kumkum bhagya and kasam – forbidden love (Part 2)

Hi guys…hope some people cant recognise it…and sorry for not updating innocent love and forced marriage…i am stuck in exams…but tomorrow they are getting over I will update for sure…
The episode starts with abhi and rishi talking with each other.
Abhi: bro you know one thing…I am going to do a grand concert on behalf of Abdul kalam’s sir memorial fund collection.and these money will be send to people who suffer to study.
Rishi: its nice idea abhi..I too will ask my friends to donate
Abhi: so sweet of you bro.

Priya comes there.Abhi makes her to sit and three had a chit chat…

In America…
PRAGYA was sitting in a cafe with her friends.her friends are tara and naina
Tara: sweety why are you sitting like this …
Naina: yes it doesn’t suits to you.
PRAGYA looks at them. Naina signs like what.
Pragya: Pam is not allowing me to go to India
Tara : oh ho…it’s your problem
Naina smiles at her. PRAGYA sees naina smilling and asked what.
Naina says let’s go without informing them..we both will accompany you.
Pragya: but ….tara: oh pragya you want to go or not….let’s go yaar.you know I too want to visit India as my fb friend is in India.

PRAGYA and naina signs an oops expression.Tara says you are in jealousy and smirks at them.
PRAGYA says jealousy…that too we and laughs.
Tara: don’t underestimate the power of Tara
Naina: hey you tharki.Tara beats her.PRAGYA says girls let’s go. ..its time.

In night…
Neil comes back home.Pam sees Neil and calls him to have dinner. .Neil : where is pragya
Pam: she is in anger..you know what she is so stubborn like her mother..I am explaining her but she is not in a mood to hear.
Neil: call her I will speak.Pam gets suprised as Neil in these years has not talk to pragya as she.on birthdays he used to wish her that’s it but today he himself wanna talk to her.Pam calls pragya to come down.
PRAGYA in her room was packing her bag and thinks if pam comes here I will get caught and decides to go.

PRAGYA comes there. Neil asked her to sit.PRAGYA looks at Pam.Pam sighs her to sit.
Neil: beta…I am sorry…I could not fulfil your wish but it doesn’t means I can’t..you can do here n.a..
PRAGYA thinks it’s nothing gonna happen by talking to him.however I am going to India.so let me be silent.
Neil: I think you can do your course here or some other countries..
PRAGYA gets an idea..

Pragya: dad I want to do in paris.
Pam and Neil looks at each other. Pam thinks when did she changed her mind.
PRAGYA : yes dad. ..it’s a good place and let me please.
Neil : as your wish I will speak to the respective person.
PRAGYA: no dad …I had got the seat and moreover tara and naina are coming with me.
Neil: ok when are you leaving.
Pragya: dad..it’s tomorrow…because classes are starting by next week.we have to settle n.a.
Neil: ya that’s good.
Pam: ok sure…then I will come and drop you..
Pragya: no need pam..

Pam” it’s ok I will come and send off my princess.
PRAGYA forcly smiles at her.

In Pragya’S room..
PRAGYA revolves around room..
Pragya: oye. ..PRAGYA what have you done…you and your stupid idea..if pam comes to know you are dead .
That time naina and tara comes there.
Tara : what happened baby and when you decided to go to Paris
Pragya: arey…I just want to escape so I said a lie
Naina: it means you lied to them.
Pragya: I thought by informing them that we are going to Paris and that time we can go to India n.a.
Tara: super idea baby and hugs her.

PRAGYA pushed her tara pouts. ..
Pragya: no…Pam is coming tomorrow.
What we gonna do…oh god
Naina : I have an idea and shares a plan.
PRAGYA hugs her saying you are the best and both smiles.Tara says you left me.they three shares a hug.

In India
TANU was on her way to home and sees a man lying on the road.she rushed to him and sees he was bleeding .it seems that he got hurt by accident as his car hits the tree .she calls the ambulance.
She admits him in hospital.the staff’s says that there is no one to do operation ..TANU says I will do and the operation starts.

After operation..
She asked the nurse to get the person’s court.she searches and there was a wallet and mobile.she takes the mobile and sees the last dialed number. She calls and informs that the person belongs to this phone is admitted in city hospital.

She then opens his wallet and sees the person’s photo and a card …
Tanu: rishi mehra…mehra group of companies ka owner ….and gives all the things to the nurse.
RANVEER comes to hospital and says di. ..it’s too much…you are working a lot…come let’s go
Tanu: arey chotu. ..I want to meet patients relations..
RANVEER : chup..come with me…and drags her.tanu was left with no choice and goes behind him.

What the three girls are planing..how they gonna reach India…soon in next episodes…

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