kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 4

Pragya’s pov:

    Another day started but in my home. Everyday I rush to get up but today there are no more worries . I slowly opened my eyes to look my cute kids sleeping peacefully. I looked at aditi who is cuddling to me as I am going to run away from her. I slowly untangled her hand from me and moved to fresh up. I have to check ma before leaving goa . When I was about to fresh up I heard jhanki ma’s voice shouting di.  I suddenly rushed to the living hall to only see my ma and sister sitting on the sofa. My anger raised when I saw ma here. She is not fully recovered from the attack and what’s the need to come here. I moved towards them while bulbul checking her tablets.
” what’s the need to be so soon..” I asked ma while taking my seat near her.
” arey ..I am fine beta..really I feel bored there without your dadi’s scolding ” ma replied but I know the truth behind it. Being her daughter I could not understand her .
“Ma..I promised you right..I will leave..

you don’t have faith on me..” I shouted quite in anger. I know it’s not right but I have to hear the truth  from her . Ma holds my hands in her and says , i know you will obey my orders ..I came here to spend sometime with my ladoo’s. You know I am going to enjoy your childhood days through them.. I don’t know what to say now. I feel like why I met them..and how I gonna say adi, aditi that we gonna stay here.Will they accept this..I don’t know how they gonna understand this..my thoughts were broken by aditi’s voice.

” wow..mumma..we gonna stay here. .” She runs towards me in excitment and hugs me right saying i am so happy mumma..finally we are going to live with our family. She kissed my cheeks which feels like a heaven for me. I looked at adi who was looking at us with a smile.
” finally my duty gonna double..” he chuckled while hugging us like protector. 
BULBUL holds his ears saying oh ho..famiy man..you are always sentimental..talk like a cheesy boy.

Adi smiling at her sentence looks at me saying mumma,  mausi doesn’t know about my charming side..she doesn’t know how I used to flirt with girls. He winks at me while I looks at him shattered. His everything makes me to remember him whom I just want to forget. I never want to remember him but adi. .he resembles him in every act. Sometimes I used to comfort myself that he is with me in the form of adi.  My thoughts were broken by my ma asking me about the flight.
” when is your flight..” ma asked while making adi and aditi to sit on the dinning table.
” Ma..you please rest .. bulbul is here na..” I followed her to help but she stopped me.

” I am not much old to rest ..I will feed my ladoo’s with my own hands..henna baba. .” She nods at adi and aditi while they hugged her.
” don’t stop her pragya..let her do what she want” my dadi added a sentence and I just took my chair beside bulbul and have my breakfast.
” Ma..I shall drop them ? Bulbul asked excitingly as I was checking my passports ,visa and others while adi and aditi were talking to ma and dadi was watching them lovingly .
Adi,  ha..nani. .if mausi come with us ..we will really enjoy..
Sarla,  sure..if my ladoo want his mausi to come then permission is granted.
I said  no need now..we will go and by the way you come before the marriage day.
Aditi,  again the Hitler mumma came..both adi and aditi laughed at me.
BULBUL ,di I am sure..they are correct for you to shut your mouth.
I was exhausted now because of these two..I gently smiled and asked bulbul to take care of ma.  Finally we left after getting blessings from ma and dadi.

       We reached goa and aditi was much excited because of the beaches . I know she love beaches but now it’s not time for that already it’s late to attend their engagement . Aditi ,mumma..can we go to a beach. Adi looks at me for an answer. I know these two will ask like this and I answered quietly , baby..we are here to attend sid uncles wedding. After that we can ask them to take for a drive. Aditi got excited but there seems to be a sadness in my adi’s face. I shook him but he covered his sadness with his smile. I know there is something he is hiding from me and it worried me a lot.

Soon we reached a mansion. I got down followed by adi who just admires at the building.  I looked at the car that comes towards us. But it stopped and the door opened. There comes a big happiness in my life. After many years I am seeing them.suddenly two persons ran towards me and hugged right remembering my childhood days. Adi and aditi looked confused but it’s not a time to intro them..it’s time for a hug..this comfort I missed these days. Feeling safe in their arms. I broke the hug and introduced them to my kid’s.

” adi, aditi..this is sid and ranveer …my close friends .” While they both smiles seeing my kids.  Sid , hey duffer..they look cute as like you.. sid complemented them while hugging me. I smiled back and introduced adi to ranveer. ” ranvi..he is your big fan. .you know he too loves cricket.” Ranveer smiles at adi and he took him in his arms. RANVEER,  you know how I became a cricketer. Adi nods no.RANVEER by turning towards me ,it’s because of your mom..and I am sure you too will become an excellent topper if your mumma is with you. I feel like crying but I stood strong in front of my childrens.  I don’t want to broke down in front of them. Adi asked innocently , will you guide me to ranveer. I was unaware of this question from adi but ranveer tells ofcourse..I will sure..let’s go . They both left leaving us all alone . Me and aditi reached our room as sid asked me to taje rest.  Aditi slept after we reached our room.I too really feeling tired. I comforted myself beside aditi and we both slept.
End of pov.

      Adi comes to room and looks at pragya and aditi sleeping peacefully. He remembered about the diary and he fastly  unpacked his bag and took the diary. He opened it and found my love abhi..
  He starts to read…..

    Everyone has those little secrets which they want no one to know about, but at the same time can’t stand not revealing to someone… or something. Like that I want to share my happiness , my anger ,my pain with you..my love pain.generally people will say thet are lucky to be loved by a person. But not in my case. I am cursed to hate love. I never believed that my life will get dim that too because of him..I was  made out of my family , my home , from everything… to the top of it..he too left me as he thought I am curse of his life . He thought my children’s to be a curse for him. I could not believe that the person whom I loved more than anything..for whom i stand against my whole family left me…he left us for his betterment…

Soon will be continued…

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