kumkum bhagya (just for creativity)


the episode starts with abhi says to media that little rock star is coming everybody is very happy hearing this news and sarla maa at home watches this news and she gets very happy and excited and jhanki says we should go to pragya’s house and celebrate

dadi is decorating the house to keep an party and dasi is making robin and the other servants to do the catering , decorating and other works and dadi calls sarla maa ..
sarla is also going to call dadi but dadi calls they tells namaste and sarla says to dadi that i am very very happy and i am going to come there dadi says yes we are going to celebrate a party in that you should all come and take part sarla says definetely we will come

media asks them that if your child born and grown up means you will send them to this field abhi says it is his/her wish i will force him at any cause and they asks pragya that how you are feeling pragya says with a tension face yes i am happy abhi is seeing her

pragya came to check up with abhi abhi is having a cut talk with pragya discussing about their baby names

Precap: bulbul and purab came to their house sarla says to purab and bulbul that pragya is pregnant

fan fiction writers is this not to steal your story or to hurt you this is just for creativity i have wrote but i am not in an idea to continue this yet fan fiction writers if you want you can continue with this but if it is means with your permission i can continue

Credit to: reji

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  1. I love this series very much and congrats to Abhi and pragya

  2. You have copied mine pls then I will cry stop it I am already writing This track pls change it

    1. No narendran you can continue this I have wrote just for creativity and not to hurt you please don’t take me wrong

    2. And sir if u want means I can also join you in writing this fiction

    1. Yukku I think narendran can continue this

  3. Narendra ń and reji….u both shud continue

    1. yes shruti we both r thinking an idea to expose rk

  4. I don’t think abhi is confuse but just plain stupid

  5. Hey there guy’s I really love this series very much and I’m very happy for Abhi and Pragya soon the will be come parent and the series is very good to watch it and thank you for making good series thanks for that okay am khadija Ali

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