Kumkum Bhagya (kidnap of revenge) serious track episode 7


really very sorry guys for the late fan fiction i was stucked with school and christmas programme is coming in school so they crushed me now i am continuing my track from the kidnapping track

the episode starts with abhi-pragya purab-bulbul hug each other abhi says are you alright pragya says i am fine purab says we have to escape from this place some goons come in their way bulbul says what you want why you kidnapped us who asked you to kidnap us nikhil tanu aliya claps and says we kidnapped you 4 of you purab says why you kidnapped us nikhil says revenge abhi says revenge?!! aliya says yes bhai revenge only tanu says the revenge what you four of you did to us aliya says you 4 ruined our life and happiness tanu says because of you my baby has been aborted they 4 get shocked

sarla maa cries and says why this is happening to my children and what sin they did dadi says i know my children nothing will happen to them sarla says but its too late sarla cries now where are my children and blaming herself pragya’s dadi and everybody consoles her akash runs and comes and says i know where they are taiji asks how you know and tells everything and what abhi said to him in the phone everybody says we want to got there raj and tayaji calls the police and they went to the spot

abhi says my driver didn’t hit any car nikhil says don’t lie and beats him pragya says stop aliya says i saw your car purab says he didn’t hit know then why are you beating him bulbul says please leave him tanu says i know you are the one abhi why you did this one man enters (the guy who heard tanu and aliya plan from the curtains) he says i hit the car and because of me tanu’s baby aborted it is KILLER VIJAY they all get shocked he enters what all are stunned i the one who hit the car and put the blame on abhi do you know why i did this i heard what you all speaking you should not take revenge from that 4 i only should take revenge from all of you what you all think i did what you both (tanu aliya) said to me these four will catch me and put me in jail you will not release me you all will be happy with your babies and i should be like this i will not let this happen so i aimed you three and my job is reduced and easier and in short to say in one stone i got two mangoes so now i will kill you all of you aliya calls the goons and says go and kill him the goons seeing vijay ran away vijay says oh i am searching for the person to whom i will put the blame if i killed all of you now i will put the blame on you 3 (tanu aliya nikhil) because you only kidnapped them know because abhi’s family members are thinking you 3 only kidnapped them now i killed them means you 3 only killed them nice know and tied all of them and says now who will help you vijay takes the gun and says now first whom will i start no problem i will put inky pinky ponky the gun comes near pragya vijay points the gun at pragya abhi says know purab and bulbul says don’t shoot pragya closes her eyes he was about to shoot

the police enters with the family members and catches vijay the unties the rope and hug the family members abhi and purab says thanks to akash akash says no bhai and dude this is my pleasure and hugs him the police says arrest that three too abhi says no don’t arrest that three of them akash says but why bhai we got the news they only kidnapped you 4 abhi says yes but he says everything to family members and police aliya hugs abhi and says sorry bhai hereafter i will not do any evil things this time i swear abhi says i know aliya now you are my sister pragya says i know she is saying truth only nikhil cries and says sorry my friend we lost our baby but it’s fate abhi says don’t worry tanu says me too sorry abhi no sorry tanu you both are always my friends nikhil and tanu went police arrests vijay they went dadi says i am so happy that my family had again got their happiness sarla says it’s getting too late we have to go to our house dadi says ok bulbul and pragya hugs sarla they went to the house

everybody returns to the house abhi and purab says we are hungry bulbul and pragya says no problem we will cook and come abhi says any help pragya going to says yes but bulbul stops and says no thanks they have a funny dinner

Precap; in abhi’s bedroom pragya afters abhi sleeps calls bulbul and says tomorrow it is our birthday i am going to tell him bulbul says wait di we have to check how much they love us so they should itself find our birthday pragya says but bulbul says just a test di don’t worry

guys i need some baby boy and girl names for purab-bulbul’s baby soon i am going to deliver a boy or girl baby to them so please search some names and please share your suggesting names and the opinion for my track in the comment box

Credit to: reji

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  1. can you use proper grammar and complete sentences and capitalize

    1. Sure abby

  2. Hey I like the story. I can suggest you a girl named Kimrose, Sian, Chelsea, or not names like Caleb, Branden, Riley,

  3. Prabha..for boy..
    Anu..for girl..

  4. anu choudhary

    Beautiful names
    Girl name – Gungun,pari,manvi, annapurna, aradhiya,
    Boy name – Duruv, abhey, gunu,

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