kumkum bhagya – lost love (Part 2)


Thanks a lot guys…I will surely accept all as my sister’s and brothers.no need to be sorry moni,haritha …no problem…it’s ok..late a vanthalum ..it’s latest and cutest …and ishu no need to be formal…yes you can cal me sissy and manviI don’t know what will happen next in real kkb…i think abhi will not get anger on pragya and he will support her..and i am glad to see more tamilians…hmm
Let’s get into the story….

          PRAGYA opens her eyes..she was lying on the sofa.she slowly gets up and sees saira coming towards her.she was about to get up but saira asked her to sit and gives her water.pragya takes it with a smile and saira asked how are you feeling now.pragya asked first you say what happened to me.saira says ,you was collapsed on the floor..and abhi sir ..pragya shocked and asked what Abhi sir.saira mentally cursed her and says abhi sir…woh ..he asked you to take some rest so you will feel good.say now..how are you feeling.pragya says better but my head is paining. Saira  says come let’s go..I will drop you today..purab comes there and asked what happened and asked pragya is she fine.pragya nods her head and says, saira thanks..I will go with purab. Saira smiles and says ok..tc. purab asked whats tc.pragya and saira says take care.purab says oh..short form.pragya says it’s her speciality. PURAB says di. .you wait here I will meet abhi and come.
Abhi was in happy mood..he was just singing his favourite song when purab enters.purab was confused and asked abhi why he is so happy today..abhi says I feel something I achieved in this world.purab asked did you got any new deal.abhi says no..purab asked any award.abhi has no.purab asked then what?.abhi says you will not understand it…it’s a special feeling..only special person close to put heart can give it.purab was now super confused.abhi thinks,if you keep on talking..you will blurt the truth abhi..first I have to speak to pragya..then I will inform him.purab asked what..ok..enjoy..I am leaving..but you find the truth .abhi remembers the incident.abhi says ya. .let’s see about it tomorrow.purab says ok..and leaves.

   PRAGYA and purab reached arora’s house.pragya feels tired so she goes to her room.purab says to Sarla and dadi that she fainted and Sarla says it’s because of skipping the breakfast ..dadi says leave it ..let her be how she wish.purab says ok..I am leaving..Next Morning…pragya was in a hurry to office.she gets ready and says ma…I am leaving..sarla says but beta. .lunch..pragya says I will eat in office canteen ma..I am leaving.when she was about to leave ,she sees driver standing there.pragya asked what happened bhaiya.the driver says mam …sir asked me to pick you..I am waiting outside mam .dadi and Sarla comes.pragya looks at them…in confused.dadi says go beta..abhi only had sent …go. pragya nods her head and leaves.she sits in the car and at the time driver calls someone.pragya wonders whom he is calling..the driver says yes..sir…ji sir ..mam came okay sir…ek sec sir..mam sir wants to talk to you.pragya gets the phone to ask why he is doing like this.pragya says hello. ..abhi says you come safe I am waiting for you…and cuts the call.pragya thinks he is showing me attitude. And gives back the phone.the driver drives the car to office.pragya was about to open but abhi opened the door.pragya was suprised but she didn’t show it..abhi forwards his hand to hold but she pushed his hands and gets down.abhi thinks this much attitude..pragya asked why are you doing like this .abhi says you don’t know..pragya miss no.abhi says baby..pragya looks at him.

abhi says I mean..yesterday you look weak so I asked him to pick you..pragya says thanks And smiles at him.abhi says let’s go. Both enters the office.abhi asked everyone to come.all comes towards them.pragya looks confused at abhi.abhi nods at her.purab comes there asking abhi..why you called me to come …it’s everything ok.abhi says chill…man.purab sighs pragya as what but pragya nods her head negatively .aliya too comes there .aliya looks at abhi and pragya and asked abhi what happened.abhi says well all are here..let’s get into a story..but I want to call a person who id going to say us the story.pragya looks at abhi.abhi asked pragya do you love stories..pragya looks at purab and abhi says well.. come .here..every One wants to see.the man comes…pragya looks at him in stern face.aliya thinks how he came here.the man comes towards pragya and says sorry mam ..I am poor ..I want to do my mother’s operation so I accepted for this..sorry mam.I did what aliya mam told to me.all looks shocked.aliya says bhai .he is lying..I didn’t..bhai..trust me.abhi says I trust you aliya ..but if he is lying then this cctv camera too lies? Say..and plays the video where aliya gives money to him.

aliya looks at pragya angrily.abhi says I know you hate pragya.but it’s the way to low a person’s self respect.I didn’t expect this from you..what will dadi think about you if she comes to know about you..aliya says I don’t know bhai..what will dadi think or that .but I hate her..I hate her the most..abhi says it’s ok if you don’t like her but don’t disturb her.next time if I come to know if you gutted her then I will not consider you as my sister..and you will see my hatred. Alota looks at him in shock.abhi takes pragya with him and leaves.purab says it’s your last chance aliya.though abhi doesn’t remember what happened but he could sense what’s wrong and what’s right..it’s your wish now..PRAGYA and abhi reached recording room.pragya asked how come you know that aliya is behind this..abhi says simple.I beat the man..he spills the truth.pragya says I know that you will not anyone who speaks against aliya.abhi says yes I will not ..I beated him more.then he says there is a proof and shows me the cctv.pragya says thank god ..abhi says god didn’t helped you..it’s me.

pragya says no..god helped me by sending you..abhi says whatever I do..the whole credits is for your god..it’s ok. Enjoy man..you are lucky to have persons like her.purab comes and hugs him saying thanks abhi..you did it .abhi says you can understand but not the person for whom I did this.pragya looks at him.she thinks if he is speaking the truth or flirting with me.purab says di knows about you abhi..I am leaving..I have an important work. He leaves.abhi thinks what are you doing abhi..you are longing for her smile..is this called love..oh man..I am love with her..how can I say to her.can I say to her..no it will not be good.rockstar proposing in the studio. She deserves more right.but what will be her answer.I am sure that she doesn’t know about her pregnancy. I have to propose her soon.pragya asked what you are thinking…abhi says no..go back to your work.pragya thinks what happened to him and leaves from there .

After sometime …abhi calls saira.saira, yes sir. How can I help you..abhi says give this juice to her..and dont say I prepared it.yes abhi prepared Apple juice for her.saira asked but why sir .abhi thinks oh..god..this girl is eating my mind with her questions.abhi says I don’t want her to tell everybody if the juice if not good .what will others think about me saira says ok and leaves from there.abhi hides and looks at pragya.
Saira comes to pragya and asked her to have.pragya asked why this much of concern towards me..I am ok ..you have.saira says please pragya..have this.pragya takes the glass from her and drinks .abhi thinks I have to do some tricks ..such a stubborn ..and smiles.but I love her..

In evening….pragya was about to take an auto but abhi stops her.pragya asked now what happened.abhi says I will drop you.pragya says no thanks..abhi
Says I am not asking you..I am ordering. Pragya says ok.abhi thinks how She accepts so soon and opens the door of passenger seat .pragya was quite suprised. Abhi asked her to sit and pragya too sits.abhi closed the door and sits on his seat and leaves from there.pragya feels good and abhi was feeling happy.

Precap: pragya sees sheela and both hugs each other.sheela says congrats pragya.pragya asked for what…

So guys..I know..it’s short..because I posted it on my way to college..

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  1. Prathi

    Hey Aju I am also from TN!! Nalla poguthu original vida!! Super keep writing dear!

  2. Prathi

    Hey Aju I am also from TN!! Nalla poguthu originala vida!! Super keep writing dear! I was waiting for your update!

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