kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 10

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    Abhi comes to his room  looks around while opening the door and closed it carefully not making any sounds as his love were sleeping . He could not move his eyes from them as he longed for bringing them to his home. He lies beside adi as aditi lies beside pragya and adi next to her. Though she supports her papa in day time ,she needs her mumma to be next to her while sleeping. He looks at adi who was sleeping by facing him . If he knows that his papa is next to him ,he would have left from this room itself..same like his papa..he kissed his forehead while adi pulls him for a hug.abhi pulls him more closer to him as he could spend his time only if he is sleeping. Adi placed his head on his chest while surrounding his hands around abhi. Abhi closed his eyes after switching off the lights.

     It was around 2 pm when pragya opened her eyes to drink water as she feels thirsty and looks at aditi sleeping peacefully and sees next to aditi but adi was missing. She thinks where he went and gets down from the bed. She checks the washroom but finds to be empty. She then looks for adi in aliya’s room to find aliya sleeping . PRAGYA gets panic and  comes to her room .without disturbing aditi ,pragya wakes abhi and he wakes up looking at her sad crying face. Abhi” what happened pragya? Why you are crying ..he looks around and ask where is adi …” pragya pulls him outside while they comes out of the room . Abhi” what happened fuggie..”

pragya” adi is missing abhi..I checked everywhere but he is not here..” she cried while saying this. ” he will be here only..did you checked aliya’s room..” Abhi asked in a concern while ” ya ..I checked but he was not there..” pragya says while abhi shouts ” what you mean he is not there…” hearing his loud voice everyone comes out of their room.” Why you are shouting like this abhi..” dadi asked  while everyone looks at him.” Adi is not here dadi..don’t know where he went..” Abhi said while looking around. ”  bhai..he was in your room right..” aliya asked while abhi nods. ” because of me..everything happened..I asked you not to bring us here..I know he is not comfortable here..” pragya says while looking at abhi. ” stop blaming fuggie..he will be here only..” I will look for him. Abhi moves from there and aliya consoles pragya . Dadi prays to god to bring adi back to home.

      Abhi was looking around while driving the car and he doesn’t know where to search as purab was consoling him. ” he would have been here bhai..don’t worry..” purab says while looking at abhi. ” how can i be like that..he doesn’t know this place well and he is a kid purab..” Abhi tells while his eyes filled with tears. They was searching along the park while purab stops abhi.” Bhai..look there..someone is sitting there and it looks like our adi” purab shows abhi while abhi stops the car and gets out running towards him. He reached towards a boy sitting there with tears in his eyes and abhi stopped seeing that boy. He fells relaxed and sits beside him. ” I hate him..I hate him as he is not my hero..nor father not anything to me…” adi murmers while sitting there idle. ” what you are doing here..? ” abhi asked while he didn’t turned towards adi . ” I am here because i don’t like to stay there..especially with you..” adi replies without looking at him. He gets up from the bench and moves from there..Abhi tried  follow him but adi stopped him. ” dont try to come near me…” adi spokes while moving back. ” I am that much bad adi that I should not near you..I am your papa…” abhi explains while adi says ” no..you don’t like mumma nor me..” Abhi looks at him with blank expression while he continues ” I never want to see your face but mumma forced me to stay there..actually I don’t want to hurt even more by me..” adi tells while looking at abhi..” I know I did a mistake but for that..you gonna punish me till my death..” Abhi says while tears flowing from his eyes..” are you thinking I am fool to listen to your words..” adi asked while abhi kneels down. ” what should I do to prove you..” Abhi asked while rubbing his eyes. ”

I don’t want you to prove anything as you are nothing for me..” adi replies to which abhi says , ” dont say like that..It really hurts me..” Abhi says while holding his shoulders. ” leave me  ” adi pushed his hands but  Abhi again pulled him to his embarace.” We can talk about this once we reach home..your mumma is sad that you left from there..” Abhi takes adi in his hands while he beats him with his tiny fingers but abhi had no effect on it. PURAB starts the car while abhi sits with adi in the passenger seat. ” why you are doing like this..”adi asked while struggling in his arms.” It’s almost late..better you sleep..” Abhi replies while patting his back . Adi could not protest more as he too wants abhi’s love .though he hates him but he too have feelings for him. He just laid on his chest while abhi ruffles his hair. Adi never allowed anyone to touch his hair even pragya..but he allowed abhi . ..he just looks out as his thoughts were busy in thinking about abhi.

    Purab stops the car as they reached mm.” Ok ..bye  see you tomorrow..seems like adi slept  ” PURAB says while abhi gets out of the car. He carefully carried him in his arms and enters mm. All were in the hall while pragya runs to him shouting adi .Abhi pulls her aside while adi still in his arms and says dont shout  nothing happened to him..he slept so lets talk tomorrow . He asked everyone to leave and takes pragya with him.

Screen flashes between their faces..

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