kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 4

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Getting into the story….
The episode starts with pragya opens her eyes.she could see blur images…she then closed her eyes and opened.now she could able to see Neil ,ragini and bulbul beside her.she tries to get up but ragini asked not to get as she is not recovered.pragya asked what happened and bulbul says di, abhi bhai only helped you as you were stucked inside the staff room as the security locked it mistakenly.pragya thinks what’s this new story and tries to remember.Then she can remember that how samar forces her to abuse and she fells on his knees to leave but the security too helped him then she became dizzy.pragya says ha…I know.bulbul calls abhi.
Neil: whom you are calling now
Bulbul : abhi bhai
Abhi picks the call.bulbul says bhai ,di got well and you can come.Abhi says ha me and purab will come…and cuts the call.
Abhi picks purab from his house and they both reached pragya’s home.
Abhi: hi pragya ,how are you feeling now
PRAGYA : good and thanks for your support
Abhi looks at Neil and ragini says uncle ,aunty if you don’t mind can I speak to pragya alone for 10 minutes .actually I want a statement from her.they both nods and left.purab takes bulbul with him
Pragya: what you want to ask
Abhi: my foot…are you mad.I asked you US you have any trouble but you didn’t say anything to me
Pragya: you know n.a. that security mistakenly locked me inside
Abhi: is it…trying to hide the truth.riya told me everything. PRAGYA looks at him.Abhi sits beside her ,abhi says why you slapped him…why you want him to change ..let him do whatever he want.pragya says no..he touched me…so I could not control so…
Abhi could not control his anger.he says today itself I will arrest him and see what will happen next.
PRAGYA holds his hands and says no Abhi …don’t do like this…let him do whatever he wants…don’t interfere.
Abhi looks at pragya .she pleads him .Abhi says take rest I will see you tomorrow.pragya then realised she was holding his hands and takes back.Abhi smiles at her and leaves

Next day…
PRAGYA was bored so she took a newspaper to read.she was shocked to see the news….the cheif minister son is found to be dead under the bridge and was hanged .if it’s a murder or suicide….pragya thinks I know it’s him and calls Abhi.Abhi attends and says ha bolo. .pragya says I want to meet you now ..come to the coffee shop near my home.Abhi says sure madam

When abhi reached there ,abhi sees pragya sitting with full of anger.he sits beside her and asked whats the matter
PRAGYA asked why you did…I asked you to be away from this case n.a.
Abhi asked about what are you talking ,I could not understand.
PRAGYA says samar. ..you only killed him n.a.
Abhi looks down.pragya asked why abhi…why you killed him.because of killing him …we gonna get any peace and why are you doing for me …who are you..
Abhi shouts that I didn’t do for you..I did it for the girls who were abused by him..he is a pakka criminal who destroyed many girls life…because of him many of them were killed and he is living jolly. ..you know riya n.a. …your student ..her sister was abused by him.she did a favour for me I did for her you know when I was hearing her sisters last words she called me bhai…yes I did this for my sister and what you asked whom are you for me..you is the person who I love more.with whom I want to spend my life…to whom I want to sacrifice my life…I will die for you pragya because I love you truly…pragya shuts his mouth and hugs him.pragya says enough abhi…enough..I don’t want to hear anything….purab comes there and claps…

Hope you all liked….short but I am planning for forced marriage too…It will be uploaded tmrw

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  1. OMG I feel so happy that he told her his feelings it’s so great aditi write more please and faster and rite a very long epi this time

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