Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 6


Sorry guys i know my last episode disappointed u as it was so short so i am going to upload today itself but i don’t know when will the website post this…

Recap: pragya keeps a pillow in her tummy and acts to be pregnant. Neil, ragini and daadi see this and gets angry.

The episode starts with, daadi ragini and neil sees pragya and gets shocked.

Daadi: what the hell did u do abhi?
Abhi: nothing daadi
Neil: how dare u do this to pragya?
Ragini: ask him nicely…
Abhi: i’m sorry but i dint do..
Neil and ragini : (chorus) shut up abhi!
Abhi: (mind voice) I’m fried and gets scared
Daadi: neil and ragini u both go i will take care of
They both go. Daadi holds abhi’s ears and asks so your the reason for her condition?
Abhi: daadi please leve me na please…..
Pragya: eh chudail! Leave my hubby!
Daadi(shocked): chudail?
Pragya: dont u dare to touch my husband!
Daadi: what did i do
Pragya: ur stealing my husband
Daadi: gets scared of her and runs to her room.

Kalpi requests rv, ishani, bulbul and purab stay in their house for today. They agree.

Pragya falls asleep.

Its 6 pm
IN aBhi’s room
Pragya wakes up and sees abhi!
Abhi: so u finally woke up my sleeping beauty..?
Pragya: whats the time?
Abhi: 6
Pragya: so i woke so soo. Then i’ll go to sleep
Abhi: hello! Its 6pm
Pragya: what!
Abhi: haa
Pragya: whatever it is so boring now.
Abhi: shall we dance?
Pragya: yaa sure! (Pragya is crazy about dance)
Abhi gets his sunglasses and give one to pragya and he wears one. He also gets 2 lungi and gives one to her.
Pragya: are gonna dance for lungi dance?
He says ya!!
Pragya: lets start

Meanwhile in kalpi’s room
Ishani: arre when shall we show that video to pragya?
Kalpi: once bhabi wakes up

Suddenly lungi dance song starts(very loudly) daadi gets scared as pragya kight call her chudail again. Neil was actually romancing with ragini suddenly lungi dance song scares and makes neil jerk. Purab was sleeping. By hearing this sound he gets scared and wakes up. Kalpi says this is the right time to show the video.
All 6 goes to open abhi’s room door.

Abhi and pragya are dancing locally abhi keeps one leg on bed and ine on floor and shakes his lungi like srk. Pragya puts lungi over her head and jumps on the floor. Lights are a bit dim. Kalpi opens the door and sees these two ppl dancing as if someone died.pragya and abhi pauses in the same position how they are. All burst out laughing. Abhi and pragya feels embarrassed. Pragya runs into the changing roomand hides. Abhi asks why u ppl came here. Raghav told to show this exclusive movie. Pragya shouts happily. What movie??!?!? They say haa come out. Pragya comes out. Raghav had connected his phone to tv and shows them the video. Pragya says arre this is me.. Look how beautiful i am and winks at abhi. Abhi says dont compliment yourself as the upcoming scenes will make u run away. Pragya says what ever happens she will see her beauty commung on tv. Ishani signals rv that she is gonna hide her face now. Pragya sees this and shout aaaaahhh no.. Im not pregnant.. Omg murderer.. She shouts stop! Stop! Please stop! They finally stop it. Pragya searches for abhi she couldn’t find him. Actually it is raining outside abhi runs to the terrace and keeps on hand in backside of head and one in hip and dances like a baby girl and he was also singing i am sing in the rain ( vadivelu’s funny dialogue song in tamil).Suddenly pragya comes there with her hands crossed. Abhi sees her and gets hell shocked.

The episode ends

Precap: all are playing truth or dare.pragya was givena task to wear the same makeup when she was dancing in the kitchen ( flour,ketchup,utensil on head) pragya gets tensed while abhi laughs seeing her dare.

Sorry guys if this episode is not gud. Positive and negative comments accepted…
This is actually continution of episode 5 but i named it 6. Really sorry for this episode. I am not happy with thats why is said.

Credit to: Abhigya

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  1. Episode was too nice 🙂 …

  2. Nice episode yaar

  3. dadi chudail ????? seriously yr u fulfilled my wish by this treatment of dadi because I was frustrated with her because she is the only reason of dragging but I liked that treatment a lot specially when she ran away and got scared of pragya ????????????????????????????

    1. Hahaha thanks surbhi 😀

  4. abhigya lungi dance super…..

    1. Thanks dugan 😛

      1. *sugan sry auto crct

  5. Haha so funny!??? U made me laugh until I have stomach pain again ???

  6. Wow wow amazing awesome so funny!! You fulfilled my thank you thank you so much I loved this episode a lot no a lllooooootttttt……..

    1. Thankss sharaya!!!!!

  7. Abhigya.........

    Hahahaha so funny…dadi chudail ??????? it was superb…..

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…….. Sooooooooo funnyyyyyyyy……….Dadi……Chudail………………????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Thank u soo much reshma

  9. awesome awesome i couldnt stop myself frm laughing yaar seriously loved it

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