kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 2


As expected I could not update for next two days so I m updating in rush…next part for you guys…and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. ..MAY ALL YOUR WISH COMES TRUE THIS YEAR.. to get regular updates You can follow me on WATTPAD…
Thanks for your support guys…hope you are eagerly waiting for pragya ….so this episode will fully concentrate on pragya….here we go…and one more important information..it’s not five years ,it’s 7 years pragya left them….

Pragya’s pov …
“SIDDHARTH WEDS ROSHINI… again I read the names ,an unknown tears formed in my eyes.it’s due to happiness and finally my buddy is marrying his soulmate.. I know he will be feeling happy as roshini is a best person who can handle him. After many years I gonna meet them and I am sure RANVEER too will attend. I know he is now a big famous cricketer of Indian team , somehow my buddies are good settled in their life. I am packing my bags when I heard a sound from my room.I know who is responsible for this . I stormed towards my room to see my two lovable persons fighting with each other. My blood pressure incresed to see the condition of my room as I know when they both starts to fight they end up in messing the room. They too know mumma will get anger but they never realise it when comes on fighting. Yes these two are reason why I am living . After what happened in my life I thought to end my life but when i came to know that I am pregnant I could not kill these cute babies as they never did anything wrong. It’s my mistake because of my mistake I decided to leave India and how can i punish them as the mistake is mine.
end of pov.

Pragya in anger ,what’s going on here..how much time should I repeat not to mess the room..you decided not to hear me.
Both looks at her and one boy continues ,mumma..it’s not my fault.she throws my bat on the floor..and looks at the girl who was anger on him.
Pragya, aditi..why are you behaving like this.
Aditi almost crying , mumma..adi was about to throw my Barbie doll in dustbin ,I asked him not to do like that but he almost dropped it ma and hugs her. PRAGYA looks at adi in anger and pats aditi’s back.

Adi smirking ,mumma..always girls cries to prove themself right..faking tears.
Pragya shouts ,adi ..will you stop..she is your sister and what you are saying come again..girls cries to prove themself innocent..who taught you like that. She scolds adi .
PRAGYA continuing ,if so mumma is also a girl..it is applicable to me. She raises her eye brows.
Adi looks down saying i am sorry..I just thought to tease her..that’s it mumma.
Pragya , don’t dare to say those words again infront of me.
Adi hugging both aditi and pragya sorry ladies..I will not repeat it.
Aditi pushing him ,oye ..I look like a lady for you..
Adi hugging pragya back saying mumma..your daughter is back to fight mode..but sorry angry bird I wanna pack my bags.
Aditi, again you are calling me angry bird..you are a tarzan.
Adi in anger , oye goofy. ..
PRAGYA,you both stop..go ..mumma will pack your bags please I request you both not to start your fight..and joins her hands before then.
Adi and aditi laughs saying ok Senorita..
Pragya’s eyes widened after hearing the name.
Adi, adhu ..let’s leave. .as someone gonna throw us out of this house. Before pragya could react they both left the room.
PRAGYA smiles at their cute naughty fights and starts to arrange the room.

They three gets ready and pragya locks the door as they are leaving for sid’s marriage . Both adi and aditi are happy as they gonna visit India first time. They are eager but adi is more eager because his favourite star RANVEER – the cricketer is in India. ( untill now adi and aditi doesn’t know about pragya’s friends ). He wants to meet him but he too knows that he is a big star . RANVEER is one of his favourite player and he wants to become a cricketer like him . As they were staying in London , they didn’t get opportunity to visit Indian team matches .

Adi had met many players as pragya is one of the most famous fashion designer and adi is proud of his mom as she achieved a lot as a single person. They boarded flight and adi and aditi sits both sides of pragya as it’s their first flight. Adi holds pragya’s hand as he is fear about this journey. Aditi was looking around to find a person like her. When the flight starts to take off both in fear hugs pragya from their sides as they almost burried their faces near her chest. PRAGYA surrounds her hands around them while adi whispers , mumma..why I feel something happening inside my stomach.
PRAGYA laughs at him saying it’s nothing like that beta ..it’s your first time right..
Aditi , mumma ..how much time we have to be here like this..
PRAGYA resting her head on hers says , some more time..we will land in India..you both want to visit India right .
Adi breaking the hug says yes..we want to …mumma I think adi is feeling hungry and looks at her in confused face .
Aditi looks at adi and says always eating..see one day you gonna burst..
Adi gets up from his seat and moves to aditi saying what you said..I gonna burst..see( he shows his shoulders..)how much I am maintaing my body like my hero.. aditi pushes his shoulder saying whatever you say a crow can’t become a peacock.
PRAGYA laughs at aditi’s sentence.

Adi in confused tone ,mumma what she said just now..
PRAGYA by surrounding her hands around him ,adi rest his head on her shoulders .
Aditi , crow cant become a peacock..
Adi now realised what she told  ,oye..who is crow..am I looking like a crow..
Aditi , I didn’t say it’s you..
Pragya stopping them ,please..give me some patience..I am fed up because of your fights..
Adi sits in his place and he starts to play his game on his phone. Aditi rest her head on pragya’s shoulders and both starts to rest.  Adi looks at them and takes a shawl from his bag and covers them saying perfect .he smiles at them as how much he fights with them his life lies with her mom and his sister. After few hours he too rest his head on pragya and pragya slowly opens her eyes as adi was about to fall when she makes him to lie comfortable on her. She looks herself covered with shawl and knows it’s adi’s work and kissed his forehead. 

    She rest her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. Congratulations mam ..you are blessed with twins. She looks at her cute soft babies who were sleeping peacefully . She kissed their foreheads and was feeling blessed to have them in their life. That time she missed her friends but more than that her love who have her the most happiest thing but she is not blessed to have him in her life. But it’s not time to think about the past. She have to give all happiness to her babies and she starts to work hard. Soon she became the top most fashion designer in London and also she did not failed to be a mother. She cares for them as much she can as they never asked about their father. This doesn’t means they don’t know about him but they don’t want to hurt her by asking about him. Adi is fond of cricket as it’s from his father She could not deny it and She tried a lot to stop him from watching his matches but all in vain. She knows that abhi is his inspiration …

his hero and ranveer too..but he never knows that he is real pappa..she also gets worried about adi when he gets to know abhi is his dad.She never talked about him to them as she wants to keep them away from him. PRAGYA closed her eyes after thinking about her past thinking if he comes there ..what I will reply to adi and aditi. But I am fed up of running from all ..my past. Now it’s time for me to prove that I am not much weak. I can handle my kids. Yes they are mine..they will be able to understand my situation.

Will be continued soon…

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