kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 8

I don’t know whether it will be a long update as I will try my best…so without wasting time let’s get into the story…
       Abhi enters the mansion with pragya while all were glaring at them as pragya is struggling with abhi but he doesn’t had effect of her beatings . He makes her to stand while aditi was smiling looking at her mom and dad fighting still like a kids and she believes that soon they will unite because of their love. Adi was looking at abhi in anger while abhi smirks at him.this makes adi to endorse in anger and he thinks I will not leave you for this Mr. Mehra . Abhi looks at him in “what you will do now” look.
Fb starts…(after returning to mumbai)
       Adi was playing video games in Pragya’S mobile ,he gets a call and he gets angry seeing the caller id as its abhi.. he cuts the call but it again ringed. He picks the call and hears abhi saying how are you sweetheart.. adi asked who are you? Abhi , hey my jaan..how are you..how is aditi..where is pragya.? Adi still holding his anger replies , who are you.. Abhi , oh..adi. .it’s your dad speaking beta… adi,  I don’t know who is my dad and please don’t disturb us..Abhi , adi. .I know what I did was wrong..yes I didn’t met you since years but I too want to prove myself right..won’t you give me a chance.. adi , I never want a person lip you as my dad as I don’t want my mom to be hurted again. .. Abhi , if your mom agrees to forgive me.. adi,  she will never agree for that..and she doesn’t even want to see you.. Abhi , jaan…you are speaking without knowing that she loves me alot .. she is just angry on me for that she can’t be anger for long time. Adi,  whatever Mr .mehra ..I don’t want to speak to you …and listen stop calling me jaan..Abhi teasingly, I have to call my jaan as jaan only n.a…adi gets irked by his talk while abhi continues jaan..listen..I called to inform you That I will take you three to my home soon..I called to inform her but it’s ok…love you  ..bye ..inform her too..adi keeps the phone saying i hate you..Abhi says but I love you..
Fb ends…
   Abhi smirks at adi while he turns his face to opposite direction while aliya and others were admiring him…he is unaware that all their eyes on him..
  Pragya ,why you are compelling me to stay here..I want to go away from you and this place..she tells while her eyes filled with tears. Abhi ,aliya ..take them to your room..I will pick you guys soon .he ruffled adi’s head while he pushed his hands and looks at him in anger.Abhi looks terrified and smirks at Adi and smiles at aditi .he takes pragya from there saying i have to speak about an important matter..she tried to protest but there is no effect on it.
Aliya,  so let’s go..she takes adi and aditi with her..

Aliya’s room…
  Aditi was near aliya’s dressing table while adi was sitting there with sadness filled face. Aditi checking her accessories,  bua. ..will you use these items alone.. aliya chuckles asking kyun? Aditi, itne ..items.. she widens her eyes while aliya kissed her cheeks saying from now I will share everything with my princess.Aditi, really..she tells adi who just smiles at her. Aditi irritated by adi’s silence,  why you are sitting silent adi ..see bua is very friendly with us. Adi just looks at her while aliya , adi..what happened..do you need something..adi nods no. Aliya ,are you okay..she checks his temperature while adi says I am ok bua. . Aliya , then what happened my baby.. adi,  don’t call me baby.. aliya , then sweetheart is okay for you.. adi glares at her in anger while aliya and aditi laughs… aliya , I know you are not comfortable here..but I am sure ..you will like us..your aliya bua is here ha..

   Abhi comes there while pragya follows him..Abhi in loud voice , what’s happening here? Adi looks at pragya and runs to her hugging while she smiled at him. Adi,  mumma..are we going to stay here..everyone was waiting for her answer and adi wants to here no but the answer from pragya shocked him. Pragya,adi..we are going to stay here…dadi wants us to be here but we will stay for sometime only.. she glared at abhi from which cleanly adi understood that abhi forced her.  Abhi smiles while aditi runs to him saying hey..we are going to stay here.. adi looks uninterested while abhi takes aditi in his arms kissing her cheeks. He looks at Adi saying jaan..will you not thank you dad that he convinced your mom. Adi looks at him in anger while abhi winks at him. PRAGYA,  adi. .adhu ..dadi wants you both to meet her..so you both go with aliya.aliya nods and takes them with her. After they leaves pragya, don’t think you won …I am not yet done .. .I will surely find a way to move from you and your family.. Abhi smirks at her and leaves saying let’s see fuggie..don’t try that..you will be hurted..   
    Pragya reaches abhi’s room as he demanded that they want to stay in his room. She settles her things and was working on her laptop while both comes running towards her. ADITI shouts mumma..see dadi gave me this..adi,  mumma..dadi is so nice..pragya smiles at them.she leaves to the wardrobe while adi and aditi starts to quarrel at each other.Aditi,  they are sweet as like papa..Adi,  don’t say he is sweet..you know what..he trapped mumma to accept . Aditi, ofcourse ..if not mumma will never accept for this.Adi, seriously..it’s you talking like this..you know how mumma suffered by him and you are taking his side. Aditi , I know papa did wrong..it doesn’t means he is wrong always.. adi, enough adhu..you are making me anger..Aditi , you are supporting mumma..and I am supporting papa..is it wrong..while adi shouts stop aditi…his voice was loud as she got scared while pragya comes out because of his loud voice . But before she comes abhi shouts stop yelling at her adi ..he was about to slap him while pragya stopped him. Pragya ,what you are doing..? Abhi , you know he is shouting at aditi . Pragya,  for that .you gonna slap him…what you are doing is right..Abhi relieves his hand from her and pragya continues , I know what he did was wrong..for that you will slap him..
Abhi looks silent as he is in anger while adi starts to cry . Pragya was about to console but he runs away pushing her . Pragya follows him shouting adi. ..stop..

   Screen splits between their faces..

Still I am not done with my exams..till Saturday..I am having exams..I was free and uploaded it…

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