KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Wins; Season 2 Part: 27

Thanks sowji,lopez,Minu,Jasminerahul,akshaya,priyanka, and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 27. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Rosid are back to India,PBA(Pragya-Bulbul-Aaliya) gossiping about their dishes,Kunj slaps Aaliya,Pragya does warm welcome of Rosid.

Scene: 1
Location: Mehra House

Dadi says Is breakfast ready..?? Pragya says yes Dadi and we’ve made everyone’s favourite dish….Abhi says wow! Pragya says Except Abhi…. Abhi says It can’t happen..!! Pragya smiles and says yeah! I’ve made your favourite dish. Purab says breakfast will be awesome.

Sarla says Pragya..!! Pragya nods. She leaves from there. Pragya comes taking a gift. She gives it to Sarla. Sarla smiles. Sarla gives it to Roshini saying Beta, take it thinking as a gift from a stranger. Roshini says No….Sorry..!! Sarla says beta please don’t hurt my feelings..!! Tanu’s mom thinks My this daughter has gone on me..!! Roshini says You said me beta na, then how can be you stranger for me..?? Sid says Oh Logic..!! Roshini says hmm..!! Tanu’s mom fumes. Roshini takes gift from Sarla.

Roshini hugs bulbul. Bulbul greets Roshini. Roshini shakes hand with Kunj. Kunj greets Roshini. Roshini then hugs Aaliya and says hi, you’re Aaliya, right..?? Aaliya says yes. Rachna says leave it, have breakfast. All agrees.

Roshini says wait a minute everybody. She signs Sid. Sid nods. They go and come taking a lot of gifts. They give gifts to everyone. All thanks them. Rosid smiles.

Scene: 2
Location: Mehra House

All sit at dine. Pragya comes taking food dishes. Aaliya and Bulbul comes next holding some dishes. They serve food to all. All praises food. Kunj sees Kheer and says Wow! Kheer…. Pragya passes kheer to Kunj. Kunj thanks Pragya. Pragya says you’re welcome Kunj. Tanu’s mom thinks this family’s drama will never end.

Kunj tastes kheer. Kunj says wow, what a delicious taste, Who made this delicious dish..?? Aaliya was to say her name but stops.
Dadi sees and thinks, why I feel like that some thing has happened between both of them..?? Bulbul say Aaliya….Aaliya has made it..!! Kunj nods.

Dadi says Pragya..!! Pragya says yes Dadi..?? Dadi says Has anything happened..?? Pragya thinks No Pragya, don’t tell anyone..!! Pragya says No Dadi. Dadi nods.

Kunj thinks, Aaliya, I’m ashamed, I was really angry on you because of market incident, but who was in market then if you was not that..?? Abhi says Pragya..!! Pragya says Hmm..?? Abhi says Today Bedi family is also coming in Aaliya’s Birthday party..!! Pragya says okay Abhi..!! Aaliya recalls Kunj suspecting her and leaves from there.

Scene: 3
Location: Mehra House

Abhi says What happened to Aaliya..?? Purab says else, Aaliya no do this. Bulbul says Purab, Take breakfast, else it will get cold and my all work will go in waste..!! Purab nods saying okay sweetheart..!!

Pragya whispers something in Abhi’s ear. Abhi says Okay..!! Kunj leaves from there.

Kunj comes to his room. Aaliya, who was already there, was crying. Someone wipes her tears. He is none other Kunj. Aaliya sees Kunj. Tears roll down over Kunj’s cheeks. He says Aaliya, I’m sorry for my rude behaviour towards you. Please…. Aaliya says Kunj…. Kunj says Anyone else in my place has done the same, if he saw his wife with someone else. Please…. But I really saw your lookalike, Please forgive me..!! Kunj folds his hand.

Aaliya holds his hands and says Kunj..!! Both hug crying. Aaliya says its okay Kunj, please don’t cry. Kunj says Thanks Aaliya..!! Tei Tunj’s tune plays. Both releases from hug and wipe each other tears. Aaliya says But question is, who was my lookalike..??

Scene: 4
Location: Mehra House

Abhigya and Rabul are in Abhigya’s room. Abhi says what..?? Bulbul says yes jeejoo..!! Sid and Roshini come. Sid says why you call us here..?? Roshini says is everything okay..?? Purab says Let other come. Roshini nods. Raj-Mitali and Rakash come. Kunjiya come next. Aakash says Is everything okay, why you call all of us here..?? Pragya tell them. All are shocked.

Mitali says Humshakal..!! Kunj says yeah..!! Raj says impossible..!! Sid says I think we should close this chapter. Roshini says I also think this Sid. Kunj says I’ve done a mistake by doubting on Aaliya, I promise that I’ll trust Aaliya more than myself. All smile.

Pragya says Let’s do arrangements for party. Abhi says it will be grand party which anyone has never seen..!! Aaliya says Party will be grand due to you all..!! All cheers up. Screen freezes on Abhigya, Rosid, Rabul and Kunjiya.

Precap: Party is going on. Bedi family come. All are shocked.

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  1. Superb

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks priyanka.

  2. Sowji


    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sowji.

  3. superb episode yaar kunj aliya scene is nice waiting for next one

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks minu.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Roshni sarla scene was sweet.please show roshni sid romance.since last 2 episodes abhigya r very less. Please show their romantic moments. Loved kunj apologising to aaliya and aliya consoling kunj.lovely emotional scene. Does aliya’s humshakal belong to bedi family? Can’t wait for the exciting party

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di.

  5. waaaaaw sooo nice although sarlah doesn’t know rosh is her daughter bt she is very possessive towards her I really like that keep going dear I really enjoyed it lovvvvvvvvve uuuuuu

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      Thanks lopez.

  6. Sarala and roshini scenes are very touching….nice to kunj and aaliya joined….precap is nice…. waiting for the party scenes….

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      Thanks akshaya.

  7. Princesskrisha

    Awesome shakaib its superb I loved sarla ma n roshini scenes wanna know who is aaliya lookalike

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      Thanks princesskrisha.

  8. Shakaib

    Spoiler alert-Next part has shocking twists. Aaliya’s lookalike has entered in next part as Bedi family’s bahu. But who she is related to Mehras..?? Keep reading to know. THANKS.

  9. Shakaib

    Spoiler alert-Next part has shocking twists. Aaliya’s lookalike has entered in next part as Bedi family’s bahu. But how she is related to Mehras..?? Keep reading to know. THANKS.

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