Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 3


Hey guys i am very happy to see ur comments many people asked me to post lengthy episodes…. This episode is gonna be long….

Recap: pragya comes to know about abhi when purab calls him abhi!

The episode starts with
Pragya: are u abhi?
Abhi: haa im abhi only..
Pragya: why dint u tell me vefore itself ur abhi when i was talking that to u
Abhi: because i wanted to hear wht were ur thoughts about me
Pragya: are u angry with me?
Abhi: why should i? I love u so much..
Pragya becomes very happy hearing these words and hugs him tightly… Sanam re plays

Purab again comes to the room and sees these two hugging and coughs. He says abhiiiii ! Daadii is callinggg youuuuuu….. Abhi comes back to his senses and says haAa im comming na. In daadi’s room ragini is talking about kalpi’s marriage

Ragini: as now abhi is married we have to get u married also.
Kalpi: maa but with whom(in a tensed manner)
Neil: are u in love with someone?
Kalpi: (mind voice) what should i do how can i say mom that i am already married to raghav secretly..
Neil: arrey tell beta no problem we will marry u to the man of ur choice
Kalpi: says ma im in love with raghav
Abhi aNd purab cines there
Abhi: what u are in love? How can an ape be in love?
Purab: like u did…
Abhi: chup i asked kalpi
Kalpi: haa purab bhai is corrct if im an ape then her brother will also be an ape
Abhi: aree chod now tell how the raghav fell in love with u?
Kalpi: because of my beauty and winks
Abhi: wow? Beauty? Where is that i cant see it anywhere and takes daadi’s chashma and wears it. He shouts beauty where are u ???

Just then pragya came inside daadi’s room in search of abhi. Kalpi says aapki beauty aa gayi! Abhi says chup she doesnt knw about ur naughtiness and takes pragya to his room

Pragya: arre she is ur sis kalpi na?
Abhi: haa she is very naughty nowadays..
Pragya: i saw her when she was 4 years old but now she is 20 what a difference
Abhi: ur the first bhabi to carry ur nanad when u was young
Pragya smiles
Abhi: hey i want a kiss from u
Pragya: why?
Abhi: because we got married today u r in love wid me and i am in luv wid u then wts the matter?
Pragya: still i am very shy to give
Abhi: if ur shy then its ok but i will give
Pragya: what??!!!!!
Abhi: if u give means u’ll give in cheeks but if i means directly lips only!

Pragya says no and goes back while abhi comes front. Pragya is trapped. She cant go back, only wall is there so abhi goes near her and she closes her eyes abhi kisses her. Just the kalpi bursted into the room shouting bhaiiii!!! She sees them and gasps and turns back and says sorry for disturbing bhai and bhabi..

Pragya pushes him and runs away abhi is still shocked. Abhi asks what why u came ? She says raghav is comming here tomorrow. Abhi says what a news… Suddenly kalpi turns back to see abhi and laughs hardly…

Abhi: arre why are u laughing like this?
Kalpi: i wont tell if u want me to tell then come down.
Abhi is very confused. Pragya signals him to wipe his lips. Abhi doesnt understand. Kalpi and abhi goes down all are there. Pragya is very nervous as she thinks what would they think about her. Kalpi shouts bhabi come down na. So she hesitantly comes down kalpi shows abhi to everyone. Everyone laughs. Daadi asks going to fashion show huh? Kalpi says arre daadi u cant understnds and shows pragya face and abhi face. Daadi says haa now i understood. Alia says bhai this is too fast with bhabi now only married and now itself? Abhi is puzzled. Ragini says kiss huh? That to in lips arre beta ur very fast than ur dad and laughs. Abhi runs to his room pragya also excuses and goes up.
Abhi: arre how did they found that i kissed u?
Pragya: look ur face in the mirror.
Abhi: lipstick that too red colour how did this come here?
Pragya : from my lips only look its erased. All because of u only..and laughs

Abhi goes and changes ad come back pragya says arre why did u change i wanted u to be in marriage getup. Abhi says bhakwas hai how can i wear those that to full of stones in that yuck.! Pragya sys dnt say like that. She sees an insect in abhi’s pillow and throws it in fright. It fell on abhi. Abhi says wby are u throwing pillow on me nd they start a pillow fight…
The room is full of feathers and they sleep unknowingly in eachother. Pragya was in a deep sleep. She was sleeping on his chest.

In morning**********

Daadi comes to their room as raghav came. She sees them and says how cute they are sleeping and leaves…

PRECAP : abhi and pragya are drunk. Kalpi gets tensed as they both are dancing in the kitchen like mentals..

Thank u for everyone who supported me in my last episode. Comments are increasing day by day. Hope u will support me further..
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Credit to: Abhigya

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