kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 3

So guys…my first update of this year…so it’s special to me ….and again I wish you a happy New year…

The flight soon landed and pragya wakes up her kids who were sleeping peacefully in her lap. Pragya almost in sweet voice , adi, adhu ..wake up..we reached India. Hearing her voice adi wakes up by shrinking up his eyes.
PRAGYA kisses his forehead saying good morning.. adi opens his eyes lazily replying morning mom. Pragya chuckles asking wanna sleep more.. adi nods by taking his bags and replies mumma..what to do? I wanna sleep more but I have to safely drop you both in home right. PRAGYA hearing that takes aditi in her arms as she was the one wont woke up easily and replies you are on duty sir.. adi nods his head and holds pragya’s hands and both gets down.  PRAGYA and ADI waits for their bags and finally after their formalities both walks towards the exit  . PRAGYA slowly remembers about her last flight where she with heavy heart decides to leave India. She felt a fear inside her and all incidents starts to come before her eyes. But before she could think further she was pulled back to the world by adi. 
Adi,  mumma..wake her..how long you gonna carry her.
Pragya smiling ,is it new for me..as she never wake up so easily..
Adi,  mumma..you keep on pampering her. Your hands will pain ma.. PRAGYA ruffling his hairs ,nothing gonna hurt me..lets leave soon. Adi ,ha mumma..I forgot ..where we are going now..as your friend’s marriage is in goa but we reached Mumbai instead.
Pragya, ha…its almost after a week ..so I decided to take you both to my home..
Adi in confused tone,  your home..
PRAGYA smiling, ha..where I was born .
Adi,  oh.. PRAGYA ,and we gonna meet your nani , mausi and my dadi.
Adi,  really mumma..its gonna be a better vacation than visiting that boring England. PRAGYA in stern voice ,so you are bored right..from next time no vacation . Adi pouts asking mumma …you should not do like that..then if so..we will come here. PRAGYA by stopping a taxi ,I will think about it. Adi helps the driver to load their bags as pragya is carrying aditi in her arms . PRAGYA smiles at adi who cares for them . She then gets in followed by adi and pragya was adjusting aditi in her arms.

Adi after sitting takes aditi’s legs on him making her comfortable while pragya smiles at his concern for her sister..
They both continued their talks as pragya tells more about sarla ,Bulbul and others and adi was listening to her with much intrest. Soon they reached arora’ s house. Pragya gets out of the car and adi too walks towards pragya. PRAGYA looks with tears and closed her eyes.. DON’T DARE TO SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN..she opens her eyes as words are continuously repeating in her ears  . Adi holds pragya’s hand saying mumma..nani will accept you..I know you are feeling bad ..let’s go..seeing me and aditi she will forget the past..let’s go mumma.. they both enters seeing dadi and janaki demanding sarla to take their side. PRAGYA stands near the door while bulbul comes out shouting ma..and stopped. She stopped seeing pragya near the door. Her words failed and tears were rolling down her cheeks . She immediately runs towards pragya which drags the attention of dadi,janki and sarla .

All were shocked to see her after many years. The main reason is they don’t know how to react after seeing her. Bulbul hugs her not disturbing aditi and says we missed you a lot di. Adi smiles as he is standing proud because finally his mumma rejoined with her family. Pragya looks at sarla breaking the hug while bulbul kneels down to adi’s height. Adi smiles at her and says hi . Bulbul with tears hugs him saying how are you beta…you know today I am so happy because of your arrival…she kissed his cheeks while adi wipes her tears saying Namaste mausi.  Bulbul smiles saying mausi. .oh god. .it’s so sweet to hear from you. She then gets up and looks at aditi who is sleeping peacefully in her arms . Bulbul almost screaming, di ..they are twins..oh how sweet she is …pragya smiles at her. Adi fakes his anger asking then i am not looking good. He folds his hands over his chest and looks at her smirking. Bulbul chuckles saying you are looking so handsome and she is beautiful..both are cute. Adi hugs her saying thanks for your compliment..Bulbul too hugs him. PRAGYA looks at sarla who asked her to come. PRAGYA moves to her with tears while sarla wipes her tears gesturing no..she careeses aditi’s face and she smiles in her sleep to which sarla smiles and hugs pragya asking how can you leave us..how you survived these years without us ..you know how much I suffered after you went .. ..

you didn’t even thought about me. PRAGYA was about to speak and looks at adi who is curious in listening to their talks. She thinks it’s not good to talk infront of him. Dadi  understood pragya and says how much time will you gonna stand…come sit ..you must be tired.. come beta ..she makes pragya to sit and adi bends before dadi and gets blessings from dadi ,sarla and janki . All were happy and adi moves to pragya who adjust aditi in her lap while adi removes aditi’s shoes and shocks which almost suprised all.. Bulbul ,di ..you know onething..i am looking my childhood through adi as you will do all these things to me na..but they are twins. .it’s ok..aditi is blessed to have a twin brother like him. PRAGYA smiles and adi sits beside pragya . Adi, oh ho..you are praising more mausi. Bulbul ,waise adi ..call me by my name..you know when you are calling me mausi is somewhat I am feeling like old… adi smiles saying ok bulbul. Pragya in warning tone , adi …

Adi, mumma..she only.. Bulbul ,di..you are using the same tone to adi  too. Adi laughs at pragya. Bulbul in eager tone ,di.. when will she wake..i am eager to talk with her. She forwards to wake aditi but adi stops her saying dont dare mausi. Bulbul in confused tone ,why.. adi, you don’t know about her..if she wakes up by you then you should handle her. Bulbul looks on. Adi, mausi…she will start to cry if she doesn’t wake  by herself. Bulbul ,oh… but you are not like her ah? Adi nods his head . Bulbul hugs him saying you are my charming hero and kisses his cheeks. The screen freezes between their happy faces.

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