kumkum bhagya – lost love (Part 4)


hi. .guys sorry for late updates..as I am quite busy with daily schedules. thanks for your support.I am happy that my ff is not a boring one..let’s get into the story.

the episode starts with the doctor coming out of the operation theatre.pragya who was sitting on the chair rushes to him.pragya with tears..how is he now.the doctor says I am sorry .I could not say anything.as his past and present are confusing him and his body is not responding to put treatment.if he opens his eyes within 24 hours we can help otherwise he may slip to coma.pragya wipes her tears and asked can I see him.the doctor says any one and make sure you don’t disturb him.purab asked her to go.pragya walks in.she sees abhi lying on the bed unconscious and she walked towards him.pragya keeps her hand on his chest and says suniye. .how can you leave me like this.you promised me right..you will never leave me.come on get up..and looks at him.there is no improvement.pragya says I am sorry..I did a mistake..I spoke to you rudely but this is the way you are punishing me..please forgive me na. .come back..not for me ..but fr out baby..you said you need our baby right..then come back .she lies beside abhi carefully by placing her head on his chest and hugs him.she cries and sleeps off.
By 4 am ,abhi opens his eyes.he sees pragya sleeping near him.he was happy that she is with him and hugs her.pragya opens her eyes in sleep and was shocked that abhi is smilling at her.pragya gets up and moved from bed.but abhi holds her hands.pragya says leave me.abhi says then I will leave you forever ..pragya asked why are you speaking like this and says I will call dadi and all as they are waiting for you.abhi nods his head as he knows they would be worrying about him.pragya comes out and says that abhi opened his eyes.all comes in.purab hugs abhi.abhi sees dadi crying and says dadi I am fine…dasi says I know you will be fine.abhi says that’s like my granny.pragya says I am leaving.dadi looks at her but pragya didnt looked anyone.dadi says purab ,drop her.purab nods his head.pragya says it’s ok..I will go and purab ..be here.raj says I am here n.a…purab go and drop pragya.abhi holds pragya’s hands saying don’t leave me. pragya says I have to go ..ma will be waiting for me and removes his hands.aliya gets angry.aliya calls someone and asked to meet her right now.

aliya meets tanu.tanu asked what happened.tanu says this much happened but you never said a word about it to me.aliya says I thought I can solve.tanu asked how what happened..we have to do something..that pragya should go away from abhi forever. aliya says you are right…I have to plan something big. ..

I am sorry for short update..next will be a big one….

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