Kumkum bhagya-life is beautiful…..ss(episode3)


Hi its me sharaya again and thanks for commenting ☺☺

The episode starts with pragya getting shocked ‘aditi beta are you out of your mind? Why didn’t tell me’ asked pragya ‘mom listen’ said aditi ‘whom do you love?’ Asked abhi aditi lowered her head and says ‘varun’ ‘what?! You mean you love that jerk? You know who is he?’ Asked aarav ‘bhai pls listen to me’ said aditi ‘no I won’t let you marry him’ pragya said ‘but why’ asked aditi ‘are you out of your mind he is tanu’s son! He may spoil your life I won’t let anyone spoil my sisters life’ said aarav ‘I know that he is tanu Aunty’s son but he is not like her’ said aditi ‘how do you know he is not like his mom or dad’ asked pragya ‘mom I’m a grown up girl I know how to judge others by their behavior and its like you mean that I always select a wrong guy’ said aditi ‘beta its not like that’ said pragya ‘then like what? Even bhaiya loved one girl you accepted for him but for me you never accept now I came to know that you don’t love me’ said aditi ‘aditi its not like that’ said pragya ‘then like what you always don’t want me to be happy that’s why you are doing like this and I hate you I don’t know why papa married you’ said aditi pragya cries ‘aditi stop it’ warned aarav ‘why are you stopping me I’m telling the truth only she always love you not me I think I’m not her daughter right’ said aditi aarav slapped her!

‘You slapped me? You slapped your sister I should know this earlier that you never love me whenever you said you love me that is all a lie and papa why are you quiet? Say something see your son slapped you own daughter’ said aditi ‘aditi go to your room’ said abhi ‘but dad’ ‘I said go to you room’ said abhi then aditi went to her room pragya started to cry and sat on the chair nearby ‘mom don’t cry mom she didn’t really mean it’ consoled aarav ‘abhishek she is going in the wrong way she is loving a wrong man’ said pragya ‘pragya I know that but what to do she is just a little girl she doesn’t know how to take a decision that’s it’ said abhi ‘whatever happens but I will never let my daughter marry tanu’s son’ saying this pragya went to her room Aarau also followed her

‘What to do now? Now I must do something before things gets critical so first I have to convince aditi’ says abhi to himself he went to aditis room and saw the room is dark and saw her crying in the corner of the room he went near her and gently put his hands on his shoulder aditi turn back and hugged him ‘papa if I marry means I will marry varun only’ said aditi by crying ‘but beta you know na varuns parents is a big enemy of us that’s why mom is telling not to marry him’ said abhi aditi broke the hug and said ‘oh that means you came here as a husband Not as a father now I came to know that no one loves me’ said aditi ‘nothing like that beta’ said abhi ‘then like what? Pls daddy go to your room I dont want anyone to give me pain’ aditi ‘no beta in not here to give pain’ said abhi ‘then for what did you came for? Okay you came to console me right then it’ll never happen’ said aditi ‘no aditi’ started a big ‘dad please make mom aacept me to marry varun pls’ said aditi a big nods and went out

Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this ss?☺ and don’t be jealous because I got autograph from awesome 4 writers yes its our favourite writer surbhi di, Maya aka suga, somiya and tisha ?? And I have to say that I may not comment on anyones ff but i will not miss to read those ff I like all the ff surbhi di….Maya…. Trisha….. loli…. Ammu….. Naveena ……tisha …….saranya ……monesha ………Tina …….Arshi fan….. Nivedha ……Virat ……snehal….. Keerthi …..aditi …. Haritha …..hateera …..sanju…. sorry if I forget any of your name because I’m very bad at remembering the names but I like each and every ff all of has new unique ideas and they are 1000 times better than real kkb ???

Stay blessed ??

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  1. Krishnani

    Super Sharaya…. it’s nice… hope Aditi understand our Varun is good

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks krishnani

  2. Riyashri

    Hey Sharu U did not even tell me that u got autographs from them…….Tooo Bad yaar !!
    U r telling not to be jealous but I am very happy that u got them as we are living in the same area ….. I could get Xerox copy of it la………….But tell me one thing how did u Get them ??? U r really Great yaar !!!
    Coming to the Update……….It’s a Superb Update !! Keep Rocking !! Love u Loads !! Stay Blessed Forever !! And Truly speaking I would now burst out like a balloon as I am Jealous To The Core !!!!

    1. Sharaya

      Don’t worry riya as you wish when we meet I’ll give you the xerox copy ??

  3. Abiya

    Nice episode

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks abiya

  4. Superb dear loved it waiting fr nxt part????

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks saranya

  5. Hey sharaya just now i read previous epi and i would like to tell u sincerely that its really amazing and excellent. I was little bit busy so was unable read but today i got time and read it in one go..its very nice and interesting too..keep rocking..

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks arshi?

  6. Prathi

    Hey I want the links of 1st and 2 nd episodes By the way it’s this Tisha’s stories continuation or what!??

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice…..

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks reshma

  8. Adhya

    Superb..Saranya….lill’ emotional to..hahh.. waiting for Abhi’s decison ..keep rocking my dear

  9. Nice episode n it’s interesting n shocking n superb twist…

  10. Superb

  11. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  12. Trisha

    Awesome Sharaya! Loved it ???
    Wonder if Pragya will ever accept Tanu’s son for her daughter… Awaiting your next epi… Keep up the good work!

  13. Interesting

  14. super…

  15. So awesome so awesome so awesome that it iS almost filled with awesomeness! Loved it to core!

  16. it was superb sharu fantastic mind blowing and its a love story baby just say yes superb again 🙂 😀

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