kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 8


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The episode starts with abhi waking up in the morning and sees pragya sitting next to him.he sees pragya sleeping by sitting.Abhi thinks this girl n.a….and makes her to lie on the bed and leaves from there. Akash sees abhi coming out of the room and asked are you fine bhai…Abhi nods yes and sits on the sofa.akash sits beside him.akash says don’t worry bhai.. nothing is in our hands by patting his shoulder. Abhi says ya…I know may be there is an important work in Mumbai so only God is asking me too go..akash says yes bhai…don’t worry. PRAGYA comes out seeing these two sitting on sofa..PRAGYA asked abhi when did you wake. Abhi : ha…I woke ..leave it …till now long you are having training. PRAGYA says tomorrow .Abhi says ok I will book tickets .pragya says ok in sad tone .Abhi asked why are you sad.you don’t want to leave Delhi.PRAGYA says you don’t have any feel abhi asked what feel .PRAGYA says leave it…its waste of time to speak with you .Abhi says then go why are you speaking to me if I am wasting your time.ya. ..I know I am itself a waste thing in this world.pragya gets worried by seeing his state. She sits beside him and akash says I will come now and leaves.
Pragya: abhi..I didn’t meant to hurt you..why are you taking my words serious…you know n.a. I will talk lke this..don’t take my words serious.. I am sorry..
Abhi : no I am sorry…I over reacted …
Pragya: it’s ok..huh..you don’t feel anything ..baba this is the last day we are going to be together from tomorrow you will be in your home and myself in my home.
Abhi thinks about it and says yes..and I can’t sleep in your lap,you can’t feed me and I will miss you badly.better you come to my home with me.
Pragya: then what I will say to ma Nd dad..
Abhi: I will talk to them.lets get married.
Pragya: first talk to them ..then we can marry..and blushed.
Abhi: fuggy don’t say you are blushing..
PRAGYA pokes him.Abhi hugs her saying soon I will come to your home to marry you..
Pragya: I am waiting..

PRAGYA gets ready and Sid comes there. Abhi sees him and whispers to pragya
Abhi: he don’t have any other work..coming in between us is his work..
Pragya: arey…speak silent .if he hears
Abhi: so what…see today I will drop you..you have to say to him.
PRAGYA smiles and says first hear what he wants to say.
Pragya: ha…sid..bolo…kya hua..
Sid: woh …PRAGYA neha is angry on me for not speaking with her for a week.so I am leaving to Mumbai… ok take care …good luck. I am running out of time..I will see you in Mumbai and leaves.
Pragya: arey..Sid …but…
Abhi:who is neha
Pragya: his girlfriend..
Abhi laughs: really.. he is having a girlfriend..
Pragya: why dcp sir…you itself having a girl friend…then why can’t he
Abhi:what’s wrong with me..
Pragya: there is no other girl can live with you ever for a minute
Abhi: really you know one thing…in college all girls will surround me saying abhi…Abhi..you know why..
pragya : yes last year in BBC they telecasted your biography. ..
Abhi: ha.but they never informed me.
Pragya: tell me now why girls will surround me
Abhi : BBC didn’t telecasted ..
PRAGYA gets irked and was about to leave.Abhi holds her hand and says pragya you know I was a rockstar in MY college I used to play guitar and I had a band too .
Pragya: really . …please tell me your college stories..
Abhi: me ,purab are in band …he used to play violin Nd me guitar.girls will follow us crazy.
Pragya:then tell me one thing ..you had any love in your college days .
Abhi: ya .. I had but it’s a break up
Pragya: really…so I am not your first one.and gets anger.
Abhi : baby…you are the first one and you will be last one…because I will love you only .I can’t see anyone in your place.and Its just an infatuation. After seeing you only I believe in love.
Pragya: you are saying you had a intrest in music then why you chose police line..
Abhi: it’s a big story ..and I will say once you become Mrs.abhishek mehra.
Pragya: it’s not fair
Abhi: it’s fair…come let’s go..

So your rockstar abhi will be soon back…keep reading …and happy friendship day to all….

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