kumkum bhagya – kadhal kottai (Episode 1)


Sorry forgot to introduce other characters…
Neil, pragya’s father and ragini ,pragya’s mother.both are divorced and Neil stays in U.S .he is a famous heart specialist. Sidarth is pragya ‘s brother stays with his dad.
PRAGYA stays with ragini. She yells her for separating her from Neil.
She doesn’t speak to ragini properly .she thinks that she is the reason for separation.she will not listen to her words.and sidarth is really concern for his dad.he supports him and he is also a great doctor.Pam is neil’s sister .she wants Neil and ragini to be together.
Abhi , a great student .he studies in scholarship .he lives with purab by arranging a room for them.pragya studies in top high school.Abhi
Studies in a government school.
He is very talented person.he studies well ,dances ,sings well.

Abhi and pragya studies in different schools studying 10 th standard. Pragya was sitting in her class while the teacher was giving a boring lecture.to make the things worse, tanisha was sitting just behind her…..Just then abhi entered the class.he was not studying in this school but came here for an inter school event in which abhi and pragya’s school were partners..Tanisha,who loved his appearance at once commented that he looked hot…maybe he heard it bcoz he did not answer..pragya also liked him but was not so intrested to spoil her image…But destiny wanted something else….he told the teacher that rupali maam,our dance teacher,was calling a girl from dis class…And the teacher saw pragya at once and sent her with abhi.she trust pragya more than tanisha…

When the teacher took pragya’s name she stood up at once.even she wanted to go with him.
In the coridoor….It was complete silence as they walked along. At first both of them remained silent but abhi,who liked this girl at first glimpse,broke the silence.he gathered all his courage and said”hi,i m abhi and you??”pragya who was waiting for this moment quickly answered”i m pragya…….,but my classmates call me pak pak bcoz i speak a lot,and to tell you…”She was not able to complete when abhi stopped her. they were about to reach the auditoruim when tanisha came there…Tanisha said”hi,i think u came here for the event right?” To which abhi only rellied with a huh…pragya sàid that it was getting late and went away.abhi followed her. Pragya did this only to ignore tanisha….

Pragya reached audi there she could see two persons raghu and nikkil.raghu says hey pragya ,you came and who is he.pragya says its abhi.. Abhi says hi to raghu .raghu says one second and introduces nikkil to abhi.nikkil says abhi…..you are here….great yaar and both hugs. PRAGYA asked you know him.Neil says he is my bestie from my childhood.raghu says oh nice.
Both abhi and pragya went to rupali maam who said that she wanted three girls from her class..She agreed and went to call them.When she reached class and asked for it no one was realy intrested for it except tanisha and tanu. But now what maam asked for three girls??!!She took them to the audi where the three guys were.Abhi ,nikkil and raghu.pragya says mam i got them.abhi at once said”pragya ,i think u can take part” this was enough for pragya to understand that he liked her..when teacher and abhi even tanu convinced so much she finally said yesss…abhi was very happy this was the only thing he wanted he knew that to win over her heart now would be easy…Tanisha thought that abhi was happy to see her so even she felt happy…There were six students now three guys and three girls which were enough. Pragya who never took part in concerts now was here which proves that love can make anything happen…
For taking part in dance they should pair up to avoid confusions teacher said abhi to make up the pairs..abhi who already felt something in his heart for pragya made up his mind to pair up with her.so he paired nikkil with tanu and tanisha with raghu. tanisha was turning red with anger on the other hand pragya knowing that she would be with abhi and blushed…..abhi wrote down the pairs and handed it over to the teacher.the teacher told them that they were going to perform on love me thoda aur..from yaariyan….It was a romantic song pragya was happy.first she is going to be with abhi.second that she and abhi were the main lead in the dance…

The next day ;the first practice….They all gathered in the audi again in the morning itself..abhi saw pragya and sighed as if he was waiting for her.even PRAGYA was eager to meet him and so without bothering for anything else walked towards abhi but tanisha was a great disaster for them she pushed her leg out on which trippling pragya fell….Maybe tanisha did it with a bad intention but it turned out to be a good one for pragya…pragya who was very shy wanted to be with abhi but could not go closer to abhi ..but the fate…tanisha’s trick made her fall but nowhere else she fell directly towards abhi…♡♡♡
Abhi quickly prevented her from falling and held her in his hands..pragya was blushing hard…she could see him vry closely…which she had never imagined….after sometime she could find her eyes in his and his in hers…continuesly…the eyelock was so beauutifull…..Just then tanisha entered along with the teacher..she said,”maam here,yes maam here…”

Tanisha entered”maam here yes here…..”and the beautiful eyelock was disturbed…”maam i think we should start from her and then…” pragya knew she was doing it porpusly but did not speak a word..tanisha started to move here and there around abhi untill abhi got annoyed and left…And after that the rehersals started….as it was a romantic song the and they were in couples the dance had to be romantic…at the first step itself abhi had to hold pragya tightly and then swirl around two times it was very simple for abhi but pragya who was already shy to get close to him felt alittle uncomfortable..Seeing this condition again and again the teacher told them to stop..tanisha who took it as an opportunity asked that if she could dance with abhi but abhi could not let her go anyways and said”what is the problem? Teacher says pragya dances the best the only problem is that she is unable to comfort herself….its okayyy evryone needs his own time…and i know that she will do it”and abhi looked towards pragya.even she looked at his face to …It could be an eyelock only if tanisha was not present there….Hearing this teacher privately called abhi to hav a talk to him..

Will abhi sort out things between them

Credit to: ruchika

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