kumkum bhagya – love of my life…

Hello guys…Exams started but my heart wished to do some random short stories…It’s just  one shot …. As i am tired…I don’t know how it’s gonna be…


   ” does every love story have a happy ending…” this was the question that’s ringing in my mind for past four days. I don’t know why I feel to know about it may be I am in love. Is that true?  But with whom…  hello guys…I am PRAGYA , doing my bachelor’s in biochemistry in one of the reputed college. As i am a final year student… I have to do an internship in any hospitals… it’s that dragon’s order . Oh…you guys don’t know who’s that right…wait lemme introduce that Dragon. It’s none other than our immunology professor…so I started to search and to my good luck I got my internship with my bulbul in a multi speciality hospital. I was happy that I am going to do with my best friend and we both were going to end soon.. you may think what’s the connection between my first line ( that question…) and this intro that I am doing my internship….it has a connection guys…soon you will realise it.  So we started three weeks before and though we went as a student we have no other works rather than simply sitting and watching at the people working. Yes…it gets bored and I used to escape from there and will eat whatever I want from the canteen. The uncle in the canteen becomes my friend as I used to spend most of my time there… so coming to the point…though I am a final year student I never even had a crush or loved someone. Sorry I lied..yes I had a crush …but it’s a small age one.. at 7 th std , i had a Punjabi friend ,harish who used to bring chappatis for me and i like him.. He looks pulpy and bubbly hence I like to tickle him…but according to today’s world its not meant as crush because i had a crush on his chappati…so I am single and I enjoy my life…but suddenly something happened to me…I became concious in my dressing styles and makeup which was a shock for my friend. As i used to be simple girl with no makeup. It’s because of him. Yes he changed my thinking style …to say the truth , he changed me..he is none other than abhi ..It’s not love at first sight..because I took a week to confirm that it’s love.  He is working as a lab technician in that hospital and he is in blood collection. As my first week was to spend with him. First I had never interest on him and used to help him by holding the child’s hands , if a baby comes . He used to talk with me more friendly and may be that induced me towards him. I felt right in whatever he says and his genuine character made me to fall for him. That one week went as such and I was shifted from there and bulbul was there with him. An additional staff will help him and I hate her. She used to speak sweetly to him and I feel myself in a volcano. I didn’t like the way she talk to him..may be I feel jealous..apart from tat now i had no reason to see him. I used to say that I am going to meet bulbul and will steal glances of him as I talk with her. First she thought that I really went to see her but later she understood that I went to see him. She used to tease me alot and my cheeks turn red. I don’t like the
girl who speak with him. To separate her I used to do all the works before he tells to her.

      One day of the second week I went to meet him as usual with a lame excuse and I got angered after seeing the scenario. That girl was holding his hand rather than the baby’s hand and he was arguing with her. The baby was crying and bulbul was looking at them. I already told her not to near that girl towards him but she failed. I shouted bulbul as everyone looked at me with a shock . The baby too stopped crying and looked at me in fear. Because of that , he pricked his own finger with a Lancet. I was worried for him and also anger on me as I am the solo reason for it. I moved towards him as that girl was about to first aid. I stopped her saying ” the mistake is mine and I will do..” . I could sense some burning smell but I washed that thought.

I did a first aid and he praised me that soon I will become a doctor. I chuckled at his sentence as everyone knows that I could not as I am bad in these things. But I am happy that he complimented me.

Days passed and I never la chance to spend time with him.  Its almost third week and I thought to propose him as in one week I gonna move out of this hospital. Bulbul induced me to tell him so that he may know about it. I am quite frightened about his answer. But I am brave enough to face this situation. I went towards him and thank god that girl was not there and he was all alone in that area singing a song. His voice sounds great and I am losing myself to him. While I was just enjoying he looked at me suprise. ” oh shit …I am caught…” I muttered while entering the room. He didn’t looked at me for once after that suprise look and I am done with this.

I told his hands and he looked shocked at me. Oh..how cute he is… shut up pragya…my mind alerted me. ” what you are doing? ” he asked trying to remove my hand from his. ” don’t do that..I want to hold your hand for life long…I mean i love you…do you love me…” I instantly blurted and he looked even more shocked. ” what you are speaking…you know what you are telling…” he asked and I quietly missed my head. Of course I know it will be his reaction. ” see…you are still going..and I am not correct person for you . ” he said trying to convince me. ” abhi..I am not small kid..I am 21  and I know what’s right for me…I like you more and could not see you in pain…and more over I get jealous when that girl is around you…” I said by folding my hands near my chest.

” it’s not easy as you think…” he again started but I cut him off. ” say yes if you love me…or no..if you don’t…i just want to convey my feelings to you..as I am leaving in a week…” I said by looking into his eyes . ” I need time…” I looked confused by his statement…

Abhi’s pov…

   I am working as a lab technician and what pragya told shocked me. I never thought that she will love me and i don’t know how to make her understand. I am from a poor background and even I don’t have anyone…I stay in my friends home and was fighting in my life battle . She is from well class family and I could not match her status. After she proposed I asked time to make her understand but I was wrong. After that day , i could not sleep well nor do my work properly…whenever  she is near me , my eyes long to see her . I control myself not to look at her but my heart doesn’t understand it.  May be I too started to feel for her.  But I don’t want to destroy her life with my fate . I don’t know how can she overcome my poverty. I don’t have a home to keep her happily. But my heart longs for her. So hurting her with my harsh words were the one solution that she will move from me. I want her to live a peaceful life ..not like me to struggle for every thing. As the day moves , I called her and we met in the park .  She asked me to tell quickly as she is running out of time. I explained that I can’t love her and  told  everything about me. I thought she will understand but not ..silly girl… she smiled saying , I love you…not your status…nor your  where about…I just want to spend my life with you.. ..she tells while moving towards me. I looked at her while she says I can live with you…where you are..and please make me yours…she had tears in  her  eyes as she was tired of everything …I know it’s because of me…I made her to wait and felt guilty. I hugged her who is now crying like a baby and pat her back. ” I love you…” she muttered and I smiled at her innocence. I broked the hug making her to stand properly.. ” see…for now you have to wait…till I arrange everything for you…when I settled in my life..sure I will marry you…” I  told as tears were again brimming in her eyes. ” I want you to marry me soon…” she said in a shaking voice and I nod my head .” Till yesterday…I had no goals but now I had set my goal for you…” I said and she smiled brighty..

4 years later…..

     ” oh…guys…after a long time…my wish becomes true…yes I am going to marry him and gonna start my life…excited by now…”

   ” pragya….”

   ” coming….”

    ” see you guys….”

                           THE END

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