kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 7


Hi guys. I am back after several things …thoughts ..suggestions. . I am writing this as tisha di said I don’t gonna do with the case I will quietly shift as a good girl…so keep reading…

The episode starts with abhi entering the office with akash.
Akash: bro we have to be careful and we must keep each an every single step in care.
Abhi: you are right and Lets get in and we will discuss further.
Abhi sits on his chair and starts reading the files
After few hours
Akash : bhai..you got any clue

Abhi:no still there is no clue and moreover it’s time let’s go. ..
Akash: ya..bhabhi would have also reached.
Abhi and akash entered their home sees pragya sitting on the sofa with much anger.
Akash: bhai…I think I didn’t informed acp sir about our meeting so let me visit him and I will return soon.
Abhi: holds his hands…it’s not right to leave me alone
Akash: bhai..it’s your lover you have to speak…I am leaving and runs from There.
Abhi looks at pragya and went near her.
He sits beside her and asked are you angry..

pragya looks at him and turns to opposite side.Abhi kneels before her and caressed her face.
Abhi: what happened
Pragya: I want to give a complaint dcp sir
Abhi with shock: what happened. .you got hurt. Or someone hurted you and checks her forehead, hands, legs. Tell me pragya …

PRAGYA : ya my future husband is not taking care of me dcp sir.
Abhi relaxed and sits beside her and took her hands in his.
Pragya: he is engaged in his work…not even spending time with me and pouts.
Abhi: who said I am not spending time with you…now I am here ha..so stop your complaints…
Pragya hugs him: I missed you and mr. Mehra it’s better you drop and pick me …because I can spend some time with you na. .
Abhi: your wish madam
Pragya: go fresh up first …I have prepared dinner.
Abhi went to his room.

When he returned he sees akash waiting for him
Akash: come fast bhai…I am hungry..
Abhi: don’t dare to touch the food. Today you be hungry.. you left me alone n.a…
Akash: bhai..it’s not fair
Pragya: please you both stop fighting and akash you eat..
Abhi sits there and pragya arranges the plate and serves for them.Abhi drags her and made her to sit on his lap.PRAGYA sighed abhi as akash is there.
Akash understood it and says I am feeling to watch tv …I am going to my room and leaves.
Abhi:now what he went and feeds her.

PRAGYA too feeds him …both had their dinner and pragya asked about the case.Abhi says tomorrow is a meeting and then we will come to know..
PRAGYA says ok…I am feeling sleepy. Let’s go.
Abhi takes her in his arms and enters their room.

In morning..
PRAGYA gets ready and sees abhi thinking of something.she says I am ready let’s go.
In car
Abhi was driving and pragya looks at him..
Pragya: what are you thinking..
Abhi: I am little bit nervous…
PRAGYA in sad tone: why..
Abhi: don’t know…I feel something is going to happen
Pragya: nothing is gonna happen…and sometimes good things can also happen na and don’t be like this when you are with me otherwise I will complain to dcp sir.
Abhi smiled at her last line.

Abhi dropped her and pragya waves bye to Abhi.
Abhi reached office and akash was waiting for him
Abhi: what happened.
Akash: commissioner wants to meet you..
Com: welcome Abhi. .I need to say an important thing.
Abhi: what sir
Com: abhi,I am sorry to say but you have to accept this …you are misplaced by another one in this case
Abhi: what you mean.
Com: CM doesn’t want you to handle this case and he had appointed a person from south …so I think you can go back.

Abhi was shattered …he didn’t utter a word and leaves..
It’s evening..
PRAGYA was waiting for abhi to come..it’s almost an hour so sid says he will drop.with no choice pragya left with him.
As pragya entered home..it’s fully dark.she switched on the light …she sees abhi sitting there on sofa in tears.PRAGYA was shocked to see him like this.
PRAGYA rushed to him and sits beside him
Pragya: what happened abhi…why you look so sad…
Abhi: I lost…I lost…

Pragya: what you have lost..say clearly
Abhi hugs her and sobs. PRAGYA controlled him and he tells her everything.
PRAGYA breaks the hug and wipes his tears
Pragya: see abhi…it’s not like that..it seems you are not wanted there. ..let it be..don’t get worry for these things.. it’s simple thing..and some times we will be defeated but we should not loose out hope
Abhi: you are saying I am not deserving this case right. I am not fit to handle this case right..
Pragya:ssshhh…it’s not like that…please be calm..come let’s go to our room.first sleep let’s talk about it later

PRAGYA makes abhi to lie on bed and sat next to him…Abhi holds her hand and she caressed his face.Abhi lies his head on her lap and closed his eyes….pragya gently placed a kiss on his forehead and she pats him…

Hey guys don’t get angry. ..for this you took more time…some may think…but guys I really thought about everyone…I am not the one to conclude…anything…and I don’t have right …so please forgive me …soon will see in next episode and don’t miss our sriti’s cute performance in gold awards

….. thank you….love you all…

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