kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 3

Part 3

The episode starts with abhi walls towards pragya’s car but she shivers in fear.Abhi asked purab what happened
PURAB : actually her license is expired
PRAGYA says it can’t be show..and gets her license.she sees and remembers that yesterday was the last day.she looks hopelessly and with fear towards abhi and purab
Abhi: why are you looking like this as you have seen the ghost
Pragya: what …ghost …ha you itself a murderer n.a…
Abhi: see pragya I yesterday itself told that he is a culprit
Pragya: but he is also a human abhi…
Abhi shouts ,purab you itself tell her and leaves.PRAGYA says nothing to explain I am leaving and leaves from there

PRAGYA reached college but thinks about abhi’s words.she enters the class and sees all students having fun.she shouts STOP IT.. your parents sent you to read not to have fun.one boy comes towards her saying ” hello mam. ..you are apointed to teach us not to taunt us, so please be in your limits”
PRAGYA : so samar, what you will do
Samar: I will do whatever I can.but after that you can’t show your face to this world.I hope you understood. .you are looking beautiful too and touches her shoulder .PRAGYA gets anger and slaps him.samar in anger says how dare you slapped me
.you will pay for it soon and leaves the class.PRAGYA sits and cries vigorously. …

In police station
Abhi thinks why I feel pragya is not good.why I am feeling that she might be crying….Abhi…concentrate on work.

In evening…
In college
Riya ( pragya’s student ) needs pragya in staff room.she sees pragya crying
riya : mam. ..why did you slapped him.he is not the right person mam. With the power in his hands that he is minister’s son ,he can do anything mam. Please don’t feel mam
PRAGYA : looks at riya. ..I know he has power in his hands but he can’t do anything with it
Abhi comes there. PRAGYA wipes her tears and signs riya not to say anything.
Abhi notes something fishy: hey are you fine n.a.
Pragya: ya I am good.but why are you here
Abhi: actually from morning I am not feeling well..I am feeling like you are crying..is that anything like that
Pragya: no how could be…see ..I am fine you go
Abhi: hey I am really sorry for not telling the truth…I hope you can understand
Pragya: ya it’s ok..we will talk about it later.
Abhi: sure ok..I am having an important meeting.I came to check if you are fine .bye call me if you need any help and leaves

Riya says mam , he is abhishek n.a…PRAGYA says ya how you know…ha may be you heard in news ..
Riya: no mam. .he is an important person in my life.not only for me for also my family
Pragya: what you mean
Riya: mam actually my sister was raped by a group and that case was handled by him.he gave a big support for our family when we lost my sister and he too punished that gang. You would have told about samar to him n.a. mam
Pragya: it’s ok..and you leave already it’s late

At 10:00pm
Abhi is in duty when bulbul called him.
Abhi: ha bulbul bolo and any thing important
BULBUL :bhai can you please come to home we really need you and she cuts the call
Abhi and purab reaches pragya’s home.Abhi was shocked when Neil said pragya didn’t returned. He asked purab to call the force. Abhi to neil: uncle ,don’t worry, we will find pragya ,please you take care of aunty and bulbul and leaves to college with purab and all force.

In college…
Abhi and all reached the main gate.he asked security to open door and enquired is anyone is there.the security says no..there is no one sir. Abhi was about to turn when he hears a scream. …Abhi says it’s PRAGYA’S voice.the security says sir…it will often hears…Abhi holds his collar to beat but purab stopped
Purab: abhi,first we have to rescue pragya ..come let’s go
Abhi and all searches for pragya.finally they reached a room which was locked .they breaks the door and finds pragya lying on the floor unconsciously with group of boys
Abhi: hands up…you cheap and beats them
PURAB asked the police to arrest them and abhi lifts pragya in his arms and leaves from there

In car
PURAB drives the car in which abhi sitting backside with pragya on his lap.he hugs her saying I am feared pragya …I would have lost you..you would have told me n.a. and on the way they saw a girl stopping their car. Abhi makes pragya to lie and gets out
Abhi: you…
The girl : sir I am riya. ..mam’ s student
Abhi: ok riya can you explain what happened in college.
Riya explains till pragya asked her to leave.
Abhi asked then what happened
Riya says sir when I was about to leave I saw samar and his friends discussing to rape pragya mam so that she can’t show her face .I was about to inform her but they threatened me.so I left
Abhi; this pragya n.a…and says ok thank you so much.go home safe I will ask my inspector to drop you.riya- ok sir
Then purab and abhi with pragya reached her house

In khanna’s home
Abhi made pragya to lie comfortable on the bed and says no need to worry as the security locked her without noticing her.and let her sleep.call me once she got up.Neil hugs him saying thanks.Abhi says it’s my duty sir and both leaves

On the way,
Purab: why you didn’t say the truth
Abhi: they would have panicked. Let pragya handle this
PURAB; ha right …she only know about them..it’s good you haven’t told the truth.
Abhi looks at purab and thinks something…

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