KumKum Bhagya-Love Always Win; Part: 11

Thanks RSTHEFFWRITER,Ragini,Lucky, Jasmine,Mini,Durga,Rithik,Sara and all for reading and giving such a good response for mahasangham
I want a guy opposite Aaliya,So please ,tell me, who play role opposite Aaliya,you can give name to Aaliya’s opposite character as well. Guys! ive give name to aakash and rachna as Rakash, hope you will like it. If they have already have a name than please tell me. Let’s start Part 11.

Recap: Shivanya and Shesa saves Pragya and Aaliya and kill Nikhil,Pari is naagin,Shivanya ,Shesa and Pari fight with Saudamini, Swalika and Manjauliaka, Tanu brainwashes Abhi.

Location: City Hospital

Nurse comes to abhi and says your wife is out of danger,you can meet her. Abhi thinks I’ve to meet Pragya. He leaves. Abhi goes to Pragya’s room. Pragya tries to stand. Abhi sees and says Pragya. Abhi goes to her bed.
Abhi hugs her AND says you know, if something happen to you, I can’t be alive. Pragya says 100 Problems come in our life but God will always make us together. Both cry.
Rabul comes. Pragya says Bulbul. Bulbul hugs her. Pragya says You know ,how much I missed you! Bulbul says but I’m back! we’ll live together. Purab says But what happened after you fall from cliff. Purab tells her.
Pragya: But what of Aaliya, she is too hurt by this.

Abhi: Don’t call her name!

Pragya: But what happened? what she has done?

Abhi sees at her.

Location: City Hospital

Abhi says because she has kidnap you! Pragya says She can’t do this! we’re sisters and sisters can’t hurt each other. if she want to do something to me why she has to wait????
Purab: Di! We’ve to said this to abhi but he don’t want to accept.
Bulbul: Yes Di! We’ve too said this to jeejoo, but he don’t want to accept.
Pragya: She is your sister!
Abhi: What???? Sister,if she was my sister,then she can’t think of harming my child.
Pragya: Listen to me!
Abhi: what is left for listening???? Tanu has tell me the truth.
Pragya: What truth????
Abhi tells her, Tanu’s words.
Pragya thinks if she call me in garden, then why Aaliya call her in factory????
Pragya: OK! If Aaliya has call tanu , then see, tanu’s call history on her phone.
Abhi: OK!

Location: City hospital

Abhigya and Rabul goes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says Is all OK? Pragya, I think you’ve to take rest in this condition. Abhi says show your phone. abhi opens tanu’s call history. Pragya says I leave at 8:00 so Aaliya must call her at least at 8:30. Abhi shows her Aaliya’s name on phone an says see, its 8:30. Pragya says She can’t do this. Abhi says she has do this.

Nurse comes and says your sister is out of danger now,you can meet her.
Abhi says let’s go to her. Abhi & Rabul leaves.Pragya asks tanu to come.s tanu says OK! Pragya leaves. Tanu sees family. She goes to them and starts brainwashing them as she did with abhi. Abhi’s Dadi says where are they? tanu says come. All leaves with her. They enter in Aaliya’s room. Aaliya wakes up and try to hug abhi but abhi pushes her and says what you gain by doing this? Aaliya says bahi, listen me! Abhi slaps her.

Location: City Hospital

Abhi says what you’ve do, then you’ve lost right of calling me your brother. Aaliya says what I’ve do? Tanu says wow! Aaliya,and claps. tanu says first you done and then say what you’ve do,You try to kill Pragya and her baby.
Dadi comes to her and says what we’ve do, why you always try to harm us? Aaliya says at least you believe me Dadi. Pragya comes to her and sees at abhi and says someone believe you or not, but I believe you.
Aaliya says thanks bhabi, at least someone is who believe me. Pragya sees at tanu and says I’m always with truth even someone brainwash me ,you come with us home. Abhi says she’all not come in my house, otherwise I’ll not be in this world.
Aaliya says Bhabi, you live with Bah…. I mean, him, I’ll manage. Pragya says but…. Aaliya says Please! All leaves except Rabul,Rakash and Pragya. Pragya says I know Aaliya that you’re innocent, that tanu is still plotting against us. Rakash,Rabul and Aaliya are shocked.Screen freezes on Aaliya,Pragya,Rakash and Rabul.

Precap: Pragya slaps Tanu. Aaliya falls unconscious.

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  2. jasmine Rahul

    abhigya scene was so emotional b beautiful.pragya bulbul scene too was gud.aliya is misunderstood by everyone.sad.but loved pragya supporting aliya.waiting 4 tanu 2 get exposed.cant bear her.I duno which actor 2 b suggested.but if u give us a list of actors I can choose one among them 4 aliya

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine, OK I’ll give actors list,you can choose among them.but if someone is in your mind then please tell me, as next part will show Aaliya’s chemistry.

  3. Awesome episode yaar sooooo sad 4 aliya always tz tanu won’t even leave a single chance to show her cheap character how cruel…

  4. Its really superb but can you tell me one thing, how Aaliya fall unconscious when Pragya slap tanu,in precap. Want to know, update next part soon!

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