kumkum bhagya – innocent love part 2


Hi guys ….I am free so tried to update this as many of them asked about this plot….so hope you havnt forgot…
Let’s get into the story…

It was a quite early morning when abhi got a call.he picked up.to his shock. ..it’s PRAGYA
Pragya: abhi.good morning..
Abhi: ha pragya ..morning..why you called so early
PRAGYA : abhi ,actually I want to meet you
Abhi: ,ha baba let’s meet…where should I come
PRAGYA : come to coffee shop near we met yesterday at 10 am

Abhi: ok ..is everything fine n.a.
Pragya: ha I just called to get a coffee with you
Abhi: ok I wil come bye and cuts the call.
Just then purab comes.Abhi we have to go now ..it’s emergency.the chief minister is calling us as there is a meeting today
Abhi: but I have to meet pragya at 10 .it’s already 7 buddy
Purab: we will return abhi at 10 …
Abhi: ok let’s go…

Abhi and purab met the CM and discussed about the case.but abhi was still not In mind to hear as it’s already 10:30. He thinks pragya might be waiting for him
CM : abhi..what happened ..are you on
Abhi: ya sir. .I am fine
CM : you are physically here but mentally you are absent
Abhi: it’s not like that sir. .I am not feeling well
CM: ok we can continue tomorrow. .you need to take rest.
Abhi : thank you sir and rushes outside without informing purab
When purab was about to leave ,CM called him.he says why he is behaving like this
Purab: she actually he is fine.he needs to meet a girl who called him to meet at 10.
CM : may be she is special to him.
Purab: yes sir and I am also leaving

At cafe…
PRAGYA was waiting for Abhi.she thinks he may be engaged in any work and decides to leave.
Abhi comes there running and says I am sorry…I am sorry in single breath and sits beside her.PRAGYA gives water to him and patson his shoulder.
Pragya: what’s the need to rush like this
Abhi: I am late n.a…sorry baby
PRAGYA : it’s ok but baby…don’t call me like that

Abhi: why you are looking cute..and pulls her cheeks
PRAGYA feels uncomfortable and moves back.Abhi too thinks its quick to hear her like this and distanced himself from him
Abhi: so why you called me
PRAGYA : I called you because I want to say..I mean I need your help
Abhi says ha…sure what’s the matter.

When pragya was about to say something he looks at a man who was pointing him with the gun from outside the shop.but if he shoots ,pragya will be the first to take it because she was before him.so unknowingly he took the gun from his pocket and shoots that man…PRAGYA was taken aback by his action.she could not utter a word.she moves back and leaned over the wall with her hands closing her mouth.Abhi called purab and asked him to bring the police force and ambulance.he didn’t noticed pragya as he was busy in identifying the culprit.
PURAB with all comes in police uniform.the constables salutes abhi.PRAGYA thinks why all are saluting him….they discussed how this happens.then only abhi remebers pragya was with him and starts to search.he sees pragya in shock and goes near her.
Abhi by holding pragya : are you ok n.a….
Pragya in shock looked at him and pushed his hands
Abhi knows she is in anger and also the reason.Abhi starts to explain but he was interrupted by a man
Reporter : comissioner sir….what happened exactly …and you are so great sir ,you have catched the culprit
Abhi looks at pragya and asked her to go .Abhi asked purab to drop her .pragya denies but abhi shouted at her”I SAID N.A. GO WITH HIM…THAT’S IT….PURAB…DROP HER IN HOME”
.PRAGYA was shocked by him but moved with purab.
In car
PRAGYA was crying and purab tried to console her.
Purab: pragya I know you would be in anger.but there is no fault on abhi
Pragya: because all fault on me that I believed you two
PURAB : arey not like that ..let me explain
Pragya: what you gonna explain

Purab: myself and abhi are police.Abhi is a deputy comissioner and myself assistant comissioner.ya we both lied because if you know about US that day you would be scared of us like this.so we decided not to say
PRAGYA looks at him.PURAB says pragya ,abhi loves you and he can give his life for you.today too he didbt want him to shoot but you was before him.if abhi would not have shooted you would have dead.PRAGYA says we reached home and here after you and your deputy comissioner sir ,dont try to follow me.purab says pragya….listen but she shuts the door.

In mm
PURAB enters abhi’s room.he finds abhi walking restlessly.Abhi sees purab and heads towards him
Abhi : hey …you dropped her n.a. safe.she would have cried n.a. for not saying the truth…I am the one who made her cry
PURAB : abhi…listen..I told her about us.but she said
Abhi : what she said
PURAB : not to disturb her
Abhi says how itself I will talk to her.purab stops him saying it’s late today we can talk tomorrow.

Next Morning….
PRAGYA ,Neil ,ragini,bulbul were having breakfast.
BULBUL : di, why are you looking so dull
Pragya: no I am fine…see and smiles at her
Neil : ya how can my daughter be sad
BULBUL : ha you and your pyari daughter…
No one loves me
Pragya: arey what’s this…I am here n.a.
How can you say like this
Ragini: ha beta…we love you
Bulbul hugs pragya saying you love me n.a. then drop me at college and runs from there to take her bag
Pragya: she is such a drama queen

PRAGYA drops bulbul and was on the way to her college when abhi ,purab was on the checking zone.
PRAGYA thinks to take a turn and leave but she thinks today is very important for her to go.so she drives.
Abhi sees pragya and winks at purab.purab stops the car
PRAGYA lowers her glasses and looks at purab
PURAB: your license please mam

PRAGYA thinks how can he call me mam and takes her license and gives to him.
PURAB checks it and gives to abhi.
Abhi looks at pragya but she turns her face.
Abhi comes towards the car …PRAGYA remembers about the incident and shivers…

Screen flashes between abhi coming towards pragya and pragya’s fear full face

Hope you all enjoyed…..keep reading…

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