Kumkum bhagya…love is beautiful episode 4


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the story begins with abhi holding pragya hand…under the table…pragya just remove her hand and run away…
abhi asks bulbul to say the truth…
b:it is that because of u her mom dead..
a:what r u saying…i never did it….but i have seen her yesterday only…
b:do u remember chasmish…in ur village..
a:ss ..she is my first and best friend.. i really don’t know why she left the school suddenly…
b:it is because her mother dead….
a:what..how do u know..
b:chasmish is non other then pragya…
b:it is true abhi..

in the lake side a boy was sit and crying.the boy thinks there is no god…i hate everything..
that time a girl comes and taps his shoulder… he turns and sees her…
g:why r u crying
b:who u ..live me alone
g:please share ur feelings with me…
i am ur friend..will u be my friend for ever…
b:will u be with me forever
the girl promise him she always support her…and be with her…
g:what is ur name
b:i am abhi
g:this is so nice…i like name so much…i am..
a:stop i will call u chasmish..because u look cute with this frame..
g:but why..
a:because u look like chasmish
g:ok live..where r u studing
a:boys school..u
g:i am in girls school.
a:then how will we meet..
p:near this water…(lake)
a:kk every day morning
g:ok packa promise..
a:but how to do it…
g:by shaking hands..
then after that they met every day…
but suddenly one day she did not come…abhi was waiting for long to inform her he is going to Mumbai..
but she did not come..then abhi went with out informing her…
flashback ends

b:this is what u know abhi..but…
a:but what happen

the before day evening… pragya said her mother about her best friend abhi…
they went to see abhi….but while going…she saw abhi in opposite side of road..she called him ..but he did not here..abhi was about to cross the road..that time a truck was arriving fast …it was about to hit him ..that her mom came and push him..but it hit her mom…in that spot it self pragya’s mom dead…
flashback ends…

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  1. Wow nice dear

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    So Sad! But what is Abhi’s mistake here??

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