kumkum bhagya – lost love (Part 1)


Actually I am fed up with these drama’s.I got an idea while seeing yesterday’s episode.I dont know whether it’s right or not..just I am presenting…

This continues from yesterday’s episide.
Next Morning, pragya reached office and sees saira busy in arranging the flowers. Pragya walks towards her and asked arey why are you doing this..wait let me and saira smiles and says ty and leaves from there.abhi comes there seeing pragya arranging flowers.he thinks to tease her as she is having a big ego and also she called him as kadoos.pragya was happily arranging her flowers when abhi came and taped her shoulders.pragya turns to see who is it and smiles seeing abhi.abhi asked do you know how to smile. I thought you know only to scold and cry.pragya asked for I ask you anything .abhi nods no.pragya says no na..then why are you disturbing me.for God’s sake please go.abhi says I don’t have faith on god. PRAGYA says But I have.abhi says it’s your wish and please bring my coffee.pragya says why should I..I am not your no.1 fan right..I will not bring because I hate you..go away from here .abhi says chill…ok I am leaving and goes smiling at her. PRAGYA smiles at his antics and leaves to cafe to prepare his coffee.
Aliya sees pragya going to cafe in a happy mood and says now it’s my turn pragya and gives a man 1 lakh and says remember you should do what I said otherwise I will fire you.the man too agrees and aliya smiles evily.

PRAGYA prepares his favourite coffee and was on her way when someone suddenly from her back pulls towards him.he shuts her mouth but pragya pushed him.on her on her successful push her sleeves got tored and he pushed her saying leave me..I am not like that guy…pragya falls and hits on the table.she gets bleeding from her lips. All gathered and aliya thinks that pragya’s story is finished .abhi comes there and sees the mess.he was shocked to see pragya on the floor.the man says sir this girl.. tries to…che ..aliya comes there and says I know you are this type of girl.pragya looks at her and can’t able to get up.aliya was about to slap when abhi stop her.aliya says bhai..see because of you.she escaped but not now.pragya cries and doesn’t know what to do.abhi says wait aliya and goes towards pragya.he sees the coffee cup broken on the floor.he knows that she can’t do these things and there is sure a big tragedy behind this.abhi tries to keep an hand on pragya but pragya moves from him.he knows that now she is feared about this incident.

PURAB comes to office and sees the crowd .he walks towards them and sees pragya crying by sitting on the floor folding her legs close to her chest.purab got panicked and rushed to pragya .pragya feels relaxed after seeing purab.purab sits near pragya and she hugs him….and cries. PURAB pats her back and asked what happened by breaking the hug. Before pragya could say anything aliya starts her story.she says pragya is character less.purab shouts enough aliya..not to take a word against my di. You are telling bad about her.keep one thing in my mind i too know how to speak .you know who is she..pragya holds his hands and purab looks at abhi.abhi looks at him and pragya.purab says don’t dare to take a word against her.abhi I know..di can’t do anything like this..there is some one behind this.abhi says I know purab She can’t do like this.pragya looks at him.purab asked who is the person blamed pragya di. Aliya thinks if he opens his mouth then I am gone. She eyes at the person to leave.but before he could ,abhi shows him and purab holds his collars and beats him hardly.while beating he asked …what you said..pragya di forced you..she forced you..have you looked your face on the mirror before…you are looking like a monkey ..not pragya di even a begging women will not accept you..I am feeling ashame to beat you..i am you now because I have a more important work than to beat you..but tomorrow I will come back..if you try to escape I will give a complain against you..or even I will murder you. Aliya looked shocked but acts to be normal.

PURAB takes pragya with him.pragya says purab I didn’t…purab says I know di ..let’s go and says abhi..I think you will take actions..if not I will..abhi says I will but take care of her.purab nods and takes pragya with him.after sitting in the car pragya cries .purab makes her to drink water and calmed her.he says di, stay in my home today because if ma sees you like this surely she will get doubt. PRAGYA wipes her tears and says you are right..I will call her and calls Sarla. Sarla asked where are you.pragya says I am with purab and today I am staying at his home as I have many works ma .Sarla too agrees and cuts the call.
It’s 10 pm…when purab heard a knock on his door.he opened and was shocked to see abhi.abhi gets in asking where is pragya.he sees her standing in the balcony.purab too thinks to leave them for a while and went to sleep.abhi walks towards pragya and she comes to her senses when abhi stands beside her.abhi says I know…you are sad..but sometimes it will happen like this..we have to overcome and move on in our life.pragya turned towards him asking do you believe me.abhi says ofcourse..I am..I will.I can promise you..that you can’t do like this.pragya gets tears and hugs him.saiyaara..plays on background .abhi too hugs her.abhi breaks the hug saying so its party time let’s go out…pragya asked where.abhi says suprise.pragya asked but purab.abhi says he slept.we will inform him later.they both leaves to disco where tanu and aliya were enjoying .aliya sees abhi and pragya and fumes in anger.tanu asked her not to worry and mixed some drinks in a plain orange juice.abhi orders him a drink and pragya ,Orange juice.both were enjoying.pragya drinks the juice and feels to have more.abhi too ordered for her and noticed that she is behaving weirdly. Abhi too drinks heavily and both lost their consciousness .pragya says I have to go home.abhi by wrapping his arm around her shoulder saying no baby..we can’t go..actually I am drinked n.a….pragya asked so what..tanu says let’s go aliya..they are not in their senses and will talk stupid things .aliya says you are right..bhai can’t handle her and there will be a break between them.abhi says i am drinked n.a. ..if the police stops the car and ask. .why you are puting a drink and driving .pragya says simple ..say I am putting only petrol and driving…both laughs… ( thaniya potutu en car a drive panra nu keta petrol potu taa otren nu sollunga) .abhi says nice home but it will not work here.let’s take a room and will stay here .pragya says ok..and abhi books a room for them.they both enters the room.abhi leaves pragya and was about to close the door but she lost her balance and was about to fall when abhi again holds her by waist and closed the door.both falls on the bed.abhi on the top and pragya under him.he looks into her eyes and pragya too.both had an eyelock .pragya smiles at abhi .abhi says chashmish ,you know you look pretty ,beautiful when you smile.pragya says thank you…for your compliment.abhi looks into her eyes and holds her cheeks .he roughly holds her and kissed her forehead.pragya closed her eyes in pleasure .he kissed her eyes. PRAGYA opens her eyes and her hands surrounds his neck.abhi kissed her cheeks and looks at her lips.pragya pulls him towards her and abhi crushed his lips on her.both for seperated due to lack of oxygen.abhi starts to kiss her neck and pragya moans his name.abhi holds pragya’s waist and pulls her towards him.he opens her zip of the top and throws it to the corner.he covers them with a blanket…..

Next Morning…
PRAGYA opens her eyes and was shocked to see abhi near her.she quickly gets up and sees the room ,how it was messed up.she quickly rushed to washroom and changed to her clothes.she carefully closed the door and leaves from there.abhi opened his eyes after 19 minutes,and he didn’t remember what happened.he remembers until he comes here.and thinks where is She.may be she went home and he gets ready.she finds a bangle on the bed and thinks how it comes here..may be pragya droped me here at that time this bangle would have ..come on abhi..don’t think too much and leaves from there.

PRAGYA reached home.she thinks to be normal.she doesn’t want her family to know about their relation ship.she went to her room..took bath and was ready to go to office.
She thinks that abhi will not come as his recordings were over.but she was disappointed when she saw abhi.he was waving his hand before her.pragya thinks it’s dream or what and shookz her head.he asked where you were lost…chashmish. pragya didnt reply to him and went to her seat.abhi thinks why is she behaving like this and leaves to recording room.

Three weeks passed but pragya was not normal.she was quite,abhi too noticed but could not enquire about it.purab too but all failed as pragya didnt even talked to them.aliya was happy seeing pragya’s sadness and thinks she will not interfere in Abhi’s life.
One fine day ,pragya was as usual preparing abhi’s coffee.she starts to feel dizzy and falls on the floor.all gathers around her and saira sees pragya and rushed to her.she informs abhi that pragya collapsed on the floor.abhi sprinkles water on her face but no use.he picks her in his hands and rushed to the hospital.he takes her to sheela hospital.Sheela was suprised by him and asked what happened.abhi asked you know me…then sheela remembers about memory loss of abhi and says ofcourse …rockstar..what happened and sees pragya.abhi says she collapsed on the floor.can you check her please.sheela says sure and asked him to wait.
After 10 minutes ,she came out .abhi asked what happened.sheela says she is pregnant.abhi asked what but how…she is unmarried and..he remembers that night…the bangle and thinks oh my god..what had you done abhi..abhi asked can you take a DNA test of that baby.sheela says sure but…abhi says please.sheela takes Pragya’S blood sample and Abhi’s too.abhi says thanks doctor..when she will regain her concious.sheela says no..it will take time.abhi says ok…can I take her and report….sheela says sure..I will let you know this evening…
abhi takes her back to office.she makes her to lie on the sofa of saira’s cabin and says don’t tell her that I took her out
Saira asked why..abhi says do what I say. She will be ok in few hours.saira nods and leaves.abhi looks at pragya and leaves from there.
Abhi was impatiently waiting for sheela’s call.he gets her call.he attends and asked her to say result.sheela says its positive and it’s your child abhi.abhi smiles and says thanks And cuts the call.he jumps Nd says my child.he thinks why abhi…why are you feeling happy…do you love her.so you want that child…what will dadi say…he sits on the sofa and thinks about it….

Precap: pragya gets ready to office.”ma …I am leaving…” and she sees driver standing..” mam ..abhi sir asked me to pick you..come mam” . PRAGYA looks confused..

It’s gonna be different story line…with full of eagerness…not to worry as I will not seperate them as I am already fed up…I will continue if I get valuable comments….

Time for MY introduction
I am aju from Tamil nadu…Chennai. I am doing my fashion designing course.big fan of abhigya.
I am silent reader of many ff.like aditi’s, tisha di,sowmiya,reji,saranya,Maya,harita and many more….

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