Kumkum bhagya – Love is divine! Episode 2

Im sooo sorry guys! I hope u would forgive me and start reading my ff again… What happened to me was that i dint post the episode properly so it dint get published 🙁

Anyways thanks for the people who supported my ff..

Recap: in abhigya’s engagement…

The episode starts with abhi wondering the same eyes.. Pragya thinks this is the same smile ofcouse i know him! Abhi is trying to speak with her but guests comes and speak to him. He excuses himself and goes to speak with her. Abhi calls hello.. She turns and says haa she sees abhi and asks what any problem? He says i wanna ask u something. She says ok tell me. For that abhi asks do u know me?
She gets shocked but tells ofcourse ya i know u he asks who am i she says ur a rockstar, my to be husband. He says arre i know that. Do u know me personally? She says arre yeh kya personal means after shaadhi kya personal? He says talking to her is waste.. And leaves. Pragya thinks what an innocent guy!

Next day (marriage)

Bulbul wakes up very soon and shouts yayy my di is gonna get married…. Pragya shouts arre stop shouting im sleeping. Bulbul says this is the last time im gonna sleep with u in the house. Then i will go there and gets emotional. Bulbul hugs pragya.


Abhi sits in the mandap. Neil and ragini asks him to stay a little bit normal and not so happy all are teasing u. Ragini goes. Neil says beta this is the punishment for the wrong doings u did in childhood and winks at him. Kalpi says haa papa he will pull my hair na thats the punishment for him.

Pragya comes there and sits beside abhi. Abhi says finally im gonna get married to the love of my life… He sys yesterday only i saw my childhood album and says ur same eyes im sure ur pragya… They take pheras/rounds. Abhi takes the mangalsutra and puts it around her neck. While putting she sees his hand. She says iv seen this tattoo somewhere….. They get married.

In their suhagrat, pragya sitting in the room nervously. Abhi enters the room a d asks why ur behaving very formal. She says nothing like that. Abhi asks her to tell about her friends.. She says her best friend is ishani. Abhi thought oh its her! But why she dint tell my name. She says beyond that i had a crush on a boy who was my friend he is abhi. Abhi gets shocked. She says please dont get shcked and says he doesent knw abt this cz if i say our frndship might get spoilt… Abhi tells her to say about abhi. She says he is the most sweetest person ever and says i wish he would not go to some other place.. And cries! Suddenly purab opens the door and says abhi daadi is calling u.. Pragya is shocked and asks abhi?

The episode ends….

Sorry guys the episode is still short as nasima suggested…. I will make it long in episode 3

Thank u for the guys who supported my ff ( sg, subhi, joycelyn, anu, sabeenia, durga, nasima, sharaya, tharu, vaishali, shriti, reshma, and rithu

Keep supporting!!!!!! 🙂 😉

Credit to: Abhigya


  1. vaishali

    Awesome awesome awesome amazing episode abhigya seriously there was a wide smile on my face while reading it Loved it

  2. its really really really very nice…..no need to say thanks and sorry in friendship dr…..
    one request i have….plzz.. update regular ma….

    • Abhigya

      Thank u sooo much tharu for being my friend… I will surely update regulary..! 😉

  3. Sanju

    Very nice episode 🙂 .. Its an extreme happiness which can’t be explained when we get our Loved one as life partner… Nice, keep going … If possible pls update a long epi … Eagerly waiting for next one …

  4. durga

    Awesome episode yaar… Bt still pragya don’t know his name ah till purab call by his name… Strange yaar anyway it’s awesome n plzzzzz update regularly yaar thn today’s episode s awesome n now both know abt their childhood frdship I’m soooo happy plzzzzz update next episode as soon as possible yaar….

    • I wanted pragya to confess her love for abhi without her knowledge thats why… Anyway thanks for ur positive comments! 🙂

  5. Buddy

    Can you pls tell when did you post ur first episode
    I just read this episode 2 I could not understand I want to read the first one
    Can u pls tell

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.