Kumkum bhagya…love is beautiful episode 2

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It beings with abhi thinking about the girl and the two girls entering the collage …
Purab calls the girls ….
he was totally attached to the first girl and start to talk with her ….
pu:what is ur name sweet heart
g1:i am bulbul…
pu:u look cute..

they continue to talk randomly. bell rings….second girl drags bulbul to drag…but purab does not allow her…then the girl gets angry and bet’s purab…
abhi comes to conscious and sees the girl bitting him….then he come front of her and drag her…due to the force…she falls on him….and see him…they both have an eye lock…which was broke by her..and started to move but he held her hand ..
she just removed his hand and go to the class…with bulbul..
abhi goes to his class thinking…
“today i had a beautiful dream…i really don’t know her but i felt like she is my everything… then now this idiot who bet my friend… i should teach her a lesson… i am not going to live her…who the hell she is..i should find her”
then the class ends..he goes to canteen.. he sees her who is going to the library.. he follows her…but stops seeing the professor… she comes out from the library and enters his class….
he wondering why she is here..

then he
enters the class and enquiries about her to tanu….
T:she is in this class..
A:what but i did not see her in the morning
t:she went to see hod before u come
A:y..is she relation of hod…
t:no…she went to complaint about u guys..but suddenly stopped.. when i said about u …i don’t know why..
A:what r u saying.. do u know about her..
T:but she was angry on u..when i said ur name..
A:kk..do ur work…bye
then he goes near and sits..and held her hand..she saw him…and just removed her hand went out of the class…he followed her…
A:oye what is ur name…. do u know me..why are u angry on me..
she stopped and said because of u i am in this state..please don’t come in front of me i hate you to the peak…
Abhi was totally confused.. and went close to her….she moves back..and stopped by the tree..when she tried to move away ..he stopped her by holding her shoulder ..with angry look…but when he say her eyes filled with tears..he takes his hand away…she runs away crying..
the screen freezes on confused abhi…the girl crying ..
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