Kumkum bhagya-life is beautiful… (episode 2)


Abhi started telling about his love story ‘I saw your mother when I was shooting for an add that time i thought she is an angel who is coming from sky but actually she slipped from the bridge then I saw her on the sea so I helped her then I looked into her eyes and I can see the my world in it but she went afterwards we met in your akash chachu’s first engagement your mom came to broke the engagement to give justice to her neighbour rachana I was impressed on her but then I become angry when she betrayed your bua aliyah actually your bua loved your chachu purab but purab loved your maasi bulbul but aliya misunderstood that purab loved Pragya so she told me to marry your mom and to betray her I also agreed on my sister then on our wedding night I went to my girlfriend tanu’s house and got drunk fully that time pragya came and saw me and tanu and she got shattered then on next day she asked the reason I said her that I married her just to take revenge for loving my best friend purab and taking my aliya’s love from her and i also blamed her as a gold digger I know how hurt she will be but I doesn’t mind I was just thinking from my sister point of view that she snatched her love so I don’t leave any small single chance to trading her then on one day purab accepted to marry aliyah so me my girlfriend and aliya was in cloud nine thinking that aliya will get her love back then abhi divorce pragya and kick pragya out of his house and marry tanu but then I got to know that actually purab did not love pragya but he loved her sister bulbul I actually tortured an innocent girl I should have thinked that when she was so ready to do anything for her neighbour rachana she would do anything to her little sister bulbul she told me lie that she was the girl whom our an loved just to save her sister I was impressed on her then I fight for her moms marriage hall and after some days I went to concert with my family leaving praagya and mithaali bhabhi and her kids alone that time Suresh the neighbour of pragay and ex-love of pragya came there and someone made a MMS and send that to me

I was so shocked to see it and I was feeling like someone stabbed my heart I was so scared what if this MMS leaked on internet and what will happen to my reputation I have worked so hard to come this level but if this MMS leaked on MMS means I don’t know what will happen to my family and I got soo angry on pragya so I tortured I was glad that dadi didn’t see because if she sees it her pyaari bahu with someone means she will be broken but one day it also happen then dadi got so weak I blamed that because of pragya its all happening and i gave divorce to her then on one day I checked CCTV then I cane to know the truth what was happened exactly then I made a drama ofarraige to find the culprit then I got to know that the culprit is my own sister aliyah! How could she play with an innocent girl again and again so I slapped her but she said because of pragya she lost her love

On new year I made pragya jealous by going behind meetu because if I go behind tanu means she will be so angry which she will be like a red balloon and volcano would erupt in her anger and that time I have challenged her who is romantic and guess what she also accepted it! On the new year party I announced the marriage of bulbul and purab and aliyah also accepted it then when me and pragya went to our room she proved that she is also romantic! So in the order to give her a award I have named her fuggi! Because when she she becomes angry she looks like a red balloon when she blush she becomes a pink balloon when she becomes happy she becomes colorful balloon so I named her fuggi first she doesn’t like the name but she get used to it I will get angry if someone calls her like that because I’ll only call her like that!

On the day of engagement of bulbul and purab the three sisters I mean purvi pragya’s another sister, bulbul and pragya planned something so lame bulbul and and pragya hide somewhere so we both purab and me should find them but we couldn’t find them so purab told that if bulbul didn’t come he will marry aliya! You should see bulbul on that time she came rushing like if someone going without giving you a chocolate then they both got engaged then only bulbul asked where is pragya?! We all searched her but she is not in the home I thought she is doing some stupid pranks but she didn’t! Then we called her mobile but the mobile is on the corridor that time Suresh came to home every body becomes angry on seeing him we asked why did you came here he said he saw pragya going in someone’s car in being unconscious! We all are shocked because that means she is kidnapped! It is possible to kidnap her because she is wife of a rockstar

We were so worried that we couldn’t find her I made a concert on the road to find her and yes I saw her for few seconds the again she was kidnapped after few days someone called bulbul but purab took that call and find that it is niel the coporator who planned to destroy mother in law’s marriage hall actually he has planned to kidnap bulbul but due to the stupid plan of the sisters he had kidnapped pragya tanu told me to be happy as she went out my life and told me to enjoy but I don’t know I could not be without her I thought I was just habitat with her nothing else then I myself thought to go there to save her but on valentines day my so called girlfriend called me and said something happened to her so I rushed to her to save her then I came to know its a prank I got so angry and leaved that place and went to the place where pragya was she was tied with some rope then I saw a cake side of her so I teased that she used her black magic on kidnappers

We started to run from there but unluckily the kidnappers saw and caught us then they brought us to some jungle/forest but we managed to escape and we went to a village and I called dad I and said I have found her pyaari bahu she was so happy and told us to come safe next day when we woke up everybody were celebrating with throwing colors then we came to know its holi but mistakenly we dranked wine(I don’t know what its called) and we started to dance crazzily that time the kidnappers come and pour water on everybody’s face to clear the colors so they can see our face but when they pour water on our face I got conscious so we started to run and we stopped at the end of a cliff and that Neil point the gun towards me and pragya was ready to accept the bullet for me but when he shot I pushed pragya and took the bullet then we both fall from the cliff but luckily we didn’t die

Pragya brought me to a hut nearby a lake and took the bullet from my body I wonder why she become an proffesor instead being a doctor and that night to my surprise she proposed me! I don’t know how to react but I felt somewhat happy but feom that time we started avoided each other and they next day police find us and brought us back to home then purab made me realize that I also love my fuggi! My pragya! Then I thought to confess this to her but she said she doesn’t love me and that is April fools prank I can’t control anger so I slapped Pragya and went to my guest house then she started behaving badly at other family member which I can’t tolerate but I feeled that she is hiding something so I spyed her then I got to know that tanu is pregnant with my child! That’s why Pragya is acting like she hates me that means she still loves me after some days all of them come to know then dad I started to beat me and she didn’t talk with me but Pragya made her forgive me and went out of the house

On the engagement day of me and tanu your pragya and stopped the engement and told that the baby is not mine but its nikhil my friend’s child then after the truth I pushed tanu out of the house and we both married again then first our little prince aarav born then our princess aditi born’ said Abhi

‘If I see that tank aunty means I will kill her’ said aarav ‘don’t worry aarav she is already punished’ said Abhi ‘papa I’m gonna take a movie with this script’ said aarav ‘this is not movie or story its real life of us and aditi as you wish I said what you want’ said Abhi ‘dad I will ask you something you should not be angry’ said aditi ‘sure beta tell’ said Abhi ‘bhai you should also not be angry’ said aditi ‘how can I be angry on my sweet sister so tell’ said aarav ‘bhai papa……….I love someone’ said aditi ‘what!!!!??’ Shouted Pragya who is back of aditi

I know you all got bored of this episode and I wrote the real story of kkb because I just want to end tanu’s track but this CVS are taking forever to end her track if they want tanu in the show means make her a good character
I have replied to all of you in last episode if you want you can see Once again I’m so so sorry if I bored you and sorry for the mistakes and yeah some of you found me correctly and thank you so much Riya…..pavi…..abhigya…Sara….abiya….monesha….sriti….. Durga…..saranya di…..Rajesh….pinky…..reshma…..muffin…..varsha….candy queen and I won’t thank somiya…surbhi di….suga…..nive if I thank you means you would all kill me or give me more punishments so I won’t take any risk and sorry if I forgot any names

Take care

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  1. Riyashri

    Sharu Di … U r neither a idiot nor a idiotic writer…..Got it…..U hav now becoming like my Crazble as at first she use to tell that she is a lame writer………I gave her my treatment and she changed it ….. Hope u too understand it….Please don’t underestimate a power of a Common Girl !! And especially my Sharu Di …..Ok!! So hurry up and right now delete the line !!!
    Coming to the update………….All in a go !!!Superb Writing…I mean u managed to write sooo much …And gave a Recollecting Flashback !!!And I am desperate to know whom does Aditi love ???? Hilarious to the core !! Amazingly Written !!!
    And I will also not leave My Di if I see her asking sorry or telling thanks to her sis!!! If u do so I would burst out and I would give u the severe punishment among others….
    Keep Rocking !!Love u Di !!

    1. Sharaya

      Lol first I got so scared to see you gonna punish me now no need to punish because I changed it and you are a lady sharukh because you told the dialougue ‘don’t underestimate a power of a common girl’ ??and yeah I will never ask sorry and thanks to my sister and friend. I’m glad that you liked it ?? love you too??

      1. Riyashri

        Hehe ……..Lady sharukh……I just told as I got very angry seeing your ………………Self praising line !!!!Lol……….Sharu Di U r seriously such a cute kid !!! Thanq sooo much Di !!!U r toooooooooooooooooo Best !!! Love u toooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
        And we share many things in common too………… My Forever Fav colour is Blue….I mean I am A BLUE LOVER !!!! Next coming to flowers…..U would always tell all My Di that I would give them A Wonderful Flower Shower as I Love Flowers to the core !!!!
        Third one…..Foodie !!! If I get a chance to meet u I would give u all your fav dishes made by my own hands……..I mean I would learn it if u tell your fav dishes !!!
        I am a foodie and only becox that I started to cook !!! So if u tell me your fav dishes then I would do my best in it and even parcel it to your address…………..Hehe!!! But I am very serious about this!!
        No sorry for My bak-baks….Thought to share with u as I was very happy knowing My Sharu Di and I hav something in Common !!!Love u di !!

      2. Riyashri

        It’s not U would always tell…..It’s I would always tell….
        And Shru Di U too deserve a Flower Shower from this sis of yours !!

      3. Sharaya

        Awww…so sweet of you and yes we love things in common and biigg HiFi ✋✋ for blue I’m also a blue lover I love blue a lot and if I got a chance I would eat all the food whatever you make because I’m sure that I will love all the food you make. Now I’m seriously in love with your comments and live you too dear ??

  2. Gud 1…aditi luv tanu son :-P:-P:-P

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks! And keep waiting to know!

  3. Awesome and I didn’t even get bored it’s awesome and yeah don’t tell yourself an idiot writer nor idiot actually you are an awesome writer

    1. Sharaya

      Yes I changed it and thanks pinky!

  4. Wow its so amazing…. And yeah if u tell your a idiot writer I have to kill you so better change that

    1. Sharaya

      Oh no don’t kill me?? I will change it and thanks candy!

  5. Wow di its awesome and haan don’t say you are a idiot writer and will you accept me as your sister

    1. Sharaya

      Sure karisma and I changed it thanks!

  6. U have end tanu track nice but in real it will not happen

  7. Thanks di for aacepting me as u r friend and I’m so happy thank u thank u son much love u diii

    1. Sharaya

      No thanks between friends?

  8. Thank you di for accepting me as u r sis and love u dii

  9. Hi I’m iniya I’m silent reader I’m from Tamil nadu will u accept me as u r frnd and I m u r big fan u wrote nice and haan pls don tell ur self as a idiot writer pls change it

    1. Sharaya

      Sure iniya! Now we are friends! I’m glad you liked it

  10. Hey sharaya I’m a silent reader of your old ff why r u not updating it and will u accept me as u friend and are you on instagram? If there can you give me u r id I would love to talk with u

    1. Sharaya

      Okay Alisa I will upload it as you wish? and sure I will accept you as my friend and yes I’m on instagram my name is sharaya1511 the in the profile picture there will be photo of Agnes!

  11. Abiya

    Really u r a gud writer pa don’t tell u r not not gud writer nd all gud episode

    1. Sharaya

      Haha thanks abiya and I changed it

  12. Awesome episode…nd yeah don’t call yourself an idiot writer cuz ur an amazing writer…

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks abhigya!? and I changed it

  13. Good yaar …

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks durga!

  14. Maya

    Idiot who write idiotic stories and idiotic writer? All this is idiot Sharaya! Pls change that! And today’s epi was so gooooood!????????? i loved it????????????????

    1. Sharaya

      As you all wish I have changed it and I’m so glad that you liked it ??

  15. What is this? I m always asking you not to do this but u always end up doing this! You know what i hate you for this ???? how dare you? Why you wrote that Idiot word, remove it as fast as you can or else i will kill you or will make uou hear angel song!

    Coming to epi! This was so unexpected! Loved it to core! The way u narrated each thing was so perfect fuchiepie! And angel ?? but i loved this whole epi so much as it was filled up with pperfection!

    1. Sharaya

      Lol?? I thought no one can see it that’s why I wrote like that and I removed that line and pls pls don’t make me hear that angel song?? and yeah I always think Pragya as a angel that’s why I made her an angel?? you know what angel I mean?? and no thanks for this sweet comment gulab jamun???

  16. Who told that you bored us you gave a super episode I loved it you are a awesome writer

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks monesha I love your ff so much too and you are also a great writer!

  17. Rockng dear waitimg fr nxt part love u????

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks saranya! And love you too

  18. Trisha

    Amaazing episode… Love it…??? Had me remembering when all those tracks happened in KKB… Was such an awesome serial…before tanu got pregnant…
    You are a brilliant writer Sharaya… Looking forward to your next episode! All the best!

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks Trisha and I don’t think I’m brilliant?? but anyways thanks

  19. VarshaVenkat

    Guess aarav n abhi will b happy but prags will b shocked

    1. Sharaya

      Thanks for reading varsha! Let’s see what happen in next episode

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