Kumkum bhagya-life is beautiful… (episode 1)

Hi! I’m here with an new idea hope you all will like it

It was a bright morning a house is shown inside the house a Man reading news paper and a women cooking in the kitchen the man who was reading news paper called his wife ‘Pragya bring my coffee fast’ said that man yes it is our Abhi and Pragya ‘Here we go’ Pragya said by giving his favorite coffee That time a boy came and took blessings from abhigya ‘my blessings will always be with you’ said Pragya and Abhi ‘where did my princess went’ asked Abhi ‘I’m here daddy’ said one girl came and hugged Abhi ‘arey aditi you didn’t get ready? Go and get ready or you will be late to college’ said Pragya it seems like the girl name is aditi ‘yeah aditi I’m getting late I have to go to work if You didn’t come fast means I will go to office without dropping t you to your college’ said that boy ‘offo aarav bhaiya just wait for 2 min I’ll come back’ said aditi and went inside her room Abhi and Pragya smiles seeing their kids after aditi and aaraav went ‘okay Pragya its getting late so bye’ said Abhi and kissed pragya’s forehead and Pragya smiles in return

At evening
Aarav came home and Pragya asked ‘beta where is aditi’ aarav replied ‘mom she told she will come later’ ‘why did you let her come alone as a elder brother you should be there and bring her’ said Pragya ‘relax mom she is coming with her friends only’ said aarav ‘oh’ replied Pragya after sometimes also aditi didn’t come Pragya gets tensed so she asked aarav to call her friends he also did but everyone said she is not with them Pragya gets worried and tensed so she calls Abhi ‘haan Pragya tell me’ ‘abhishek aditi didn’t come home yet’ ‘where is she?’ ‘I don’t know’ ‘you don’t worry’ ‘but abhishek how can I not worry she is our daughter’ ‘nothing will happen to her you don’t worry’ said Abhi and saw aditi on the entrance of the house so he went near her and asked ‘aditi beta why are you standing outside?’ Aditi stammered’n…n…nothing papa’ then they both came inside the house pragya saw aditi and rushed to her ‘mera bachcha where did you went why you didn’t call and tell me to you will be late?’ Asked Pragya worrying ‘all the while she was standing outside the house only’ said Abhi and went inside Aditi also went inside her room

Someone called aditi ‘hello’ ‘hello its varun did you asked your parents?’ Asked varun ‘not yet’replied aditi ‘uff aditi try to understand my parents are ready to come there but they will come immediately so before that you should ask your parents about it if you didn’t ask means my mom will make me marry other girl so you please ask your parents’said varun ‘okay I’ll ask today’said aditi and went out of her room and saw Abhi and aarav sitting and watching TV and Pragya doing some work ‘aditi come sit here and watch TV with us’ said aarav aditi sat near him ‘beta why are you looking so tensed’ asked Abhi ‘no..nothing papa’ replied aditi ‘oh my god I don’t know what will happen if I say this if papa become angry on me means I can’t tolerate it and I don’t know how to start it’ thinks aditi the after few minutes aditi calls ‘papa’ ‘haan beta tell’ asked Abhi ‘papa will you tell me the love story of yours and mamas’ asked aditi ‘haan papa pls tell’ asked aarav

Abhi switch off the TV and asked ‘do you really wanna know it?’ ‘Yes!!’ Aditi and aarav replied together ‘Pragya see what your kids are asking’ shouted Abhi Pragya came there and asked ‘what happen?what did you asked’ ‘they asked our love story’ said Abhi Pragya blushes ‘aditi see mom is blushing’ said aarav ‘don’t pull my legs aarav’ said Pragya ‘papa tell me how did you meet ma for the first time and how did you marry her’ asked aditi ‘haan papa plus tell us’said aarav ‘okay I’ll tell you’ said Abhi

Pls tell me do I have to continue our not and thanks for commenting I can only update this ss on weekends sorry for that
Find who am i i guess some of you know me
1.I’m a food lover
2.I have talked with some people
3. I love blue

Take care
Stay blessed ??

Credit to: Don't know who am I


  1. Maya


    |Registered Member

    I know who u are so I won’t reveal it! Awesome start as it’s about life is beautiful!???? Keep going like this???

  2. |Registered Member

    You are my Fucha! Right? I know i m sure, 100 and 10% sure you are my fucha, my foodiee girl! This one is so best! You love blue! I love blue, you are foodie, i m also foodie! What a match fucha! Let me do something dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika re ay ay ?? you are my fuchiepie! This one is so different and so creative story and i know my fucha wrote this! The best surprise that i have ever got! I love youuuuu so wala much

  3. Nivethitha

    Wow wow wow..???????? It was fantastic.. I know who u r but I won’t reveal that.. Let u itself reveal it..?? this plot was amazing.. No more questions u have to continue it.. Love u sooo much?????

  4. Saranya

    I think its tisha diii wil be happy if its true i guessed it by children name diii waiting fr nxt part love u loads dii??????

  5. surbhi

    super duper hit episode love the beginning to the core and yup I.know u 😉 I.think but I will.not.reveal it

  6. Pinky

    Nice start pls continue! I think u r sharaya sorry if I’m wrong and I also like blue color

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.