Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 5


Thank you thank you thank you soo much for ur comments… This made me to continue my ff…

Recap: pragya and abhi are drunk

Now comming to the episode,

The episode starts with kalpi taking pragya to her room and makes her fash her face. When kalpi puts soap on her face she shouts banana peel banana peel!! Kalpi asks what banana peel? She says soap is so slippery even banana is so slippery… Kalpi says bhabi u have gone mad and makes her sit in the bed. Kalpi leaves as she cant handle them.

She goes down and is surprised to see bulbul, purab, rv, ishani. She says what a surprise and makes them sit

Kalpi: whats the matter u came here without saying?
Bulbul: i want to talk to di.
Kalpi: no now u cant otherwise u’ll get mad
Purab: why?
Kalpi: they are drunk
Rv: even abhi?
Kalpi: haa
Ishani: arre u xan handle abhi also but u cant handle pragya. I experienced it..
Kalpi: say what happened
Ishani: (fb plays)

When pragya was studying in collage all her friends even her were playing truth or dare. Her darw was to get drunk. She drunk for the first time. As ishani is her best friend she was given the task to handle her. When ishani was talking to some girl, pragya ran away. Ishani couln’t find her. She was in staff room and slapped a teacher. Luckily that teacher dint diamiss her. Ishani takes her from that place. Teacher is taking class pragya stands up and sings song. Whole class laughs at her ishani makes her sit down.

Fb ends

All in a chorus shouts oh no how are we gonna handle them.??.

Suddenly abhi shouts yay i am going to become a father! All here from down stairs. Abhi carries pragya in his arms and takes her down.

Kalpi: bhai ur not in control and ur carrying bhabi?
Abhi: haa she cant walk in stairs na thats why
Kalpi: if daadi, mom, dad comes ur gone
Abhi: leave that and look i am going to become a father!
Ishani: what!
Abhi: haa look at her tummy yar kitni sweet ho na?
Bulbul: jiju what are u doing? Di cant become pregnant with a belly so soon.
Rv: bhakwas! Arre leave her.
Abhi: wait n see ….
Purab: now what again?
Bulbul: on sec

She goes and punches prgya tummy. She shouts ur a murderer. U killed my baby and cries. Ishani comes there and pulls the pillow and throws it out. Pragya says i dint sign for abortion the why did u abort it? Pragyaruns and keeps the pillow back in place. Meanwhile purab and rv takes abhi to swimmimg pool and pushes him. He falls in the pool. He is almost not drunk he can inderstand the situation. Now atlast he has consciousness. And takes him inside the house.raghav was recording what all they did while they was drunk.

Pragya is still acting as she has labour pain and says ahhh take me to the hospital omg baby is kicking…. Snd it will come out…

Suddenly daadi, ragini, and neil come there and sees this.

The episode ends

Precap: daadi holds abhi’s ear for pragya’s condition. Raghav shiws the video
what the did when they was drunk. Pragya shout omg!!!!!


Guys i know this episode is short but for uploading sake i uploaded it. Hope u will like this episode. Please do comment. Silent readers should also comment so that it will motivate me for uploading episodes regularly. Keep supporting!! 🙂

Credit to: Abhigya

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  1. so sweet……..really episode was ful of fun.

  2. Arey…superb yaar…but too small episode….pls make it bigger…

    1. Next episode i will update bigger

  3. Is sooo soooo soo funny ya abhighya loved it

  4. Ohhhh god it’s sooooooooo sweet funny n cute yaar love it a lotttttt ???bt sooooooooooo short yaar?? plzzzzz update NXT part soon plzzzzz

    1. Thanks durga next i will update longer

  5. awesome abhigya really really funny loved it yaar…

  6. hahahahahahahahahahhahh seriously yr damn funny the abortion hhahahahah yr you are so humorous and i love being in a mood where every thing is hillarious yr you are out standing i read last episode of yours also but didnt commented as i didnt got time sorry for that yr but believe me you are awesome hahahahahahhahahh seriously i cant stop laughing yr episode was damn funny and was fabulous

    1. Thank u sooo soo soo much surbhi

  7. ?????????? so funny episode…. It was awesome….. Waiting for the next part….

    1. Thank u abhigya ^_^

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww………Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar………..Sooooooo funnyyyyyyyy………????????????????????

  9. Episode was toooo too funnyyy … I can’t stop laughing ?????????…..

    Waiting to see their reaction when both abhi and pragya watch the recorded video .???☺..

    1. Thanks sanju!! I will try to make it more funny

  10. So hilarious!! ???? esp the labour pain!! and abortion scene… can’t stop laughing????

    1. Thanks maya!! 😀

  11. Hi abhigya….episode was soo funny but short next epslode was long plzzz….before episode was am reading but could not comment….ur ff us awesome…….

    1. Thanks sadhana i will update longer one tomorrow

  12. super too funny ya…..

  13. sana (abhigya)

    Wooooooooooooooow awesome it was sooooooooo fuuuuunnnnnyyyyy

  14. Epi was damn funny yar…. i cant
    wAit to read next..

  15. Hey..this is the 1st epi i have read now i’ll read rest of the epi..its really nice

    1. Thanks and hey i’ve reAd ur ff that horror on rit? I like that very much… If u dint write that means sry

      1. Yeah thats me and thnq..

  16. Awesome and its so so so funny ???

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