kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 1


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” Log aksar kehte hai na ki dil aur dimaag ke beech mein dil ki sunni chahiye … lekin jab dil toot jaata hai … toh usse behtar advice toh dimaag hi deta hai….” (People often say that when it comes to listening to your heart or your mind, listen to your heart … but when a heart breaks … then the mind is bound to give you better advice)… I experienced this situation in my life..now I am a popular cricketer but there is a sad love story inside me which no one knows it other than me and her.
In early says I had nothing but only her which made my life colourfull but now I have everything but not her which makes my life hell. Though I achieved this position by hard work but behind this there is a person to whom all these credits goes to…like everyone says ” behind every man’s success there is a women…” it’s true in my case.. I want to share my happiness with her ..I shared only my pain with her and she too supported me when I needed. Not only she is my love but also a good friend like bestie…. but her feelings for me is different from mine and that made us to seperate .. I know now she is quite anger on me but I too knew that she will be feeling happy seeing my success. To the world I am ABHISHEK MEHRA..the best cricketer in the indian team but for her I am a buddhu…..and for me she is cute fuggie….where are you fuggie..I am waiting for you..and I will wait till my breath….

Abhi’s pov. …
      I am sitting here alone in the airport. It doesn’t means that the airport is empty but I am sitting lifelessly. I really can’t understand what’s happening in my life because nothing happens favorable to me. I looked around where everyone is busy with their works . I really felt bored of this silence and I plugged my earphones and starts to listen to my favourite song. I just closed my eyes leaning on the chair comfortable for me and my painfull past starts to taunt me. The person whom I loved more than anything in this world left me because of my one mistake. Now may be I am a successful cricketer but I failed in my life. She left almost her buddies who were saviours of her life almost she left everything and went far from us. I am here because i am going to attend my friend’s wedding. He is not my friend’s but her’s …yes one of her bestie’s wedding in one week. I dont know  whether she will attend or not but my eyes are eagerly waiting for her to meet…the one who left me  7 years before …yes it’s siddharth’s wedding with his love roshini …they both are college love birds ..everyone admired them including me. SIDDHARTH didn’t invited me because he stopped  talking with me long back years ago but roshini invited me as she believes me as her brother. My sisters aliya and ishani will come before the marriage day as they are busy in their works…while thinking about random things I heard an announcement.I opened my eyes and almost shocked.. Oh shit ..my flight is delayed due to bad weather. I cursed my stars and again I am lost in my past.
End of abhi’s pov. ..

RANVEER’s pov. ..
      After many years I am going to see my friend because he gonna marry his soulmate.. but I am miss my bestie..who really made our lives easy to live. When everyone were against my wish she supported me. My wish was to become a cricketer it’s my dream too but my parents opposed me. She supports me in all ways and now i am a successful one but she is not with me. My parents accepted me but the one who supported me just left me. I don’t know where is she now but I know she will be happy after seeing my success. But I miss her I am sure that sidhu would have invited her so I am sure she could not miss his wedding..now I am a successful cricketer of our Indian team and yes abhi …the person I hate the most..who hurted my dusky …because of him we lost our bestie…I really want to kill him but I could not. Though we smile each other in the matches it doesn’t mean i  have any soft corner on him..I really hate him for separating our dusky from us.
But i am happy for sid as he gonna marry roshini and I wish that I should not see abhi there ….

So it’s just a pov of two important persons…where is pragya…why they got separated and what happened…all will be discused in following chapters. ..
Hi guys…actually I was updating in this WP but thought to share with you too..and you guys are eagerly waiting for its gonna be riya or pragya…keep guessing….
Soon to be continued…

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