Kumkum Bhagya- Ki Tu Mera Hero-one shot

Hiii Dear readers,
Am rushi author of –
1.True Love-yrkkh
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Today am here to present a one shot on Kumkum Bhaagyaa
please let me know ur opinions about this os also about me as a writer n all the criticisms are more than welcome because it helps in improving.

so lets begin

A cool guy is shown making his hair, he wears a jacket, applies deodrant he looks in mirror n smile A boy comes rushing

Boy-Abhi sir, abhi sir please come fast as pragya madam is coming n we need to commence our shooting

(cool guy is our abhi πŸ˜‰ )

Abhi-Chill chill am waiting since 9 hours for her what if she waits 9 mins

Boy-sir she is Pragya madam, she hates late comers sir she is popular its our job to wait for her

Abhi smirks in his mind
(pragya even am ur fan n u know what I can wait whole life for u coz I love u pragya)

A lady dressed in red sari is getting her make done she looks in mirror she shouts
Lady-what have u done dnt u know how to apply lipstick its so dark I play role of ideal daughter-in-law not devil u stupid make up artist
n where is my new co star?

Director-Pragya Madam he is getting ready I have sent a boy to get him

Lady (she is our pragya)-what rubbish he that new comer is making me pragya wait who is this insane person doesn’t he value time maybe his time isn’t precious mine is

All get tensed Abhi walks in

Abhi-Am here pragya am sorry

pragya (arrogantly)-excuse me what did u just said, u called me pragya
hello Mr Mind ur language u r new comer call me madam n mind u this serial is all about me dare mess with me I can get u out of this show in no time

Abhi is shocked in mind
(in serial toh she is devi but in real life she is a phoolan devi but all is fair in love n war pragya madam
πŸ˜‰ )

Director asks pragya to calm down abhi is eying her adoringly

pragya n abhi are shown shooting
abhi says his dialogues followed by pragya
the crew applauds for them

Director-pack up

Pragya-Adi (director) Iam not available tommorow so no shooting

Adi nods

Adi is frustrated
Abhi-She called off shooting u didn’t say anything
Adi-Abhi u r new she always does it we need to obey her if she doesn’t like the plot we change it whatever she says we do because audiences love her we have no choice but tolerate her

Abhi is shocked to see pragya smoking
Abhi-madam u smoke?
pragya (angrily) -what the hell r u doing here get lost
Abhi-smoking is injurious
Pragya-mind ur business
Abhi-u r my co star its my business to care for u, I dnt bother if u like it or not I will always do it

He snatches cigarette n crushes it pragya is dumbstruck

Abhigya r shooting
pragya is shown dancing she slips she gets hurt her feet bleeds she starts shouting crew is tensed abhi worries he puts his handkerchief around her feet she eyes him
Doc comes does dressing he advices her bed rest

Pragya is in her house resting she is depressed n is drinking alcohol
Abhi comes with flowers he knocks at door pragya asks him to come in

Abhi-How r u madam
Pragya-so finally somebody felt like meeting me I thought nobody cares
Abhi-I told u I will care always madam
pragya (smiles)-call me pragya can we be friends
Abhi is excited Abhi-Ofcourse friend s forever

Abhigya are shown talking n laughing on sets
director n others look on
they shoot
abhi n pragya look in eachothers eyes they dance
they are lost in each other
janam janam plays in bg

Adi-Great shot

Abhi-Pragya am going for a concert to delhi

pragya-Abhi I will miss u please come back soon all hate me here
Abhi-Am always with u just close ur eyes n remember me

pragya is shooting

somebody shouts set mein aag lag gayi hain bagooo
all run from here to there pragya falls she asks for help nobody hears
all run
Boy-sir pragya madam is in set Adi-let it be who cares for that arrogant lady firebrigade ppl will see

pragya is in middle of fire she cries n panics she closes her eyes n says abhi

Abhi comes he is shocked to see fire somebody says Pragya is caught in fire he panics he goes near fire ppl stop him he jumps in fire he shouts pragya pragya there is fire everywhere he finds pragya fainted he lifts her in lap

At hospital
Pragya is unconscious Abhi is holding her hand, Abhi’s tears fall on her hand
she slowly opens her eyes
abhi gets relived

PRAGYA emotionally eyes him
Pragya-y u saved me nobody likes me am so bad they say am popular but no one wanted to save me

Abhi-Dnt ever say that u mean world to me Pragya I used to love u since I first saw u in serial but fell more in love after meeting u u r best nobody can judge u

They hug eachother
pragya-Abhi tu mera hero hain love u abhi

n they lived happily everafter

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