KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part:5 and 6

Thanks Trisha,Princess,Prathi,reshma,jasmine,Sara,zain,Rithik,ragini,monesha,mukundraj.
guys I’ve no updates so long that’s why its part 5 and 6. Let’s start.
Recap: Aaliya asks Purvi for sorry,Pragya is pregnant, Mehra family congratulates Pragya, Pragya hugs someone.
Current Episode; Purab tells Pragya truth,Purab have a plan, Pragya tells sarla, Abhigya perform on tere galiyaan.
Part 5
Location: Abhi’s residence
Pragya says now tell me how you puts drugs in Aaliya’s car. Abhi says tell her. Purab tells, FB starts….
Purab sees Aaliya talking with Tanu. Purab comes out and calls Abhi. Abhi picks. Purab says the situation is alike that we want, Aaliya is going,can I put drugs in Aaliya’s car? Abhi says What? Aaliya is going , yes put drugs in her car. Today she will realize her mistake. Purab says OK! Call ends. Purab goes to Aaliya’s car an put drugs in car. Purab thinks this time she will change. She will realize what she do with di,and Pragya di is right. Pragya do never was wrong. He sees Aaliya coming. He hides. Aaliya comes and sits in car and leaves. FB ends.

Location: Abhi’s residence
Pragya says and how you come to know that abhi is acting???? Purab says He tell me. Abhi says yes.
Pragya says and How you thought to pretend memory loss drama in front of all.

Location: Abhi’s residence
Abhi tells, FB starts….
He wakes up in hospital room. He says fuggi slowly.He come out and sees all happening outside. He sees tanu and Aaliya. He was to go to them but stops and leaves from there. He lays on bed and thinks what will happen, if I send them jail, they will never realize that they are wrong, I’ve to make them realize their mistake. He sees Aaliya coming anpretands to wake and says youand does all drama. FB ends

Location: Abhi’s residence
Purab says and he ask inspector to that and that’s why inspector let you go easily.
Pragya says I’ve to accept you are not a rock star ,not in only professional life ,infect in real life too. Abhi sees her. Song plays,
Be Intehaan
Pyar kar be intehaan
Pragya says but I can’t wait no more now! do something. Purab as I’ve a plan. Mute conversation. Abhi says what a plan Purab, you are too becoming intelligent living with me. Pragya says now, I’ve to leave. Pragya leaves.
Part 6
Location: Pragya’s residence
Pragya reaches home. Pragya sees all standing. Pragya thinks they are seeing me, like something is big. Pragya says what happened? Sarla comes and says its since 3 hours , you left, we are been waiting for you. Pragya says Sorry. Aaliya comes and says what sorry, you’ve to take rest in this condition. Mitali says yes Pragya, Aaliya is saying right. Pragya says OK!
Dadi comes and says we’ve to leave now! Sarla says OK! Mehra family leaves. Aaliya asks Pragya to take care. Pragya says OK! Pragya goes to her room.

Scene: 2
Location: Pragya’s residence
Sarla comes to Pragya , How can you pregnant as you tell me….
Pragya says I tell you,FB starts….
Pragya tells Abhi truth. Abhi then says we know truth then I can give you any happiness. They consummate. Song plays,
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
FB ends.

Sarla says OK! you sleep , I leave. Sarla leaves.
Next Morning….
Pragya is seen. Pragya was to leave but Aaliya comes. Aaliya says you’ll go nowhere. Pragya say then…. Aaliya says you’ll live with us. Pragya says How can I? Aaliya says trust on me. Pragya thinks Plan will successful. Aaliya says come. Aaliya leaves. Pragya message abhi.
Pragya leaves.

Location: Abhi’s residence
Pragya and Aaliya enters. Abhi comes and says who is she? Aaliya says Pragya. Abhi pretends to be unconscious. Dadi sees and calls everyone. All comes. Tanu comes. All takes abhi to room. Pragya sits near abhi and starts crying and says you always say you are for me, you can’t leave me. Abhi pretends to wake and says Pragya. They hug. Aaliya says Bhai has regain his memory. Tanu says yes. Abhi says Pragya, are they changed. Pragya says yes and you know I’m pregnant. Dadi says now all things are OK! now we will enjoy their marriage again. All cheers up.

Location: Abhi’ residence
Next morning….
Pragya comes downstairs in green dress. Abhi too comes in white dress. They exchange ring on their hands. All claps.
Next morning….
Pragya’s mehndi. Pragya ask abhi to find his name. Abhi finds his name. All claps.
Next morning….
Arora family comes to Mehra house. Abhi’s dadi welcomes them and take them. They sit.
On stage, Tanu says please welcome, This friend couple;Purab and Aaliya. Purab and Aaliya comes and starts performing on Khamoshiyaan song. All claps.
Tanu says Now , welcome our most favorite couple;Abhi and Pragya. Abhigya comes. They starts dancing. Song plays,
Yahen dube din mere

yahen hote hai saveren
yehen marna aur jeena
yahen mandir aur Madinah,
Tere galiyaan
Galiyaan tere galiyaan
Mujh ko bhave
galiyaan tere galiyaan
tere galiyaan ,galiyaan ter galiyaan
u hein tarpave galiyaan tere galiyaan,
tu mere neendoon mai sota hai
tu mere aashqo mei rota hai
sargoshi se hai khayalon mai
tu na ho phir be tu hota hai
ha sila tu mere dard ka
mere dil ki duayaen hai

tere galiyaan ,galiyaaan tere galiyaan
mujh ko bhave galiyaan tere galiyaan
waisa ha rishta tera mera
Phir chera phir bhi kitna gehra
yeh lamhe lamhe yeh resham se
kho jaen kho na jae hum se
kafla waqt ka rok le
ab dil se juda na ho
galiyaan galiyaan tere galiyaan mujh ko bhave galiyaan there galiyaan
tere galiyaan galiyaan tere galiyaan mujh ko satave galiyaan tere galiyaaan.
All claps.

Precap: Abhigya are seen marrying.
Nikkhil shows abhigya and purab’s video to Aaliya and Tanu.

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    will u be bringing back Bulbul?

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