kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 6

Thanks guys for huge support….hope you all liked it…

The episode starts with abhi and pragya reached akash’s flat.
Akash: you both get fresh up…we will meet for breakfast
Abhi : okay I will come after I fresh up and leaves.

They meets for breakfast. Abhi asked pragya now tell me why you came here.pragya says i came here for training.abhi asked where.pragya says in ribbon university.abhi says okay I will drop you and pick.
Pragya: no need…I will go with sid.in anger
Abhi: sid. …woh bewada….
PRAGYA : he is not like that DCP sir
Abhi: acha…but what I said is final…it’s my duty to save my pyari love.
Pragya: no need
Abhi: holds her hands …see it’s not safe because pragya..you are now with me..some one will note you. If you are alone they try to reach you…I don’t want to lose you.
PRAGYA : ok…I agree with you.
Abhi: that’s my girl.
Akash: discussions over between you both.
Abhi: yes… and one thing I have to ask…is this case is already under study.
Akash: ha bhai…I am handling the case.
Abhi: then there is no problem.
Pragya: what’s the case
Abhi: actually a man of 25 years old killed a girl who is 20 in a railway station.and the boy escaped from there.we have to find him as it’s important because it may occur again…
Pragya: how sad…and how much the girl’s family would have suffered.
Abhi: yes….it just be a lesson for others.
PRAGYA : ya really it should be…
They heard a knock..akash saya I will see and leaves.
Akash: bhabhi…it’s sid
Abhi: why did he came here
Pragya: behave properly before him.
Abhi: ok madam

Sid enters
Sid : hi pragya…Abhi
Pragya: hi sid
Abhi: hi in sad tone
Sid: pragya shall we leave its getting late
Abhi: no I will drop her..if you want you can also join with us
That time abhi gets a call.
Abhi: in phone…ok ok…I will come soon as possible and cuts the call.
Pragya: what happened abhi
Abhi: pragya…sorry baby..I could not come with you
Pragya: it’s ok..no need to be sorry..I am okay.
Abhi hugs her and says call me once you reached.and says to sid you have to takecare of my baby doll
Sid: yes its my duty
PRAGYA and sid leaves from there.
Sid gets his bike and pragya sits beside him.Abhi sees from window and says bye to her.

Hope you all heard about the news….swathi had been killed in a railway station by a man….he says that he killed because she speaks about his personal looks.what ever may be that’s not right to kill a person..right n.a. guys….drop your views about this case…and also suggestions…the best suggestion will be added to this story…by me…so guys its in your hands…

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  1. I think it swathi matter right???
    I wish his punishment must be something that should make fear to other who are try to harm girls or misbehave
    anyway today episode was super

  2. superbb yarrr……………………..i am really happy to see that situation in this…….proud of u

  3. Looks doesn’t speak anything only our heart speaks but any ways I love both ur ff and to tell the truth just because by killing nothing is going to happen he should have told her to be in her limit or avoided the contact of hers but today just think about the two souls who bought this daffodil to this world they would have dreamt about theirusaiappan daughters future so sad this is not the right way not only swati but still there is one more girl who is been killed in telegana for not accepting his love so sad of the girl I guess the protection for girls in India is very low I guess they should be shiverly punished he should undergo vigorous torture s
    Aditi I luvd ur ff seriously good but one small request could u give little more long update and try to upload twice in a week sorry if I had asked something wrong I liked it that’s y I am hesitating togive regular updates

  4. Vaishali

    awesome dii yes it was the worst news which i saw in the society how mean it was? if a girl doesnt like a boy only she shou.d suffer. if a girl loves a boy also only she should suffer the constituency of india gives every citizen a freedom of choice but the guys who r not at all a man thhinks that a woman is their slave but not all the boys i should say but some of them who doesnt know that they r man who is not at all be without a woman what those personal looks came in this case i dont know dii if he really looks like that then he should know that na havent he seen any mirror in hs life or what and a girl will not a boy just at the first sight it just happens in serial or in life it takes a lot for man to be in love a good girl but it takes lot more for a woman to be like a girl whom those boring guys love we all should adjust to the guys emotions his thoughts why even though in this century girls have their own freedom(not merely freedom which we r enjoying it is fr namesake) we r still being humiliated by men what does he think of himself that a nice girl will just love him in the first three months and will come with him just after he asked her to come this is all rubbish the time to select new phone is 10 days and the time to selct a new partner is just 10 minutes how mean the culture is and that guy who has not valued the girl thought that she is just a toy whom he could play with nonsense. sry dii i got bit emotional well i would say he should have been given a worst punishment of getting away his residence frm india and should not at all live here thats all i could say but one thing dii if all the women are formed together i bet there will be no society without a woman. A MAN IS NOTHING WITHOUT A WOMAN WHEN HE HIMSELF IS BORN FROM A WOMAN no one should forget this

  5. Nice yaar n interesting…

  6. super….

  7. It was awesome episode really I loved it. And you are 100% correct he should not kill her. I really feeling bad for swathi

  8. Superb epi dear???and tat news s really horrible da but nowadays many news are hapng like tis da feeling bad?

  9. Trisha

    Awesome epi aditi???
    In my opinion, no reason or excuse can justify taking the life of another human being… And just because of a little insignificant comment an innocent girl has lost her life. Does this man have no heart? I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.
    R. I. P. Swathi…

  10. Nice episode !!! He has no right to kill ???? Feeling sad for swathi and her family may her soul rest in peace govt has to make rule regardingthis issue as this should not repeat again

  11. yaa u r coorect no one have right 4 harm so that any person do

    that desire punishment………………..

    for that girls family become face lot things in the soceity……

  12. Superb!!

  13. Baby it’s nice thought to portray Swati case but it’s still under the investigation so personally I thought and request u not to take that case in ur story I don’t know y but I thought to say coz now every thing in social media and sites are watched by anyone that’s y I’m saying I’m sorry if I was wrong.But I appreciate u..

  14. Nice episode yaar… Just for commenting about his personal look he killed a person… How can he do that… Nowadays killing people is just like killing mosquitoes… No guarantee of life… Omg.. How can they stoop low like this….

  15. Hey aditi am ur big fan iam following ur forced love and now I fell in love with innocent love also

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