KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part:7, 8 and 9

Thanks Prathi,Jasmine,Rithu,zain,B_Ani,Rithik,Ragini and all for giving love to this fan fiction. Hi guys, its Part 7, 8 & 9. Hope you’ll like it.

Recap: Purab tells Pragya truth,Purab have a plan, Pragya tells sarla, Abhigya perform on tere galiyaan.

Current Episode; Abhigya’s Marriage,Nikhil shows Tanu and Aaliya video,
Purab and Aaliya’s marriage, Nikhil kidnaps Pragya.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 7

Location:City Hospital

Nurse comes to Purvi and says Dr! the patient who was in Coma since 9 months, is out of danger now! Purvi says what? and leaves with nurse. They enter ward. Purvi ask nurse to leave. Nurse leaves. Purvi says who are you? Patient says purvi,I’m Bulbul. Purvi says what? how it could be? Bulbul says yes, I’m bulbul. Purvi says OK! if you’re bulbul di, then you’ll know that when I leave from house? bulbul tells her. Purvi hugs her and says you’re with me since a long time and I can’t recognize you! I tell all. bulbul says no! my face is totally injured in saving Pragya di and after falling from cliff. no one will accept me. Purvi says its nothing, they love you, not your face. Bulbul says I can’t! Purvi says OK, don’t take stress, we’ll do your plastic surgery and you will get your old face back! Bulbul puts her hand on purvi’s hand and says thanks Purvi. Purvi says but you’ve to wait for at least 1 month that it will recover in this time. Bulbul says I’ll wait for my family and specially for my Purab and please dont tell anyone till I’ll tell them when I’ll recover. Purvi says OK! Purvi asks bulbul to take rest and leaves.

Scene: 2
Location: Abhi’s residence

Pragya sees Raj confronting mitali. Mitali leaves in anger. Pragya goes to Raj and aks to forget all circumstances between you and mitali and spend a happy life with mitali. Raj says ok! and thinks pragya is saying right ive to forget m past and to live in present. She goes to mitali and makes her happy. Mitali ask him to dance with her. He says ok!

Purvi comes. She goes to Pragya and hugs her and was to to tell her but recalls Bulbul’s words; don’t tell anyone! Purvi says I’m happy that you’re to spend happy life with abhi jeejoo. Pragya says thanks and ask her to come with her, Both leaves.
Tanu says Now, welcome Raj and Mitali!
Both comes and dances on Taino kala chasma…..
Aaliya comes and says Now welcome, Rachna and Aakash!
Rachna and Aakash comes and dance on Har kisi ko…..
All enjoys.

Location: Kumkum Marriage hall

Next Morning….
Sarla says Janvi, come,Mehra family is to come. Abhi comes with Dadi. Sarla welcomes them.
Abhi sits in Mandap. Pragya comes in Bridal dress. Abhi sees her. Song plays,Sanam re
Sanam re
tu mera sanam hua re
karam re
karam re
tera mujh pe karam hua re

Pragya sits in Mandap. Marriage start. Pundit asks mantras.
Abhigya then takes pheras. Abhi makes Pragya wear Mangalsutra and then puts sindoor in Pragya’s Forehead. Pundit says Marriage is completed, now take elders’ aashirwaad. They take elders’ aashirwaad.
Pragya cries while leaving. Mehra family leaves along Pragya.

Location: Abhi’s residence

Dadi does Pragya’s Gharparvesh. Abhi says Aaliya, is my room ready as I want? Aaliya says yes bhai, Purab, me and tanu have arrange the room as you want! Pragya says what have you planned? Abhi says Let’s go and see! He takes her in his lap and goes. Pragya shy.
Abhigya enters room. Pragya sees Flowers all where. Pragya says you all does it for me. Abhi says yes. They romance. Song plays, Tumhe Aapna banane ka junoon….
Aaliya gets a call. Aaliya picks.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 8

Location: Abhi’s residence

Aaliya says you! Nikhil says yes, its me and I want to show you something, Aaliya says what? Nikhil says a truth which will change your life and can make you that old aaliya. Aaliya says what the hell you are saying! Nikhil says dear, just once! Aaliya says OK! tell me where to meet? Nikhil says in my house! Aaliya leaves.
Aaliya reaches at nikhil’s residence and goes inside. Aaliya see Tanu. Nikhil says I call you both to show you something. Aaliya says let says let us see! start. Nikhil starts video on phone and shows them. Aaliya and tanu are shocked.

Location: Nikhil’s residence

Tanu says that means abhi was just acting that he has lost his memory. Aaliya says but how and when you record this? Nikhil says I nee some money. I think that you will help me so I reaches your home and see Pragya saying Mission successful. I was shocked to hear that, I think of recording that and record this video. Nikhil says now, will you join hands with me or not? Aaliya moves her hand towards nikhil’s hand and slaps him. She says you think I’ll turn negative, so, keep thiking as I’m changed now. He is my bhai, He’ll always think positive for me like you, who killed his own child, let’s leave tanu. Aaliya and Tanu leaves.

Location: Nikhil’s residence

Both come out.Tanu says can I come with you? Aaliya says you can leave. Aaliya leaves in car.
Tanu goes back. Nikhil says you. Tanu says Aaliya can forget but I can’t, I’ll take revenge from Aaliya and Pragya for insulting me always and taking my wealth, abhi from me. Nikhil says so, I tell you what to do? Tanu says of course. Nikhil tells her. Mute conversation while tikhil tune plays. Nikhil says and to execute this plan , we need a perfect time. tanu says OK! tanu leaves.
In mehra house….
Aaliya forms and calls all. All comes . Dadi says Is all OK? Aaliya goes to
Abhi and hugs him and says sport bhai, I always miss understand you but can’t understand you! I’m sorry for that. Dadi say you’ve already apologized them….
Aaliya tell them about nikhil showing them video. Dadi looks at abhi and says go and sleep.

Location: City Hospital

Purvi says to Bulbul, today you’ll get your but surgery will effect in at least 1 month. Bulbul says OK!
Docter comes. Purvi says come Dr! and says, bulbul di, he will do your plastic surgery. Dr says let’s start surgery.
Dr starts surgery. Plastic surgery completes. Dr says now wait 1 month, so, plastic surgery effects best.
Bulbul wakes up and thinks 1Month only, Purab wait, I’m coming.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 9

Location: Abhi’s Residence

After 1 month….
Pragya says Dadi! Dadi says what happened? Pragya says I was thinking of Purab and Aaliya. Aaliya is changed and Purab is alone. They’ve their whole life. We’ve to make them marry. Dadi says OK! I call Pundit ji. Pundit comes and Dadi asks him to tell good time for Purab and Aaliya’s marriage. Pundit says good time is coming tomorrow, after that,good time is coming after 1 month. Dadi thanks him. Pundit leaves.
Arora family comes. Dadi says I’ve already tell you that Purab and Aaliya’s marriage. Sarla says I too want that they spend happy life. Dadi calls all. All comes. Dadi tells them.
Purab and Aaliya are seen in room. Purab says we are marrying for family’s happiness. Aaliya says I know this and. this marriage is a deal.

Scene: 2
Location: Abhi’s residence

Mandap is seen. Purab comes.Pragya welcoms him. He sits in Mandap. Aaliya comes in Bridal dress.

In City Hospital, doctor arrive at Bulbul’s room, and informs her that her bandages are going to be removed today, she will be able to see her face again. Bulbul holds Purvi’s hands while the doctor remove the bandage. Bulbul opens her eyes, it was Bulbul’s face. Purvi come sand congratulations bulbul.Bulbul sees her face in mirror and smiles. Purvi says let’s ready. I’m in hospital since a month for you. And yes all are in Mehra house. Bulbul says OK!
Bulbul is seen coming in green Punjabi dress. Purvi says looking pretty! Bulbul shy. Bulbul and Purvi leaves.

Location:Abhi’s residence

Purab and Aaliya’s marriage starts. Pundit asks mantras. Abhi does Aaliya’s kanyadaan. Tanu sid seen in garden. Tanu calls Pragya. Pragya says Tanu, why you don’t come in marriage? Tanu say can you please meet me in garden?Pragya says OK! and leaves. Tanu sees Purab coming and hides. Nikhil aks his men to get ready. Pragya comes. Nikhil’s men kidnaps Pragya and takes her. Pragya gets unconscious. Tikhil smiles evily. Bulbul and Pragya pass it don’t see them. Tikhil too don’t see them.
Purab and Aaliya takes pheras. Purab was to make Aaliya wear Mangalsutra but Bulbul comes with Purvi and sees this. She shouts Purab. All see at bulbul and are shocked.

Location:Abhi’s residence

Abhi sees bulbul and thinks I’ve to inform Pragya. He calls her. Pragya’s phone is seen ringing in garden.

Purab comes to bulbul and hugs her.
Purab says sorry, Aaliya but if cant marry you and asks bulbul how she save after falling from cliff? Purvi says some people come taking her. We treat her. but she was in coma. and tells how she come out of coma and doing her plastic surgery. Aaliya runs from mandap. Bulbul says how can you forget me? Sarla comes and tells her. Bulbul as where is di?Abhi says one min! He gets a call. Nikhil says If you’re searching for Pragya then leave as she is with me! Phone falls from Abhi’s hand. Song plays.

Pas aaye dorriyan phir bhi kam na hui
ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Abhi recalls his and Pragya’s scenes,
Aasmaan ko zameen ye zaroori nahi jan le jan le
Ishq Sacha nahi jis ko multi nahi manzeelai, manzeelai
Aaliya recalls of her and purab’s dance on abhigya’s sangeet,
Rang thai noor tha jab qareeb tu tha ek janat sa tha ye jahan
Purab and Bulbul see each other and recalls their scenes,
Baat ki rait pe tu mere naam sa likh me chor gaya tu kahan
hamari adhuri kahani, hamari adhuri kahani.
Screen freezes on Abhigya , Aaliya and Rabul.

Precap: Aaliya goes to Nikhil. Manjauliaka kills Ankush. Tanu shoots Pragya. Shivanya and Shesa sees Pari.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i’m so happy.my wait is over.bulbul is alive,but with an injured face.purvi shud’nt have hidden it on bulbul’s request.if so purab aliya marr preparations wud’nt have taken place.i was surprised when purab too got ready 2 marry aliya 4 d family.sad 4 aliya that it got cancelled.hope she will meet her soulmate.anyways happy that bulbul reached n time n purab aliya wedding got stopped.i was scared whether purab will marry aliya.abhigya wedding n night romance with song was sweet.thankfully tho nikhil proved that abhi was faking memory loss aliya did’nt support him,she has really changed.hope she remains positive.but tanu is with nikhil in revenge n has kidnapped pragya.knowing that abhi is shattered.perfect song 4 d scene.hope abhi will b able 2 save pragya.precap is mahasangham i guess.its d mix of many serials.

    can u plz tell me who purvi is and how she is related to Abhigya?How did Bulbul die on the show?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks for too much detailed comment! Yes next epi is mahasangham, and yes shakti is not in my fan fiction(naagin+kawach). Purvi is janki’s daughter. BULBUL dies withAaliya tricks.

  2. Jasminerahul

    plz comment on laal ishq n pyar ka meetha intezaar

  3. Monesha

    Wow…………you are rocking………….. i really loved it to the core……. Awesome episode……. Keep rocking……… Love you.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks monesha.

  4. Y all ppl troubling pragya only…y all ppl creating same story lyk this way…littlebit gud i felt…let c what wil do next ff..

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks rajesh

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved pragya resolving d probs btw raj n mitali.But how did probs start btw Raj n mitali?recently i started watching KB.thats y i’ve doubts

    1. Shakaib

      Mitali makes raj signs the papers to broke kk marriage hall but abhi save km marriage hall and police finds papers in raj room and he get arrest for this. Then, Pragya came back to save abhi from his enemies. And Pragya reveal raj truth in front of abhi and tell raj about mitali as she know this. From there raj start avoiding mitali.

  6. Prathi

    Wow finally Bulbul is back, feel sorry for Pragya… That Tanu will never change ..

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks prathi

  7. B_Ani

    very nice…but feeling sad for aaliya and pragya. please do some good to aaliya also.
    waiting for next one

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks B_Ani.

  8. Awesome!

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Rithik.

  9. Mukundraj

    pleease upload next part soon

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