KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part:2


Thanks Riya, Asmithaa, Prathi, Trisha,di, Jasmine, reshma,ragini,zain,B.K Maha,Mukand Raj, Monesha,durga and all for commenting and giving love to this. Lets start Part 2. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Aakash refuses to go with Aaliya, Pragya becoming manager of Singh Company, Abhi to go Singh Company, Pragya gets to know that she is stranger for abhi.

Current Episode: Servant spits coffee on Pragya, Abhigya seeing each other, Aaliya having drugs in her Car, Pragya pushes Aaliya.

Scene: 1
Location: Pragya’s cabin
Pragya thinks what to do? How can I welcome him? Saira comes and says what are you thinking? Pragya tells her. Saira says just this,I tell you. Saira tells her. Pragya says thanks Saira ,you don’t know I’m so happy. Saira says because you’re his biggest fan. You says Good Morning to his pic daily.

Pragya walks towards door. A servant opens door and spits coffee on Pragya. Servant says sorry mam! I don’t do this intentionally. Pragya says its not your mistake, it happen because of me. Saira comes and says OMG! Your dress is looking bad.I give you a dress ,you can wear that. Pragya says
I’ll just clean it with water. Saira no, I’m giving you and you will just wear that. Pragya says OK!

Scene: 2
Location: Singh company’s outside
A car comes. Abhi comes out of the car. Guards fall on him. A lady is seen coming in modern dress. She is none other than Pragya.
Pragya goes to Abhi. Pragya gives him a red rose and says Welcome. Saira comes to Abhi and says Sir! She is your biggest fan. When she comes to office she first say Good Morning to your photo and usually spend her whole day seeing your photo.

Abhi says Really! Saira says Yes! Abhigya see each other, Flowers falls on them ,Song plays
Sanam re, Sanam re
Tu mera Sanam hoa re
Karam re, karam re
Tera Mujh pe Karam hoa re….
Abhi says let’s go. Pragya too walks with Abhi. She was to fall but Abhi holds her , They look at each other, Song plays
Apne roothe parai roothe,
Dil yeh roothe na,
Roothe to apna bhi roothe ,
Saath choote na,
OH Allah Wariyaan….
Abhi makes pragya stand and go inside with pragya.

Scene: 3
Location: Abhi’s Office
Aaliya is seen sitting. She gets a call. She attends call &says Tanu. Tanu says Come to me, Aaliya, I’ve a plan and it will work. Aaliya says OK! I’m coming. Call ends.
In Singh Company, Abhi signs contract. He leaves. Pragya too leaves. Abhi gets a call. He says Purab. He attends call and says Hello! Purab says She is going and I think now its right time to do! Abhi says yes.

Aaliya is seen coming. She sits in car and leaves.
Pragya is seen in auto. She cross by a road. Driver stops auto and says here is police checkpost. Aaliya comes. Police stops her and asks constable to check her car. Aaliya says what? You know I’m sister of Rock star Abhi, etc. Police says someone has informed us that someone will go from here with drugs, so, please let us our duty. Constable comes and says there are drugs in her car. Aaliya says what? Police says what? Police asks her to come out of car. Pragya sees this.

Scene: 4
Location: Police checkpost area
Aaliya comes out of car. Pragya too comes out of auto. Pragya goes to police and says what happened? Police tells her. Pragya says, I knew her,she can’t do this. Police How you know her? Pragya says she is my sister. Please leave her. I’ll make sure that it will never happen again. Aalliya is surprised. Police says OK! You can leave but be careful next time. Pragya says OK, and thanks them. Pragya leaves. Aaliya moves towards her car.

A truck driver comes out of car to buy something. Truck’s breaks fail and it crawls towards Aaliya. Pragya sits in auto and sees truck crawling towards Aaliya. Pragya comes out of auto and runs towards Aaliya. She pushes Aaliya, Aaliya gets hit by a stone. Truck comes near Pragya. Aaliya sees this. Truck hits Pragya. She moves in air and fall down. Truck hits with a wall.
Screen freezes on Pragya’s injured face.

Precap: Arora family comes to hospital. Docter comes. Arora family is surprise.
Pragya gets a call. Pragya goes somewhere and hugs someone.

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  5. Jasminerahul

    abhi met pragya as his fan.flower falling with sanam re,abhi holding n eye lock with allah warriyah was romantic.whats purab n abhi planning?did they trap Aaliya?Is Abhi faking memory loss?Drugs were found in aaliya’s vehcle.then how did police leave her just bcz pragya requested?Pragya risked her own life 2 save Aaliya n she got injured.so sad.hope pragya recovers soon.plz bring back Bulbul alive.

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  11. Nice 2 see u. Part 2 is nice. I guess docter is prvi or nikkhil other wise none left, yes, may be bulbul. Anxiously waiting 4 part 3.

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