KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Wins; Season 2 Part: 29

Thanks lopez,Minu,Jasminerahul and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. And I’m really sorry for being late. My tests has started and I can’t ignore my studies. Will try my best to update next one soon. Today is my birthday as well, so don’t forget to wish me. And Jasmine di, sorry, because i can’t show Rosid romance. But will try to show Jai-Bani scene in flashback. So, Let’s start part 29. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Abhigya kiss, Sarla-Aaliya scene, Jai and Bani are Rishi’s parents, Tanu’s entry shocks Everyone.

Scene: 1
Location: Mehra House

People there starts gossiping that how could I be possible..etc. Abhi says Thank you to all you people for coming… Now you can go..!! Party is cancelled..!! People fume and think they’ve called them unnecessarily. Guests leave. Kunj says Aaliya.. They’re the same couple which I had seen at shop. Aaliya says Its unbelievable..!!

Tanu’s mom thinks Wow….What a interesting chapter of this family has get opened..!! It has to be said…Twin brothers lost at Kumb-Karan Fare… But here… Its seems, Twin sisters lost at Kumb-Karan fare. She smiles evilly.

Pragya says Kunj was right in morning..!! Purab asks for what..?? Bulbul tells them. All are shocked. Abhi says who are you..?? Rishi says She is my wife, Mrs. Tanu Singh Bedi. Tanu’s mom recalls about Tanu and thinks either this family or other family, No-one leave a chance to hurt me..But when I’ll hurt them..They will not be able to bear that shocking pain. She smirks.

Roshini says wait a min..!! What’s all this happening..?? Sid says We can sort out matter by talking.. Right..?? All agree. Dadi says I tell you truth..!!

Scene: 2
Location: Mehra House

Abhi say Dadi.. you know her..?? Dadi proudly says Yes..!! Tauji says She is.. Pragya says who is she..?? Bani shouts She is my Bahu..!! All get shock. Dadi comes to Tanu and hugs her. Dadi says How much my Tanu has grown up..!! Rishi says How she is related to you..?? Dadi says She is lost twin of Aaliya….!!!! All get shock. Tanu and Aaliya see at each other.

Tanu’s mom thinks I have to execute my plan now..!! She leaves from there. She comes to her room.

Pragya says Dadi..lost twin..are you serious..?? Tauji says Pragya..you’re doubting Dadi..?? Dadi says Wait a min..!! Dadi greets Jai and Bani. Jai and Bani takes Dadi’s blessings. Bani says Maa ji….How you know Tanu..?? Dadi says Its a long story..You all hear….Flashback….

At Hospital….

A woman is shown being taken on stretcher. Her face(Manasi Salvi) appears. A man is shown holding her hand. His face(Naved Aslam) appears. Dadi, Tauji and Taiji are also running along. Woman on Stretcher cries saying Prem!! Prem says Have patience Ashna..Its natural..!! Ashna is take to Operation Theatre.

Scene: 3
Location: Hospital

Dr. operates Ashna. All are anxiously waiting outside. Dr. comes out. Prem says Doctor… Dr. says Congratulations Mr. Prem Mehra..you’ve been blessed by two daughters. All cheers up. Dadi folds her hands and thanks Lord. All comes to Ashna’s ward. Tauji and Taiji congratulates Ashna. Ashna thanks them. Dadi says Prem..God has given you two two Lakshmis. Prem nods. Prem says Ashna..you remember na..?? Ashna says Yes..!! Dadi asks what..?? Ashna says Names..!! Dadi says So clever..!! Prem smiles and says Our daughters’ name will be Aaliya and Tanu. Taiji praises names. All likes names.

Dr. comes and says Mr. Mehra…We’ve to keep babies under observation for sometime.. once their tested happen..you can take them with you..!! Prem agrees. Nurse was take them but Dadi stops. Dadi says Their faces resemble closely.. Wait..!! Dadi goes an comes taking Red chunri. She covers this over a baby and says She is our Tanu. She applies Red tilak over Aaliya’s forehead and says She is our Aaliya. All smiles. Flashback ends.

Aaliya and Tanu see at each other. They hug calling each other’s name. Sister tune plays.

Scene: 4
Location: Mehra House

Tanu says Aaliya..we’re sisters..!! Aaliya says yes..and twin sisters.. Tanu..!! Abhi has teary eyes. Abhi says Tanu..Will you not meet you bro..Hmm..?? Aaliya and Tanu see at Abhi and runs to him. Trio have a hug. All have teary eyes. Abhi releases from hug and wipe Aaliya and Tanu’s tears. Aaliya and Tanu wipe Abhi’s tears.

Pragya says Aaliya..You forget your this sister..Hmm..?? Aaliya nods no. Pragya comes to them and hug TA (Tanu-Aaliya).

Aaliya introduces everyone to Tanu. Tanu and Everyone meet. Mr. Kapoor thinks is it called a relation..?? Relation of hearts..?? Tanu’s dad thinks If I’m wrong..?? Am I doing wrong by hiding this fact from all..??

Roshini says Dadi..Why you hide this fact from all..?? Sid says How all this happen after their birth..?? Abhi says Exactly…The real mystery how Tanu get far from all of us.??

Tauji says Abhi beta.. Actually, Your dad used to work in a medicine factory..it was famous factory for best medicine. Taiji says And goons of that factory’s boss kidnap your sister, Tanu….Flashback shows….

Baby Aaliya and Tanu are shown in child ward. A man comes there in ward boy’s suit. He takes Tanu and comes out hospital. Prem sees him and shouts Hey..!! Dadi, Tauji and Taiji comes outside hearing his voice. Goon sits in Van. Van rushes out. Prem follow it but falls. Tauji, Taiji and Dadi comes and helps him to stand. Prem tells them about Tanu’s kidnapping. Trio get shock. Flashback ends.

Precap: Tanu’s mom calls someone and says Come to Mehra House.. Okay..??
Tauji gets a call and leaves from hall to attend. He picks call and get shock. He says Okay, we’re coming.

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  1. First of all sorry for not commenting at the last update…. at that time I was on my tour dear….today’s update is super….TA flashback is superb….their bond is lovable…. precap is nice…hope this plan of tanu’s mother will again flop….waiting for the next update… pls concentrate on your studies too bro….all the best for your exams….

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Akshaya. Thanks for wishes for exams. Why you do not wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

  2. Wow! Awesome update., you make me cry today. And Happy birthday dear.Don’t worry for update..whenever you get time, you update.okay?

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Tia.

  3. Maya

    Nice update! Happy Birthday?

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Maya.

  4. Jasminerahul

    so as expected tanu is d lost twin of aliya.she was kidnapped by a goon.but y did they kidnap her?how did tanu’s foster parents get her?loved baby tanu n aliya looking at each other n hugging.duno what tanu’s mom is planning.hope it fails.can u plz give tanu’s mom a name?

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you jasmine di.

  5. waaaaw am sooo happy dear that u came at last, thanks sooo much,and tanus mom hmmm I think she needs a big treat,anyways, she is lyk a time table she don’t ve emotions that is why she don’t care for others own as well,,,,,and my sweetness happy, happy, happy birthday my dear may all your lyf be filled with sweet scented perfume, may u not know a single darkness in ur lyf,and may the good lord grant u all ur wishes dear till life long lovvvvvvve u loads

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Lopez. Thank you for your wishes. Tanu’s mom will change at end.

  6. oh sorry dear…I really forgotten that while reading and imaging the scenes of your ff….really sorry dear…please forgive your friend….delighted happy birthday wishes to you….stay blessed….let all your dreams come true this year….and stay happy and make us happy by your writings…. eagerly waiting for your next update….. pls post it soon….

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you akshaya for wishes. Will update when I get free of studies.

  7. you claim you are 14 years old, what do you gain by lying? you and i both know you are not 14 why don’t you swear on your god and say you are 14 may the god lord protect you because when the day comes for reckoning you have a lot to answer for by the way did you get your degree from oxford? tell us your right age you have nothing to loose stop brain washing these people agree you write good fiction but please please do not lie about your age

    1. Shakaib

      Are you the same Leila… Who comment on SNS updates. And for your kind information, iI’m of 14. I don’t think necessary to swear on our god because I’m right… And I’m not brain washing people. I write nicely, it doesn’t mean I can’t be of 14.

  8. OMG! Shocking that Tanu is Aaliya’s lost twin. But why Factory’s malik make kidnap Tanu. Awesome update soon. Sorry for late wishes. Hope you’ve nice day yesterday. GBY. And whenever you get time, you can update.

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Abhigya. Thank you for wishes.

  9. Shakaib

    Spoiler alert-Vijay is back.

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