kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 9

Oh….shocked guys…how did she updated this??.
Actually it’s due to a special person I am updating this…don’t worry guys…so for a continuation please refer to last updates.

The episode starts with abhi drops pragya in her centre.she waves him bye and leaves.abhi was about to leave when he sees a man hiding behind a poster and was nervous when abhi sees him.he starts to run abhi followed him.he went to an isolated area where there is no one and it’s been narrow .abhi stopped seeing that ha has no way to escape. He asked who is he?. Why are you following me.the man says no..I am just passing by.abhi asked then why you ran away from there.if you gonna say truth or i will and takes his gun and points near his head.the man says I will say…my boss asked me to follow..abhi ,to follow me.the man says no..to follow the girl who is with you.abhi asked why..why to follow her.the man says I don’t know further as I used to collect data’s and will send to my boss.

Abhi asked who is your boss in stern voice.the man did not utter a word.abhi , are you going to say or…and forces himsl.he says it’s babaji.abhi, take me to him.the man, no sir it may risk your life..don’t go there.abhi, are you going to take me or i will put you in jail.the man, ok..I will.and takes him to his home.the man, sir it’s babaji ‘s house.I am again saying don’t go sir.abhi went in and sees many man surrounded someone.he shouts who is babaji.a old man of late sixties turns towards abhi.all shouts him to be silent but dadaji asked his men to keep quite.
Dadaji : what’s the matter

Abhi, why are you following her..what you need
Dadaji: who..can you be clear..
Abhi, pragya
Dadaji, Oh..you are here for her.
Abhi, I asked a question.
Dadaji: it’s my duty…I have to do.
Abhi, what she had done to you.
Dadaji, don’t ask me anymore and dont be close to her too.I think you are not her lover ..if so..don’t confess because soon she will die
Abhi holds his collars asking how dare you..you are speaking to dcp. .you know
Dadaji, it will not work here …this deal is from a foreigner
Abhi, foreigner. ..in confused look
Dadaji, yes from a big businessman.he told if I collect information about her he will pay 1 crore.

Abhi thinks who is it and confronts dadaji.but he says it’s his personal deals and asked him to go.abhi tries to ask but he leaves from there.
It’s four in evening ,abhi was standing infront of pragya’s training centre.she comes out and sees abhi ,a big smile formed on her lips.she runs to him and hugs him.but abhi was standing like a statue.pragya then realised that abhi was not in his sense.she slowly breaks the hug looking at abhi.abhi was not looking at her.she says abhi..abhi..where are you lost. Abhi comes to his sense and asked when you came.pragya with smirk in her face, so you didn’t noticed me..abhi , arey baba. .I was thinking about..pragya asked about..in eager. Abhi surrounds her protectively by placing his hands on her waist…

I was thinking how to convince your dad..mom…pragya asked really .abhi says yes…come let’s go..its time n.a. we have to catch train and he moved but pragya holds his hands.pragya, are you hiding something from me and looks into his eyes.abhi ,how can I say that someone is going to kill you..no..I will leave to happen…I have to do something..first I have to leave from here with her.he says no….nothing. .why are you asking like that.pragya, no you are looking tensed so i asked..abhi, lets go …and both leaves from there.

They boarded the train.this time it’s quite a silent journey.abhi just sits looking out and pragya looking at him.she knows that some thing is making him to worry but I could not help him.she keeps her head near his chest abhi sees this and smiles .he runs his hands through her hairs and pragya closed her eyes.abhi just looked at her where pragya slept.he thinks this girl na and bends down to remove her slippers and makes her to lie comfortable. Abhi closed his eyes .after some time abhi opens his eyes.he could not see pragya…she is missing. Abhi called pragya and looked for her but she was not there.he calls the ttr and was searching madly.he starts to cry when he feels a tap on his shoulders.he turns to see …and was happy seeing pragya.he shouts at her ,where you went..without informing me.pragya, abhi..I just went to wash room..why are you tensed.

Abhi just hugs her saying for leave me without informing me..I was feared .pragya pushed him and says what happened and placed her hands on his cheeks.abhi thanked ttr and others and makes pragya to sit near him.abhi, I don’t know..I am fear in losing you..pragya smiles, abhi I think you dreamed out how to convince ma and dad..don’t worry that will accept. Abhi, thinks …how can I say…to you..no..I should not be like this .I have to do something .pragya, where are you lost now..come om abhi..I need to sleep.abhi smiles at her and placed her head on his lap and locks her fingers with her.pragya smiles at him and kissed his fore head.abhi too kissed her forehead and both sleeps.

I know no one expected ..but the special person is my heart..ya I was supposed to post forced marriage but my heart says there are fans for innocent love so you guys like this new track…let’s see who is it..why he wants to kill pragya…in further episodes…

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