kumkum bhagya- love deserves a second chance


It was a beautiful morning and specially for pragya because she get to know that she is pregnant. Shewas very excited to tell this good news to abhi.At dining table, they were having there breakfast.
PRAGYA :(excitedly) abhi I want to tell you something.
Abhi: You seems so happy,OK tell me.
Pragya: I want to tell you that you are going to become daddy and me Mommy, abhi I am pregnant.pragya with a great smile was waiting for abhi’s reply. And abhi was in shock after listeningWhatever pragya told to him.
Abhi: What, you are pregnant? But pragya its only 7 month to our marriage and i am not ready to take the responsibility of a baby.
Pragya:(with teary eyes) But abhi please, I want this baby. We will manage.
Abhi: No pragya,we can’t manage with this baby. Abort this baby.
Pragya:(with crying voice and tears) This is our baby. This is apart of us. How can you say this easily that Abort this baby? How can you be so kindless, abhi..
Abhi :Please pragya , I don’t want this baby and this is my final decision, I don’t want talk about this anymore. And this baby is inside your womb not mine then why i be kind to him or her.I am getting late for office so i have to go but I will come early in evening and we will go to doctor for abortion so, be ready.
And abhi leave from there and left a broken pragya behind. Pragya had not thought this reply from abhi even in her worst nightmare. She shattered down on floor and start crying badly.
Pragya:(circling her stomach)Baby, your daddy don’t love you. But i will love you. I will give birth to you. If your daddy don’t want you than I don’t want to live with your daddy.She stand up from the floor and goes inside the room and start packing her stuff inside a suitcase. After completing her packing she called into her office to inform that she is resigning for her job. Her sight fall on her and pragya’s marriage photo which was hanging on the wall and long tear escape from her eye. She was all ready to go than suddenly something struck in her mind and She sit on the bed with carrying a pen and a paper and start writing a letter to abhi….DEAR…Abhi. …I always smiled thinking about those blissful days when we met in collage, When we fight with each other, when we fall in love with eachother and most important when you proposed me for marriage and we get married. Ican’t forget those days. Every moment spent with you was like a beautiful dream come true. But I hadn’t imagine in my worst nightmare also that I have to see this day also. I am sorry abhi but I can’t abort this baby. It is apartof us, oh sorry only mine. I loved you and i will love you because I have remembered the promise that we had done to eachother that we will love eachother till our last breath. But i think that you forget this promise, its OK. I am going, I am going so far from you that you can’t find me and my baby. Now you are free from these responsibility of me and mybaby. Now you can enjoy your own life.Goodbye and take care WITHLOVE  pragya…
After keeping the letter on the table she left the house. Leaving the pin drop silence in the house.

At abhisheks company
Abhi ‘s POV I think I shouldn’t said those things to pragya, she was feeling very bad. Actually when she told me that she is pregnant, on that time my mood was off and I got confused and scared with upcoming responsibility. That’s why I said those things to abhi. But now I understood that I also want this baby, I also want to become daddy. I am glad  to knew that pragya is pregnant. I will apologize to her and i hope that she will forgive me.At evening ab comes home. Door was opened but He didn’t bothered to know that why door isn’tclosed because he just want to come inside the home and take sanyukta in a tight hug And want to say a ‘SORRY’ but he was unaware about the upcoming storm in his life.RANDHIR:(his eyes searching for Sanyukta) sanyu, sanyuwhereareyou, seeIam back.When he got no reply from Sanyukta, he got tensed and start searching Sanyukta in whole house but he doesn’t found pragya anywhere. Than he come to in their room and his eyes fall on that letter. He read that letter and after reading that letter he can’t control his emotions and he he brust into a loud cry. His world get stop.
Abhi’s POV You can’t leave me alone pragya , You can’t. How will i live without you. I am sorry for whatever I said to you and I also don’t forget the promise that we had be with each other. Please come back please.After sometimes he called to all there relatives and friends to ask about pragya but no one know about her, than he called in her office and he come to know that she resigned from the job. His soul got broken down.From that day abhi forget to smile, everyday he comes in front of pragya photo and say a SORRY.

1 year passed like this. One day abhi had to sign a contract with Singhania enterprises so, he have to go Delhi for that.
At Singhania enterprises
All were already present in the conference room when abhi entered in. He was about to sit on chair when his sight fall on a beautiful face of a girl who was dressed up in formal. She was none another than pragya. Abhi can’t believe that pragya is in front of his eyes. His happiness had no boundaries. He comes towards her and hug her.Everyone was watching them.
Abhi:(keep hugging) pragya are you fine. Where were you till 1 year? I searched you everywhere but I can’t find you anywhere. You even didn’t thought about me before leaving the house that how will be I live without you.
PRAGYA (breaking the hug) I think Mr.mehra wat you came here for to signing the contract so, please focus on it only.She was acting like that she don’t know him.
Abhi:(holding her shoulder) why are you behaving like this pragya. I know you are angry on me, I am sorry for whatever I said to you that day. Please forgive me.And where is our baby?Than Someone call pragya and she replied that she will come soon.
Pragya: its too late to be sorry.
Pragya:(to Mr.singhania) Sir my friend called me to tell that she have to go somewhere. So, I have to go home my daughter needs me she is alone at home so, can I go?
MR. SINGHANIA: yes, you can.And she leave from there. Everyone can’t resist that what happen just few second before. Mr.Singhania ask about all this to abhi and abhi tell his whole story to him. And than Mr.singhania tell him that praya is his one of best employees since 1 year and she is the mother also of a 3 month baby girl.For Mr.singhania pragya is like his daughter. Than he gives the address of pragy’s house to abhi.abhi reached at pragya’s address. She was living in a rented house. Abhi enters in pragya’s room from Window but she was not in her room. He heard the voice of baby crying and he saw a baby girl inside a baby swing, she was crying. He went near her and take her in his arms. She stopped crying and start laughing on seeing abhi and he also smiled. At that time pragya enters in.
Pragya:what are you doing here and from where you came inside? Just go from here now,abhi.
Abhi: At least listen to me pragya, I can explain you.pragya  takes the baby from abhi’s hand and baby start crying.
Pragya:what will you explain to me Abhi… Do you know this 1 year was how much difficult for to live alone with my baby?
Abhi: I am sorry pragya for that day. That day my mood was off and I also get scared with upcoming responsibilities, that’s why I said those things to you. But later on i realized that i was wrong also want my baby. This is our baby. I am sorry please forgive me please. Please give me chance.After listening to abhi ,pragya had tears in her eyes and she hug him.
PRAGYA : Yes, I will give you a chance because LOVE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE. I love you…abhi.
Abhi:I love you too,chashmish


This was the Happy ending of this one shot and also happy becoming for abhigya’s fan…

Hope you all liked…

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