kumkum bhagya – lost love (Part 3)


thanks guys for your support..I think its not that much intresting..soon I will try to finish..
the episode starts with abhi comes home seeing aliya sitting on the sofa in the living room with anger.abhi thinks oh..god ..now I am finished ..he wants to console aliya but he thinks it’s not the right time to talk and leaves to his room.aliya sees abhi going to his room and gets up in anger and leaves from there.

abhi in his room thinks to compose song.but he could not do.this thoughts were about pragya.he thinks why I am feeling happy when she is close to me.why I want to see her smile on her face.is there any connection between us.or I am just overthinking.I don’t know what’s true and who is fake.I have to find it soon but before that I have to call that egoist miss.arora .abhi with a smirk calls pragya. pragya sees her phone and thinks whether to pick ir not.she thinks why he is showing this much concern.it’s true or a plan by aliya.I don’t know but I have to attend this call.she picks up and says hello.abhi says this much time you will take to pick. pragya asked so you called me to ask this.abhi says no.I just called you to ask whether you are fine.pragya says ofcourse I am..and why do you think so.abhi says don’t get overjoyed. .I am just asking..that’s it.pragya asked if so shall I just cut this call.abhi says no.pragya asked sir, what happened, is everything ok.abhi says all is fine and cuts the call.pragya thinks how rude he is.he calls me and cuts..disgusting…and falls asleep.

next day ..Sunday.so pragya thinks to go for a shopping.pragya calls purab but due to his busy schedule he could not accompany her.pragya all alone goes to mall.she was randomly walking when she meets sheela.sheela too sees her and both hugs each other.pragya says how many days after I am seeing you..how is pari. sheela says all are fine.and yaar..congrats.pragya asked for what.sheela asked abhi didn’t say anything.pragya asked what you are saying .sheela says you are pregnant pragya…pragya was hell shocked.she asked what.sheela says yes..the result is positive and you know one thing abhi only brought you here…you were unconscious. pragya thinks on that day..she were lying on sofa.pragya with cold tone ..did he asked how I got pregnant..I mean according to him I am unmarried.sheela says yes..he was shocked first but he thinks for sometime and asked me to take..pragya asked tell me..what you did.sheela says took a DNA test and abhi too knows it’s his child.you know I could say 100%confirm that he was happy on that day.pragya gets tears from her eyes and placed her hand on her tummy.she thinks how abhi cares for her.pragya thinks so he was hiding this from me and wait a minute..he took the DNA test. what’s the need for that..he didn’t believed me..I have to ask him about this.

abhi comes to pragya’s home.dadi and Sarla was happy and invited him.abhi asked about pragya.dadi says she went for shopping.abhi says shopping..alone or with purab.I know she went with purab.dadi says no..she went alone beta.abhi asked alone..what’s the need for it..where is she now..wait I will pick her..am leaving aunty.abhi comes out and gets into the car by calling pragya.pragya takes his call and says hello..abhi asked where are you in concerned tone .pragya says in xyz mall.abhi says be there..I will pick you.pragya says ok..bcoz she knows she have to ask him .abhi mentally slapped himself for not taking care of pragya.he reached the mall and sees pragya sitting on the chair in sad.abhi walks to her and keeps his hand on her shoulders
pragya turns and gets up seeing abhi.abhi asked shall we move..why you came alone..you would have called me right..I would have came with you.

pragya asked who are you to care for me.abhi looks at her says sorry…what you mean.pragya repeats it.abhi says I am your boss.pragya holds his collar in anger and asked you don’t have faith on me right..you know that because of you we consumate and you too know that I am pregnant..but you asked for a DNA test..how cheap you are..you thought me As a random girl.abhi says it doesn’t mean..I thought to confirm ..pragya asked what you tried to confirm that I am pregnant or the child is yours.abhi holds her hands saying I am sorry..I didn’t mean to hurt you ..once I realised my mistake I..pragya wipes her tears and says it’s ok..Mr.mehra ..don’t worry ..and what happened that night was just mistake..

you are not responsible for it.forget about it..you no need to be hurt yourself..abhi holds her shoulders firmly and dragged her close to him that her face is close to him…I am not accepting because it’s a mistake..I want this baby..my child..and how could you say..that what happened between us is a mistake..listen ..I need my baby..that’s it .pragya pushed him and says it’s not your fault and you don’t have faith on me..now or before..if you would have believed me ..we would have not stand in this situation.abhi was confused and asked what…pragya then remembers what she said..and says..it’s ok abhi..I am leaving..and turns to leave..

pragya walks from there when she heard someone shouting sir…mam ..pragya turns back to see what happened and was shocked to see abhi lying on the floor.pragya rushed to him and keeps his head on her lap and starts crying..suniye…get up..I am sorry..please forgive me n.a…somebody call the ambulance. she then sees abhi’s car and takes the key from his pocket.she asked near by person to lift him ,all lifts him and she drives the car after thanking them.the road was fuly blocked due to traffic.prAgya press the horn continuosly and gets out from the car and sees two person were fighting becAuse a car driver hits an auto. she shouts at them..bhaiya ..please take the car..I have to admit my husband In hospital..please..the driver asked will you pay behalf of him..go and sit in the car.she shouts rockstar is with me. you know..he is in critical state.there purab comes and pragya explains him and purab calls police but before that all people helps to clear traffic. pragya thanks them and both takes abhi to hospital.they admits him and waits outside.pragya says it’s because of me purab..I am responsible for this.purab says no di. .you are right..don’t blame yourself..let’s pray.

dadi,dasi,aliya, tanu,mitali, raj comes there.dadi sees pragya but asked purab what happened.aliya says I know because of her bhai..pragya looks at her in anger.dadi asked pragya what happened.pragya says I said, you never believed me now or before ..he kept on questioning me..to avoid it..I just walked away but when I turned he was lying on the floor.dadi slapped pragya.everyonr including taliya was shocked. purab comes in between pragya and dadi and says dadi..because of her only abhi found his love again.dadi, abhi loves di ..and you know one thing pragya di is pregnant with abhi’s child.tanu asked how..may be she is lying..purab says she is not like you..to say someone’s child as abhi’s. may ne that makes a difference from you ..tanu gets angry.purab says everything.dadi hugs pragya saying I am sorry beta..I was wrong.pragya says it’s OK dadi…dasi says ,di ..let’s pray that Abhi should be fine.pragya closed her eyes…

so I know it’s boring..share your comments..

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    Don’t think that it’s boring… it’s really good

  2. VarshaVenkat

    Nope…it wasnt boring…it was damn good… also…I love this track..keep goin

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    nice plz upload next part soon

  10. It wasn’t boring..
    Superb…i love it

  11. Princesskrisha

    Pls don’t say it was boring it was awesome dadi is too selfish but pls unite abhigya soon.

  12. It’s not at all boring yaar it’s really interesting yaar n eagerly waiting for next part…

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    Don’t think it’s Boringgggg……Its Superb!!!

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    superbbb… akka..

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    It’s not boring aju It’s interesting pls continue

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    Superrrrrr…….. But please make abhi will know about his past…… Waiting for next episode….

  22. superb yaar it is not at all boring dear waiting for next episode

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