KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part:4


Thanks Sara, raj, ragini,za in,anu,Rithik, Trisha, Jasmine , prathi and all for commenting and giving love to this fan fiction. So,let’s start part 4.
Recap:Aaliya brings Pragya hospital., Aaliya slaps Tanu, Docter treats Aaliya, Docter comes.
Current Episode: Aaliya asks Purvi for sorry,Pragya is pregnant, Mehra family congratulates Pragya, Pragya hugs someone.

Location: City Hospital
Purvi sees at Sarla. Sarla says I’m sorry for that which I do in misunderstanding, please forgave me. Purvi says no, it was circumstance ,in which you don’t trust me. But I know that you will come to know my truth one day. They hug.
Pragya’s dadi says , sorry purvi, I don’t trust youas what we see, we accept that truth but not this one. Purvi says ,you’re my elder, if you think I’m culprit then I’m and if you think I’m good then I’m , they too hug. Aaliya goes to purvi and falls on her feet and starts crying. Purvi sees. Aaliya says I’m your culprit, because of me, you live alone without your family, please forgive me. Purvi makes her stand and says no Aaliya, you’ve realized tour mistake, its enough for me. I want nothing more then. They hug.

Location: City Hospital
Purvi says and where is abhi jeejoo???? Sarla says I tell you and tells from her exit to present. Purvi what?
Sarla says yes its truth. Purvi says its a miracle. Aaliya says what does you mean, purvi? Purvi says after such a big accident, Pragya di and child are both safe and sound. Sarla says it means I’m to be a grandmother, you hear bee Ji, I’m to be a grand mother. Purvi says yes, and she is 2 months pregnant. Aaliya says its really great news. I inform all. Janvi says can we take Pragya home. Purvi says of course. Aaliya leaves. Aaliya calls abhi’s dadi. Dadi picks call. Aaliya informs dadi about Pragya’s pregnancy. Dadi says where are you? We are coming there. Aaliya says come directly to pragya’s ho,e as she has get discharge from hospital. Call ends.
Aaliya goes to sarla. Pragya comes along purvi. Janvi asks purvi to come. Purvi says I want to come but can’t due to work. All leaves.

Location: Pragya’s residence
Mehra family comes. Pragya is surprise to see all. Pragya says you. Dadi co es and says congratulation Pragya. Pragya says for what? Sarla tells her what happened after accident. Pragya says it means Aaliya change. Sarla says yes and tanu too. Aaliya come sand hugs Pragya and congratulates Pragya. Pragya thanks her. All congratulates Pragya.
Pragya gets a call. She attends a call. Pragya says OK! I’m coming. Sarla asks her to go carefully. Pragya says OK! And leaves.

Location: Abhi’s residence
Pragya enters in abhi’s residence. Pragya sees someone. She runs towards him. She hugs him from back. The man turns. He is none other than Abhi. They both see each other romantically, song plays:
Main tainu samjahawan ki
Na tere bajo lagda ki
Tooo ki Jane pyar mera
Main karoo intezar tera
Abhi says mission completed. Pragya says abhi. Pragya says when you call me, FB starts,
Abhi comes out and calls Pragya after calling Purab, and asks her to go to Aaliya. Pragya says whose there? Abhi says one who lives in your heart. Abhigya tune plays. Pragya says aap…
Abhi says yes , its me, please go there ,first and what I ask you , you so there. Pragya says OK! Call ends. Pragya leaves. FB ends.

Abhi says world can change but my fuggi can’t. Pragya says but how you put drugs in aaliya’s car? Abhi says come inside , Purab. Purab comes. Pragya says you knows that he is normal after accident but you don’t tell me, I’m angry with you. Purab says sorry di, but abhi asks me not to tell you. Pragya sees at abhi. Abhi says sorry, please. Pragya says OK! They see each other. Song plays,
Koi bole darya hai
Kaisa kaisa yeh ishq
Kaisa yeh ishq hai,
A jab as risk Thai
Screen freezes on Abhigya.

Precap: Aaliya and Purab are seen dancing on Khamoshiyan song.
Abhigya are seen marrying.

Episode;5,Promo; A voice comes, After lots of difficulties of life, Abhigya are uniting. Abhigya are seen dancing on tere galiyaan song. A voice comes, will this time Abhigya will get each other without any diificulty??

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  1. Trisha

    Nice epi?

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      Thanks trisha

  2. Superb episode shakaib loved it pls update soon

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  3. Prathi

    So that was a drama and unfortunately accident happened! Nice Epi dear Keep writing

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      Thanks prathi.

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      Thanks reshma.

  4. Jasminerahul

    all r congratulating pragya 4 pregnacy.plz tell me how ..bcz b4 Abhi’s accident they did’nt consummate on d show.abhigya hug n song was romantic.so abhi hadnt lost memory?he n purab planned 2 trap aliya with drugs 2 reform her?
    who has come in d precap?is it bulbul?cant tolerate purab aliya dancing 2gether.cant 4 d next part

    1. Shakaib

      Next episode will clear your doubt about Pragya’s pregnancy. Thanks as well for commenting

  5. Nice update next part soon.

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      Thanks Sara.

  6. Awesome yaar so it was drama , guess may abhi gets his memory back when he see Pragya.

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  7. So it was drama by abhi, abhi and Purab are involved. Part 5 promo is nice anxiously waiting for abhigya dancing on galiyaan song update next part soon.

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  8. P
    Update next part
    Waiting for part 5 anxiously.

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    Awesome…. I loved it to the core. Keep rocking…….

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