to ur class
P:thanks but…i don’t want to go to college as ur wife
A:okk ur wish
Abhi goes to sleep in couch. ..but she stops and say
P:bed us big u can sleep here..
P:nothing u on one me other side
Both sleep happily talking to each other
Still now both did not see
Morning pragya wakes and fresh up then bring coffee for abhi…she keep it in a side goes to college

@lifeline college
Abhi comes their for a campaign ..
Pragya now final year …hides she is married …even from her friend tanu
In class
Note rockstar abhi conducts a music competition
Pragya..tanu..and their friends join
Pragya (thinks):ohh no he is my husband na how..now what to do..because of tanu i joined but don’t know. ..
Abhi makes every one to sing one by one ..he did not like any ones
Now pragya first time sees him and she is frozen by his look…she starts to sing
Tum hi ho….
Abhi sees her and say u are perfect..and love
Then he realised what he said ..both have an eye lock…which broke by pragya

After a while he starts teaching music..
Tanu:hey he is cool and handsome
P:kkk stop…….
T:y …do u feel as his wife….and goes
Pragya think ..this that i have feelings for him…..then this how sang before all so nice at my first try…this means…I LOVE HIM
…suddenly bell rings.
So search him ….but her smile vanished when see sew
Tanu goes and hug him and say i love u..
He push her and say i am married..
T:Its okk i know u hate her ..u were forced to marry her for ur dadi but i don’t know who is she.
A:shots..be in ur limit
But tanu hugs her..while that abhi sees pragya crying felt unhappy
When she moved..he holded her..but she left him for her friend and went.
Abhi went behind her and said i want to share my feelings with u
Both start talking and and forgot all..chat for long

At evening
Abhi says he will drop her but she refused .
Abhi hear someone saying she is rockstars wife…so abhi asked her profile. ..he was shocked. .to know she is her wife ..that is why he was attracted. ..and says I LOVE HER
Both reached home
When she entered the room was totally decorated as the before day. ..then abhi proposed pragya and she accepted. Abhi came near her ..she went back and hot the wall..suddenly pragya remembered about tanu s word…..so she kissed him..first he was shocked but later responded. ..then he lift her and placed in beb..and they consummate there marriage by sharing their love for each other. .then they slept thinking about each other and their pearl day…
Next day abhi officially announce their happy married life to media. .she this and hugged him..he said our love story is written in heaven ..LOVE U


If boring i am relly sorry..plz comment

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