KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part:3

Thanks do, hemu, Trisha, lipsilita, rithu, jasmine,reshma,raj, krisha, zain ragini and all for giving love to it. So lets start part3.
Recap: Servant spits coffee on Pragya, Abhigya seeing each other, Aaliya having drugs in her car, Pragya saves Aaliya.

Current Episode:Aaliya brings Pragya hospital., Aaliya slaps Tanu, Docter treats Aaliya, Docter comes.

Scene: 1
Location: City Hospital
Aaliya is seen coming hospital carrying Pragya. Dr comes. Aaliya says please treat her. Please save her. I’ll give you money which you say but please save her. Dr says OK. We’ll start her operation but complete the patient form on the counter ,first. Aaliya says OK! & leaves for counter. She comes to nurse and asks her to give her form. Nurse says well tell me what relationship have you both? Then I’ll give you form. Aaliya recalls Pragya’s words; She is my sister. Nurse gives her form. Aaliya fills form. Operation was to start but nurse comes to Dr and says Ward no. 51’s patient’s condition is critical. Come and treat him. Dr says OK but send another Dr there immediately. Dr leaves. A Dr (woman) is seen coming. She asks all to come and starts operation. Her face is to shown but her hairs comes in between.

Location:City Hospital
Nurse comes to Aaliya and says this is patient phone ,you’re her sister so we are giving this to you. Aaliya takes phone. Nurse leaves. Phone rings. Aaliya sees and thinks I’ve to tell her as it is her right to know about her daughter. Aaliya picks call and says hello! Sarla says you! Where is my daughter? Aaliya tells her. Sarla says What? Where are you now? Sarla ends call.
Sarla calls janvi and Pragya’s dadi and tells them. Dadi says we’ve to leave for hospital.
Nurse comes to Aaliya and asks her to bring medicines.
Aaliya leaves. Tanu sees aaliya . Aaliya sees her and says you, what you are doing here? Tanu says I’m here as I’ve food poison and now I was calling you not to come but see you. But why are you here?

Scene: 3
Location: City Hospital
Aaliya tells Tanu. Tanu says then why you leave want Pragya alive, let her die! Aaliya slaps Tanu . Aaliya says because of her, I’m here otherwise I was in place of her. Aaliya says First, I snatch purab’s love from her as I think I love her more than Bulbul but purab’s happiness was in Bulbul and now I’m doing same again. But not this time, I always do crimes but not now. I always try to make bhai and you closer knowing you just love his money not him, but now I’ll try my best to make Pragya close to bhai. Tanu says yes. You’re right, I too do a big sin of separating two lovers , two hearts always. But now I realize my mistake. Aaliya says now I’ve to leave. Tanu says but you’ve a injury on head. You too needs treatment. They go to Dr. Dr treats Aaliya. Both leaves.

Scene: 4
Location: City Hospital
Sarla comes along Janvi and Pragya’s dadi. Sarla goes to Aaliya and says You always create problem in my daughter’s life and now…. She cries.
Aaliya cleans her tears and says sorry! Anti ji but now I’ve realized my mistake. Mother-daughter tune plays. They hug.
Sarla sees Dr coming out , arora family is surprised. Dr is none other purvi. Sarla says Purvi. Purvi goes to Janvi and hugs Janvi. Janvi falls on Purvi’s feet and says sorry beta, I can’t understand you, been a mother , I don’t trusrt you, I not believe you. She starts crying. Purvi makes her stand and says please don’t say that, you know I can’t see you crying. They hug.
Aaliya downs her head. Screen freezes on Aaliya and Purvi.

Precap: Pragya gets a call. She goes somewhere and hugs someone.
Aaliya and purab are seen dancing on Khamoshiyan song.

Episode:4, Promo; A voice comes, in an accident, Pragya comes to know, that she is pregnant. Pragya is seen hugging someone. A voice comes, will Pragya start a new life forgetting abhi?
Aaliya says she is my sister”. After the line, she recalls Pragya’s words; she is my sister.

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  1. Nd update nxt part,soooonnnn……..

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      Yes I’ll update next part soon.

  2. Plz update nxt part,soooonnnn……..

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      Thanks Sara for coming 3 times.

  3. Mukundraj

    Nice but pls unite abhigya

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      Yes I’ll unite Abhigya soon.

  4. Pragya is pregnant, no she can’t forget abhi. But precap, lokks awesome, anxiously waiting 4 part 4.

    1. Shakaib

      Yes I’m still thinking about part 4, what to do in part 4. Hope it will be complete till Sunday.

  5. Wow, Pragya is bring by Aaliya to hospital. Aaliya realize her mistake. Update next part soon.

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      Thanks zain, I’ll update next part till Sunday.

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  7. Awesome Shakaib

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      Thanks rithik and please all of you, please add Line, ”Aaliya says she is my sister”, In scene 1 after the line, she recalls pragya’s words ; she is my sister.

  8. And yes I request you not to unite purab and Aaliya instead of Rabul.

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      Yes ,I’ll unite Rabul.

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    Sorry for late comment…epi was awesome?

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  11. Jasminerahul

    gud that aliya understood pragya’s importance n took her 2 hospital.she gave nice 2 reply 2 Tanu too.Did tanu realize her mistake or is she pretending?Where is Nikhil?Liked aliya consoling Sarla.It will b nice 2 c aaliya uniting abhigya.
    Pragya pregnant?But when did abhigya consummate?B4 Abhi’s accident they did’nt consummate on d show.Right?
    waiting 4 bulbul’s re entry

    1. Shakaib

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  12. Prathi

    So Aaliya reformed !?? That’s a shock

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